Our current text brings you a story about American football and a player who has left a great track in this sport and is still active. This sport has always attracted young people across the USA but also among other countries. This sport is very demanding and we will tell you details about the career of a very successful football player called Adam Vinatieri. Adam MatthewVinatieri is an American football player who currently plays for Indianapolis Colts.

He was born on December 28, 1972 in Iankton, South Dakota. If you want to know more about Adam, his life, but also about his very long career, read the following text. We will tell you some very interesting details. His career lasts for more than 20 years.  During that time, Adam had many ups and downs and about that we will discuss in the following text. Adam has a very impressive biography. He is one of the rare American players whose career lasts so long. He played at 5 Super Bowl. In the NFL league, Adam has many records. His young colleagues still cannot break them. Not enough to say that this man is impressive he is definitely on a higher level.

Early Years

Adam was born in South Dakota. Later he moved to the Western part of South Dakota. His family still lives there today. Adam always pointed out that his dad Paul had the biggest role in his career. Paul gave his children a love for sports. Adam and his father practiced various sports when he was very little.

Already then, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up and that is a professional American football player in the NFL. The life of a professional athlete is full of renunciation. While his friends spent time in high school together at parties, Adam was very devoted to training. He used to practice for 10 hours a day. In his case, it looks like it’s true that if you do what you like, you do not have to work a minute in your life. Adam found the right path for himself.

We will tell you some interesting information about him. Because of it you will greatly appreciate Adam’s success. He has had a lot of difficulties in school as a little boy. He had a big reading problem, so he was transferred to a school for children with learning disabilities.

His effort paid off and Adam was already the best in all sports in high school. He graduated from the Central High School in 1991. His career began at that time. Adam has not always played in the kicker position. Before that, he was also a quarterback and a linebacker.

Adam has a sense of humor and very often goes to his own account. He says that no linebacker is so small and that he would never have made such a career in that position.

Adam first enrolled in the United States Military Academy in West Point, but after two weeks he returned home where he then enrolled at the State University of South Dakota. There was a leading player there. In 4 years he has accumulated as many as 185 career points. After that begins his real professional career. 


Fall of 1995, Adam spent in training to compete professionally. He started a rehearsal for the World League of American Football and earned a position in Amsterdam Admirals as a punter and placekicker.

New England Patriots (1996-2005)

In 1996, Adam was signed by the Patriots to be a placekicker. In the first 10 years of the NFL career he played in New England, during which he played in four Super Bowls, winning three titles.
These were his golden years. His career was rising.

Adam created his name in the NFL League during the period he played for New England Patriots for which he scored some of the most important kicks in the history of American football. His successful field 45-yard goal for a victory over the Oakland Raiders in the 2001 AFC Finals is remembered forever and a win for Super Bowl XXXV. Vinatieri also scored a winning goal for Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII against Carolina Panthers. Adam Vinatieri began his professional career in the now non-existent NFL Europe League at the Amsterdam Admirals team as a kicker and punter in 1995.

Adam is today the oldest player in the NFL league. He gets the respect of both coaches and teammates. Although he already has 46 years and plays his 24th season, his performance is still on high level. He is still one of the best players in the league. Only praise is heard from all sides. In the last couple of seasons, Adam plays even better than before. This was definitely not expected by anybody. He had a performance score of 94.8% in field goal attempts in the last two seasons, which was the best-ever achievement for a two-year period in his career.

At the beginning of each new season everyone is expecting his retirement, but Adam does not give up. American football is his greatest love and he enjoys being a professional player. Adam still has a fantastic and strong kick. He can easily transfer 50 yards. You must admit this man is not something that you can see every day.

In the last couple of years, it was uncertain whether Adam would succeed in overturning some records in the NFL league. Many did not believe in it. The records were set up a long time ago and it was difficult to overtake them. Adam, however, has set new ones that will be even more challenging for young American football players. He currently owns even 21 records of the NFL League. This is quite impressive. It can be said that Adam is the best American football player of all time.

Adam’s records in NFL:

  • Most points scored: 2,600
  • Most field goals made: 582
  • Most regular season wins by a single player in any position: 215
  • Most seasons with 100+ points: 21 (1996–2008, 2010, 2012–2018)
  • Most postseason field goals in a career: 56
  • Most consecutive games in a single postseason with 3+ field goals: 4
  • Most points in postseason, career: 238
  • Oldest player to make a 50+ yard field goal: (53 yards) – 46 Years, 2 days.
  • Oldest player to make a 54 yard field goal: (54 yards) – 45 Years, 343 days.
  • Most points in a single postseason: 49
  • Most field goals in a single postseason: 14
  • Most field goals in Super Bowls: 7
  • Most extra points in Super Bowls: 13
  • Most field goals in overtime: 12
  • Most consecutive field goals in NFL history: 44
  • Most Super Bowl wins by a place kicker: 4
  • Most Super Bowl appearances by a place kicker: 5
  • Only player to score 1,000+ points for 2 teams.
  • Most playoff games by a place kicker: 32, which also ranks 2nd of any position (Tom Brady has 40).
  • Most player of the week awards by a place kicker: 18
  • Most special team player of the month awards: 5

Adam set the homework for new generations who want to play American football. It’s hard for anyone to get near his records anytime soon. In the end, we can say that we are impressed with his career and wish him all the happiness in further posting new records.

Private Life

Adam Vinatieri has always been known for his persistence and is known as a man who never gave up. During his lifetime, he always had highs and falls, but he always managed to get back on the right path. In childhood, he had problems with the speech, and for that reason he had to go to a special school.

After 2 years he managed to solve this problem and said that he managed to with persistence. During the primary and secondary school, Adam always distinguished himself from other children. He did not like to go out for parties and do things like other children but he was devoted to training and learning.

When he started to practice American football, he started training every day and the trainers were fascinated with his desire to become a great footballer. Because of this, he achieved success in a very short time and became a successful athlete.

He did not make trouble during his career and he was always a quiet and exemplary athlete. At the beginning of his career, many girls considered him one of the most beautiful athletes and he was very popular among the women. Because of that, he had many relationships during his career and the newspaper wrote that he was in relation to several famous people.

He never gave details of his private life to the public and he always kept his privacy. When he was 23 years old, he earned his first major financial profit. He decided to donate a part of this money for humanitarian purposes and many people were surprised by this process.

His friends felt that he was at the beginning of his career and that he should not now give money even when he provided a big profit. He decided to give money to children with developmental problems. This move was made public and people were thrilled with his actions and they thought that he was a very good athlete and a very good man.

When he achieved great fame and when he became one of the best American football player Adam set up a humanitarian organization and decided to raise money for all people in need of financial assistance. Many footballers and colleagues joined in this action and during the first year of the organization, this organization has raised about $ 3 million. This money was paid in many schools and hospitals requiring financial assistance.

This move brought him additional popularity and Adam was declared one of the most humane athletes. During his career he also appeared in many women’s magazines and numerous sports magazines. He has been on the front page many times and people considered him one of the most beautiful athletes in the USA. He managed to make extra profit with the help of the magazine and he became a very rich man. During his career, he earned over $ 35 million and managed to provide himself and his family with a great life.

He is also active on social networks, and we can see many of his new releases and pictures of private life. He does not travel frequently to other states, but often changes locations in the USA. He currently lives in California with his family and we can say that they enjoy life.Adam is still very popular around the world and we can see that he has many fans on social networks.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Adam Vinatieri

Birthplace: Yankton, South Dakota, USA

Date of birth: December 28, 1972

Age: 47

Profession: American Football Player

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: $35 million