Being an artist in modern times might not be as extravagant profession as it used to be, but artists still have their spot in the media. Their artwork is something that we all enjoy looking at and it can often open up our eyes to the things we never thought about before.

In today’s text we are going to talk about such a celebrity and her name is Amy Brown. This talented young woman is an artist and her artwork can be found around the globe.

Perhaps you have even seen it but you don’t know it is Amy’s work.

We are going to talk about her career, personal life and all the other interesting things you might want to know about her as a person and as an artist.

Early Life

Amy Brown was born in Washington in 1972. Her exact date of birth is unknown, since she rarely speaks of her personal life.

From an early age, she loved painting and drawing, so she pretty much knew where her life is going to take her in the future.

Her career started in the 90s and since then she has been on the art scene. She dis many motives in the past, but in 1992 she fell in love with fairies. This motif was interesting to her and both reminded her of her childhood and love for these mythical creatures.

Amy Brown is well known for her fairy drawings and designs. They have been featured in many different books and other products. Since there isn’t many information about Amy’s early years, we are going to continue on to her career and see how she managed to become one of the most famous fairy painters of all time.

Career Path

Amy Brown’s creative career started way back in the nineties. She first worked on smaller creative jobs until she gathered enough experience, and in 1992 she fully focused on creating her own brand. From an early age she was in love with the fairy motif, so she wanted to make a brand that is going to reflect what she loves doing the most.

Most of her drawings from 1992 were focused on fairies and she soon started painting this motif on various products.

Her drawings soon became very popular for people who wanted to get fairy tattoos. Almost every fairy design you see online is the work of this skillful artist, and you can recognize her style if you pay close attention to it.

Amy’s first job was at a gallery that was called Festival of Art. She learned any useful things there, especially about colors and techniques necessary to create good artwork. She also learned many important things about marketing and creating good story for her art works.

Since she has been around many different art works, this gave her even more motivation to start creating things on her own and becoming more involved in the art scene.

Even though working at a gallery was fun and good for her future, she wanted to start something on her own and become more independent.

Because she was already working at a gallery, she decided that this should be the first spot where she presents her first art work, so she can get quality feedback from others about her talent. She wanted to know whether she was good enough or not.

The director of the gallery asked Amy if she wanted to paint something in a frame that was empty at that time. She gladly accepted this opportunity and went on to create her first art piece. The painting was then displayed at the gallery and she got very good critiques from the people who came to see it.

The director noticed Amy’s talent as well and gave her motivation to continue on painting more. After the initial presentation of her work, Amy continued to display her work in various shops and cafes, until she gained enough recognition.

In 1007, at the time when websites were only starting up and weren’t as popular as today, Amy started her own site where she displayed her art work for free.

She figured out a way to get her talent presented to the world, without begging directors and others to show off her work to people. The site featured her work and it had many visitors from the beginning. The orders for her work started appearing one by one, and soon she started earning a lot of money from her site and her drawings.

Even though many would say that business and art are two opposite things, she managed to create art and make people happy, while still making a significant amount of money.

After few years of working on her website, Amy created the Amy Brown Faery, this brand exploded and many younger people wanted to get Amy’s designs in their wardrobe and on other products she offered.

To take it a step further, Amy came out with her first book of drawings in 2003 and the book was sold in hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe. She has managed to create a worldwide success, of her own talent and her incredible skills for painting.

Even though she has slowed down a bit in the past years, her book is still very popular and many people have it one their bookshelves. Her popularity might not be as it was in the 2000s, but her art is something that will continue to exist.

When it comes to Amy’s net worth, it is estimated at around 300$ thousand and it is currently stagnant since she is not working as much as she did before.

Art is something that fills us up with the sense of beauty and imagination, so we should always fill our world with as many beautiful pieces as we can.

Personal life

Like we already mentioned, Amy was born in Washington and she was always a fan of drawing and art. From an early age she knew she is going to be drawing and that she will become an artist when she grows up.

Amy came out with her first book that was published by famous publishing company called Chimera Publishing. The book had a total of 157 art pieces, which represented her work so far.

She came with a paper book and hardcover book, which was sold in 750 canopies. Her personal life has always been a secret and we don’t know much about her. There isn’t even a correct date of birth that we know off, but she was born in 1970s.

Amy is a living proof that people can live from art and creativity, and even start their own family businesses and become successful. She currently has around 20 thousand people who like her work on Instagram, but she is active on other social media as well.

She is still in Washington, as much as we were able to find out and she hasn’t moved anywhere from her hometown. Her artwork can be found on various items, so not just as regular art pieces in frames.

We can find her work on T-shirts, cups and other products that can be bought both on her website and online. Her art is definitely an expression of who she is as a person and it reflects her inner thoughts and feelings.

She hopes her art brings joy to other people as much as it rings joy to her. It is unknown whether she will continue to work on her art in the future and possibly extend the area a bit, but so far she is sticking to the road she has been on for almost two decades.

Amy’s art pieces ae often inspiration for other artists and tattoo artist especially, because fairy motives are very popular among people.

Usually, fairies are represented as women of great beauty who have butterfly wings. Tradition indicates that these mythological beings are responsible for protecting natural resources and helping people in different ways.

Although there are differences according to each culture, it is usually believed that fairies can perform spells and enchantments. Some use wands or magic powders to realize the supernatural action.

It is known as a fairy tale fiction story that is told through folklore characters (such as fairies, but also witches, mermaids, ogres, goblins and other beings) and that includes some kind of enchantment. “Snow White”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Hansel and Gretel” are some of the most famous fairy tales.

Quick summary

Full name: Amy Brown

Date of birth: 1972

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 47

Profession: Artist

Height: 1.56 m

Weight: 49 kg

Net Worth: 300$ thousand