Our current topic will be very interesting and we will talk about different areas. This topic will bring you a story about a man who managed to make an excellent career in several spheres. He started his career as a skateboarder and in the sequel of his career he succeeded in making success as an actor and a television personality.

His artistic name is Wee Man and he managed to gain popularity on television. His work on Jackass brought to him the most popularity and after this project Wee Man gained popularity and he became popular on television and film.

Wee Man made many films during his career and participated in several shows that gave him extra popularity. Wee Man is very low and he was born with deformity. That did not disappoint him and stop to build an excellent career and to become very successful and to make a great financial profit.

He is still active in these areas, but he also managed to create his own business and to provide himself with a great life in the future.

He owns several restaurants and his job goes great. Wee Man has made a very exciting career and if you are interested in finding out more details about his life and his career, then this text will help you.

Early Years

Wee Man or Jason Shannon Acuna was born on May 16, 1973 in Pisa, Italy.

He was born in Italy and grew up in the USA, but his parents are of German and Mexican descent. They lived in Italy, but they decided to move to USA in search of a better life and jobs when Wee Man was 9 years old. He was born with deformity and had to adapt to other children in his city.

His growing up was not easy because he was different from other children who were often bad for him. Still, he managed to stay calm and when he moved to USA his life went for the better.

He wanted to grow up in a normal environment in which he would be accepted. He enrolled in elementary school in Torrance, California, and continued to grow up in this city.

During the elementary school Wee Man had normal relationships with his peers and had several friends with whom he was in excellent relations. They spent a lot of time together and during that time Wee Man learned to drive a skateboard. He was very fascinated with this sport and thought that he had a great talent for skateboarding. He spent his free time running a skateboard with his friends and dreamed that someday he would become a very successful skateboarder.

When he finished elementary school, Wee Man enrolled a high school in Torrance, California and continued to drive a skateboard. His obsession with this sport was continued and during the middle school he participated in several tournaments in this sport.

In addition to his love for skateboarding, Wee Man also liked acting and spent a lot of time watching various film genres on television and in the cinema. He had several favorite actors who were his idols, and he was fat to one day become successful in acting as they did. In the later period his wish came true and he managed to become famous on television and got the opportunity to star in a lot of films that brought him popularity.

Wee Man believes that many people had prejudice when he was young boy, they thought that his parents wanted to secure a successful future for their son, and because of that they did not believe in his talent for acting and skateboarding. This was one of the main reasons why Wee Man wanted to begin his careers in a completely different environment. The fact is that this decision was very difficult and Wee Man was a teenager when he had to leave his town, but he was still aware that only in California he can build a successful career without the help of his parents.

During the high school, many people did not believe in his talent, and Wee Man promised that one day he would become successful and popular and that he would make a lot of money. His sincere friends always supported him and felt that he would succeed in realizing his dreams.

Wee Man finished high school with a solid success and he had plans to make a good career. His first job was when he was given the opportunity to work for a magazine that was dealing with skateboarding. He began writing articles about this sport and he gave tips on how to become a successful and good skateboarder.

He was still active in this sport, and he often recorded videos of driving a skate and helped people learn to drive a skateboard. In the next few years, he continued to write texts for this magazine and then got a chance to work with a team that later started working on Jackass.


Wee Man started his career as a subscription manager in the Big Brother magazine who was involved in skateboarding. This was his first job and he was pleased because he wrote about his favorite sport. He was still active as a skateboarder and he often recorded video sessions.

His work in the Big Brother magazine has been recognized by many fans of this sport and he has received many positive comments. In the later period, he introduced the people with which he started to work with on the Jackass project in 2001, which became very popular and gave him a lot of popularity. This project helped him to become successful in acting and on television, and after that he began to gain great popularity.

In the next two years this film has gained a lot of popularity around the world and Wee Man has become very famous. He was given the opportunity to participate in TV shows Wild Boys, which was broadcast in the period between 2003 and 2006.

In this show Wee Man was one of the main roles and he was very entertaining in the show. His role was very interesting and he brought a lot of laughter to all the viewers of this show. In the meantime, he recorded a film in which he played a secondary role and began working on the other part of the Jackass film. After the second part of this film, Wee Man achieved even more popularity and additional financial profit. He wanted to continue his film career and in 2006 he made a new film in which his role had a greater significance than in the previous one.

In 2007 and 2008, Wee Man was very productive and he took part in several shows and acted in the third part of Jackass and in the National Lampoons, which brought him worldwide popularity. This film has achieved great popularity in the genre of comedy and Wee Man has received many positive comments about his role in this film. In addition to these two films that he recorded in 2007, he participated in shows such as Armed and Famous, Bam’s Unholy Union and MTV’s Scarred Live.

His participation in these shows brought him even more popularity and Wee Man became famous among all generations. He was excited about his business and the genre that was best suited to him was comedy. In the continuation of his film and television career, he continued to make a success and in 2009 he started working on a new project on MTV television. This show has achieved a lot of success in 2009, but was halted in 2010.

In 2008, Wee Man got a role in a new film called The Dudesons Movie. His role in this film was noticed and he was among the main characters in this film. Like his previous films, this film received a lot of positive comments and by the end of 2008 Wee Man took part in another show on MTV television.

These shows were called Celebrity Circus and in this show he has gained even more popularity.

In this show, there were various guests and celebrities from the USA. At the beginning of 2009, Wee Man was involved in filming a new part of Jackass and this film was among the most viewed films in the first 3 weeks after the release. After filming this film, he decided to take a break and his next project was in 2011, when he picked up Jackass, which was supposed to be filmed as a TV show on MTV.

In the following period, Wee Man continued to be active on television and we could often see him as a guest in various shows. In his last interview, he stated that he had not made a new film for a long time and that he would like to re-participate in the filming of a movie. His latest film was shot in 2012, but Wee Man said hat he would continue his career.

He managed to make an excellent financial profit in his career and invested money into private businesses and he is currently holding several restaurants across the United States. His job is very good and Wee Man is very pleased with his life. During his career, he earned about $ 3.5 million and managed to make a great financial life.

Personal Life

Wee Man managed to make a good film and television career and he is best known for his role in Jackass. He managed to achieve a lot of success and a great financial profit.

Wee Man is currently living in Los Angeles and he has bought a $ 900,000 home in this city. He often changes locations and he is a great skateboarding fan.

Wee Man is active on social networks and on his Facebook and Twitter profile he has about 900,000 followers and on his Instagram profile he has about 1.2 million followers.

Wee Man has said that by mid-2020 he will make a new film that will greatly appeal to his fans.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jason Shannon Acuna

Birthplace: Pisa, Italy

Date of birth: May 16, 1973

Age: 46

Profession: Actor, Skateboarder, TV Personality

Height: 140 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: $3.5 million