Our texts are full of interesting information on various topics and in today’s text we will talk about a particular type of art. In our themes you can find many interesting information and discover many things about famous people you did not know until now. In our today’s theme we will devote ourselves to very important art.

Today, we will talk about the favorite things of many people in the world and about something without which we could not imagine our lives and our everyday activities. We will talk about music without which the today’s world would look empty. Music is something that connects all people in the World and every person in the world has the kind of music that is his favorite. Music has been among people from ancient times and without it the world would be different.

We will give our attention to rap music and we will talk about this type of music which is becoming very more popular every year. If you like and if you are interested in this kind of music, then this text will surely be good for you and will reveal some new information you may not have known up to now.

This music has always attracted many artists who want to express their freedom of speech. In these songs we can always find different opinions and in them, rappers always express their emotions and theirs everyday life. Rap is music that is not accepted well in all countries in the world. This music is most popular in the USA and from this country we have a large number of artists who have gained global fame.

Today we will devote ourselves to one artist who comes from Puerto Rico and he has a special style of music. His songs are in reggae ton and he is a rapper, producer, and singer.

He managed to make an excellent career and he started his solo career in 2004 when he released his debut album. In the coming years, he released many songs and held many concerts, but he made another album in 2014.

His artistic name is Wisin and he managed to gain world fame. He collaborated with many rap, R & B and pop singers and managed to make an excellent financial profit. His songs are hits in the whole world and in this text we will reveal more details about his life and his career.

Early Years

Wisin or Juan Luis Morera Luna was born on December 19, 1978 in Cayey, Puerto Rico.

He grew up with his parents and with one brother and one sister in this city. When he was 6 years old and when he was supposed to go to elementary school, his family moved to one smaller city in Puerto Rico. In this city he started to go to elementary school and his family started a new life. He quickly got used to the new city and got new friends.

In this city his parents got new jobs and started a new life that should have been much better than in the previous city. When he started elementary school, Wisin began to love rap music. He began to record songs when he was 13 years old and when his older brother bought the first microphone. They initially recorded amateur songs and wanted to deal with rap and R&B music.

He wanted to dedicate himself to music, but his parents felt that Wisin should devote to school and they wanted him to become a successful student and to enroll a prestigious college. He did not show much interest in learning and spent his free time on music.

He and his brother wrote songs every day and wanted to record a professional song. They did not have good conditions because they lived in a small town where there was no professional music studio.

When he started his third grade in the middle school, his parents decided to return to his hometown. His father got a much better job that made a lot more financial gain. When they returned to their hometown, Wisin met a new friend who had love for the reggae ton and they decided to cooperate together. They wanted to set up their own studio and collect money for the next year.

During that period they worked in a restaurant and after a year they managed to raise money. They bought musical equipment and instruments and founded a studio in Wisin’s house. After a month, they recorded their first 2 songs and began to hold concerts in their city. They worked very well and then Wisin decided to start a solo career and in 2004 he recorded his debut album.


Wisin started his professional career when he met Yandel and they had love for the same music. At the end of the 1990s, they began cooperation and founded their own music studio. After several months they recorded over 5 songs and showed their talent to the audience in their city in Puerto Rico.

In 2000, they recorded their joint album called Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio. This album has won many positive comments throughout Puerto Rico, but also people around the world have heard of their songs. They started playing around their country and after a year they scheduled their first concert in USA.

In 2003, they released another album that was presented at concerts around the world. They managed to make a great album with different style of rapping and singing. In 2004, Wisin decided to make a solo album that won a lot of positive comments. This album has achieved great success and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. After this album Wisin held his biggest concert in Los Angeles.

In the following years, Wisin mostly performed alone and held solo concerts. By 2009, he recorded over 10 songs that received a lot of positive ratings from his fans. In 2009 he renewed his collaboration with Yandel and they recorded 2 new songs.

After that, Wisin made a break in his career and in the next 2 years he was not active in music. His fans were disappointed and they thought Wisin had stopped playing music. However, in 2012, he recorded a new song that inspired his fans. In 2013, Wisin and Yandel began to collaborate again and they recorded a new joint song. This song became a global hit and was among the top 10 most lucrative songs in the US in 2013.

Following this song, the journalists announced that Wisin and Yandel had interrupted their cooperation again and that they were not in good relations. Wisin released his new album after 10 years and in 2014 he revived his career. This album was called El Regreso del Sobreviviente and received a lot of positive ratings from audiences around the world.

Wisin presented this album at the beginning of 2015 when he held a concert in Berlin and over 25,000 people were present at this concert. In the following years, Wisin has recorded several new songs and has held over 5 concerts around the world.

These concerts have achieved a lot of success and he managed to make a big financial profit. In 2018, Wisin and Yandel announced that they had renewed their cooperation and this time they would not interrupt their cooperation. They released a new joint album called “Los Campeones del Pueblo / The Big Leagues.” On this album, 12 songs came up and each song received positive ratings from the audience.

After this album, their popularity again began to grow and they made a new financial profit. In October 2018, they held a concert in Chicago and over 20,000 people were present at this concert, and their fans were proud because the two of them started working together again, announcing that by 2020 they will publish new album in which will be different songs than the past ones. In his career, Wisin managed to make a financial profit of $ 8 million and managed to establish his own business in Puerto Rico.

He is one of the most famous musicians from this country, and he also took part in many humanitarian campaigns and he donates money to poor people in Puerto Rico. He has a very rich career and has made many songs that have won the hearts of his music lovers.

Personal Life

Wisin never made the incident public, and he was always moderate. He is one of Puerto Rico’s favorite people and he has donated a lot of money to poor people in his country in the past. During his career he never had a controversial situation and he married in 2008 with Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano.

They got two children and they got one child in 2007 and the other in 2009.

They got a daughter in 2016 but she was born with Patau Syndrome and died after several months. They were very sad after this event and it took them plenty of time to recover.

After this event they bought a house in another city and moved and they wanted to start a new life. Wisin continued to deal with music and several subsequent songs he dedicated to his daughter who died. Wisin is currently active on the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and he has over 500,000 followers on these social networks.

He often publishes pictures with his family and his followers are trained in his everyday life. He often travels to the United States and he has a house in Los Angeles, where he often travels with his family when he wants to break from music and commitments.

Quick Summary

Full name: Juan Luis Morera Luna

Date of birth: December 19, 1978

Age: 41

Birthplace: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Profession: Rapper, Singer, Song writer, producer

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Net worth:  $8 million