Professor Griff is an American rapper and an artist, who is also known as a great lecturer. He was a member of a known group called “Public Enemy” and staged as their spokesman for years.

He was called “Minister of Information” for Public Enemy.

Early years

He was born as Richard Griffin on August 1, 1960 in Roosevelt in New York in United States.

He grew up on Long Island and finished highschool in his neighbourhod. After he graduated he joined the US Army.

After he served his time in the military he has returned to his hometown New York. Since he has finished only high school but had a big plans for himself he decided not to get an ordinary job.

Instead he formed his security service company under the name “Unity Force”. His service was often hired for work at music parties and events. That’s how Richard met a DJ named Chuck D.

Career development

Chuck D became a very popular DJ and signed to Def Jam Records which was a great success. Chuck D was already a part of Public Enemy at that time.

He made a proposition to Prof Griffin and his security service (renamed to “The Security of the First World” at that time) and asked him and his men to work as groups bodyguards and ocassionally as their back-up dancers.

Richard accepted and his company “The Security of The First World” became known just as “S1W” and followed Public Enemy on their music journeys.

Professor became the spokesmen of the “Public Enemy” and his security service became popular because they were great in mixing unusual dancing styles, military drills and moves from martial arts.

In the mean time, he gained a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of education.

For his security company he became a licensed personal security instructor.

He gave interviews and made appearances on behalf of Public Enemy but he started making homophobic statements and outraged people with his anti-semitic remarks. This caused Public Enemy a lot of negative publicity and he was soon fired.

His recless statements caused even a brief break up of Public Enemy under the pressure of the public.

Public Enemy later reformed again but this time there was no place for Professor Griffin in the band.

In 1990 he publicly apologized for his anti-simetic statements, after he has met with a student organization which was involved in the National Holocaust Thematics.

He formed his own band “The Last Asiatic Disciples”. Other members of the band were Jim “Obie” O’Brien, B-Wyze,  Patrick X, JXL  and Life.

His group “Last Asiatic Disciples” released four albums.

The first was in 1990, under the name “Pawns im the Game”. The second one was titled “Kao’s II Wiz *7* Dome and it was released a year after.

“Disturb N Tha Peace” was done in 1992.

In 2000, he became a member of the group named Confrontation Camp, alongside Chuck D, Kyle Jason and DJ Lord. The group released only one album named “Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” which was made by mixing rap rock, rap metal and traditional music.

In 1998 and in 2001 the last one was named “And The World Became Fresh”. He is known for his Tweets about police brutality and political silence towards it.

Griff has many interested and is involved in work with many groups, one of them is a hip-hop/metal band named “7th Octave.” They released “The Seventh Degree” in 2004.

In 2007 he appeared in a Michael Harris movie “Chip Factor”, alongside Chuck D. It was a science – fiction thriller.

He was also involved in filming  “Turntables”, a crime movie from 2005.

In 2009, he found a publisher for his memoirs named “Analytixz”. He once again apologized for his 1989’s statements.

He is a very controversial person: he has a Pan-African ideology and he stated that he gives lecture to illuminati.

He is an active member of “Nation of Islam”.

The controversial interview which led to him leaving the group was published in Washington Times and was taped.

His statements about Jews were shocking, quote: “The Jews are wicked and they have a history of killing black men.” He spoke in the similar way about gay people.

He wrote “The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop” about the same time he wrote “Analytixz”.

One of his books is called “A Capella Revolution”.

He also wrote a comic “Who Stole The Soul”. All of his writings are educational and with a message.

One of his used books is music business guide named “Musick Bizness R.I.P. (Resource Information Publication)”.

It is known that e had a beef with Kanye West, stating that he should return to Africa and help his people. He also said nasty words about his wife Kim Kardashian.

He is associated to many record labels: Atlantic Records, Blackheart/PolyGram Records and PIAS.

He is of opinion that kids must better understand the real meaning of hip hop and their African roots so he wrote a  curriculum named “Kidhoppaz”, which is a sort of a learning modul for youth. It combines learning about entertainment and how it can help in education in a positive way.

He was also the main person in creation and production of a documentary film named “Turn off Channel Zero”. 

Personal life

He has a daughter Taqiyyah from one of his previous relationships. As for his personal life, he married Sole, a known Missourri rapper, who was married to Ginuwine in the past. She has two daughters from that marriage. They were married in the traditional rakhi ceremony.

Sole and Griff knew each other for 27 years but they love blossomed in 2017.

They currently live in Atlanta in the State of Georgia.

Griff publically called out President Trump because he is constantly avoiding to meet with common black people and deal with their issues but he only comutes with rich and famous black people.

Quick summary

Full name: Richard Griffin

Date of birth: August 1, 1960

Birthplace:  New York, United States

Age: 58

Profession: rapper, dancer, writer, businessman, public speaker, producer

Height: 1,76 m

Weight: 74 kg

Net Worth: $5 million