Yelawolf is an eminent rapper, Songwriter and singer who frequently appears in music concerts and is into making huge record sales of his music albums.  He remains so busy with his schedules and there is hardly any dates available where he can cherish his day with his well wishers and family members. It has been suggested that his annual income can be evaluated somewhere around a stabilized income of $ 500, 000.

He is even made a stable foothold in the textiles and cloth branding industry like “Sittin on a Strom” and “Ball Mart”, and the newly opened Nashville Slumerican clothing store. Yelawolf is a bit non-traditional in the rap world and accepts the small venues in spite of the larger options left behind. Yelawolf’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 4.5 million dollars.

Early life

Yelawolf’s birth name is Michael Wayne Atha. He was born on 30th December, 1979 in Gadsden, Alabama, United States of America. He is of a Cherrokee from his father side and a White American from his mother’s side. His mother was Sheila was an eminent rock star and gave birth to Yelawolf when she was hardly 15 years old.  Yalawolf had a childhood where he went on moving from one place to another.

He had spent much time in Antioch and Tennessee.  He got himself enrolled in the reputed institution Crater Lawrence Elementary School that was situated in Nashville. It was there where he started knowing all about the hip hop genre. He gained cultural knowledge and was soon counted among the talented Native American. He decided to keep his stage name Yalawolf and describes it as “Yela” being the sunshine, the power of suns and the hunger to succeed and “Wolf” exactly represents one’s ability to struggle in a hard situation. It exemplifies ones fineness and creative assertions.


Yelawolf had no such prospects to prosper during his childhood days and he has never through any favorable conditions during his days of upbringing. He was unfortunate to have a mother who was always in the way of finding her right man but later this domestic turmoil had given his ample opportunities to write upon the lyrics of his hit numbers. While he was a young chap, Yelawolf had tried various fields of work to make his living. He went for making commercial fishing in the coast of North Pacific. He even went for making a living by entering into the the drug industry and becoming a drug peddler.

He was also ones an inmate in the Berkeley, California homes for homeless. He thought that nothing would turn up ever in his life. Things would remain as it is and would never get settled. Atha started gaining after collaborating with Ghet-O-Vision and also went for producing Trunk Muzik. He was co- associating member of the Interscope Records. They also made him get signed alongside the Bizarre.  The members consisted of Big Boi, belonging to the group “Outkast” and Paul Wall.

By the year 2011, he decided upon making another smash hit rap XXL’s freshmen of the year and grouped it along side Kendrick Lamar and got it signed by his rap idol Eminem. He made it get associated with Eminem’s Shady records.  He started monitoring different categories of critical rap genre. He started getting associated with a classic album titled “Radiocative” and this made him come in the spotlight and portray his abilities of becoming the legendary figures would rule the rap world. 2012 made him gain ample opportunities and made him go fir making his way through Slumdog Bridge.

It was an genuine effort given by Ed Sheeran and the rapper Yelawolf himself.  He gave his amazing working skills with Travis Barker and came up with Blink-182 fame was an effort completely based on EP Psycho White.  It was a hard bend over the genre of punk music.

By the last month in the year 2012, he declared the release of the album Love Story. It featured the stories of school days of Jonny Cash and included the vibrant combination of the country raps.  After he speculated with Shady Records and singed off for the Slaughter House he went for featuring for the XXL Freshman’s list of 2011. He released several songs and got partnered up with the gaming platform Driver: San Francisco and then went for releasing a music album.  His first officially declared album was “Hard White (Up in the Club). He also collaborated with Lil Jin who was a hip hop producer hailing from the southern part of the country. Then he went with “Kid Roll” that included the vocal records of belonging to the artist of “Let’s Roll”. Yelawolf’s debut album got listed under the category of Billboard 200 and was positioned at number #27th. The albums also featured the soundtracks from Eminem’s production albums and involve the personalities like Jim Jonsin, Diplo, J. U. S. T. I. C. E. League, Pooh Bear, The Audibles, Kiiler Mike and Gangsta Boo. To commeorate the father’s day, he went for producing the song titled “Happy Father’s Day”.

In 2010 he came up with a sequel to the Trunk Muzik and collaborated for releasing a mixtape “Country Cousins”.  He coordinated with the fellow rapper Big K. R. I. T. and even hosted the project with full initiation. 2013, made Yelawolfcame with another mixtape titled Black Fall. In 2015, he released a mixed single titled “Whiskey in a bottle”.  Though he has come up with many releases, his first’s release Creek Water was the best of all and was considered the only extended play following his other hit number in the Interscope Records. Yelawolf is making his next release tilted “Trial By Fire”. He contributed immensely by monitoring the lyrical parts of the compositions. He had worked enough hard to place the band Slumerican’s to the Native Americans by taking help of his other promotional labels DIY, Southern aesthetics and Punk. He always wanted that the Americana should meet the talented Biker Merchandise.

Personal life

Yelawolf got involved with Fefe Dobson who is a freestyle recording artist. He is also father to three children from his ex-girlfriend Sonora Rosario. Yelawolf came up with his official website Slumerican is a well-known specialized independent record label facilitating the genre of hip hop music.

He was successful in finding the label in the year 2012. The Slumerican’s consists of the roster’s DJ Paul who belonged to the group Three 6 Mafia and the famous rapper Bubba Sparxxx. The other personalities who are involved in the group are Cook up Boss, Cambo, Big Henry, Million Day March and Struggle Jennings. He is fanatic about buying luxurious cars.  He possesses a Box Chevy truck that withholds much of his love. He also possesses a Caprice Classic and also has a desire to get hold of a Harley Davidson.

He has made his way through many charities.  He considers making donation to be a part of philanthropy. He is deeply connected with charities and several trusts. He never openly proclaims that he is related to the charitable organizations.  He even feels interested to participate in some charity events and performworldwide for making people aware of his benevolent nature and extends his hands of support to them.

He was helped with this act of benevolence by the eminent figures like Rob Dyrdek.His association with Eminem had brought him enough connection with the underprivileged. Today Yelawolf lives with his girlfriend at Nashville and L.A. but never fails to visit his family at Alabama. All together Yelawolf leads a private life that is enough mysterious and worth’s excavating.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Michael Wayne Atha

Date of Birth: 30th December, 1979

Birth Place: Gadsden, Alabama, United States of America

Age: 39 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter



Net worth: $4.5 Million