World of athletes is full of talented young people who managed to win over the world with their skills and abilities. In today-s text we are going to talk about such a talented young athlete called Shawn Johnson, who is a famous American athlete and gymnast.

We are going to talk about her career, personal life and all the other information you would want to find out.

Early Years

Shawn Johnson was born on 19 January 1992 in Des Moines. She is a former gymnast United States. in 2007 she becomes champion at the competition open to the world. in 2008, during the Beijing Games, she became Olympic vice-champion.

In addition, she won the gold beam and the free body silver. she is also the winner of the eighth edition of the American Dancing with the Stars.

Shawn Johnson was born in Monks, Iowa, and is the only daughter of Doug and Teri Johnson. her parents enroll in a gym on the age of three, after noticing the vivacity of the child.

At first rejected in a nearby gym, judged by the coach with little potential, at the age of six Shawn is one of the first members of Liang Chow School. until 2008 she maintains a much more balanced lifestyle than typical elite gymnasts. her last workouts are only twenty-five hours a week, in contrast to the typical forty hours of professional work.

Unlike many of her peers who study at a public school, Valley High School. she is present in gold, attending football games and other extracurricular activities. Give public school in the spring semester of the 2008-2009 school year and moved to Los Angeles, California. in 2010 finished high school with a private teacher.

In 2004 participated in the Junior Olympics. comes here fourth of the open competition, according to free body and before the beam.

Career Path

Too young, she does not meet in the US National and her coach, Liang Chow, she is not aware of the national staff to help him. in 2005 her coach sends Marta Karolyi, national team coordinator, a video with Shawn attached a message “I think this girl will help the US team”.

Soon, she was invited to participate in the formation of the national team.

Get to know the United States Classic 2005, which is in third position. On the first day of the National Championships of the same year United States she seems very nervous, in order to fall in the years to beam and free body, ending the open competition in tenth place.

In 2006 Shawn again looks at the national championships with new drills (including one to jaeger uneven bars and a Tsukahara Bolted free body) which lead to winning the title, boasting an even higher score than the senior, part of the class higher.

In 2007 she joined the senior category artistic gymnastics, continue to add new movements in her stores. In the same year, she participated in Tyson American Cup, winning the all-around competition.

She also took part in the 2007 Pan American Games, winning four gold medals (with the team, in the overall competition, beam and uneven bars) and a free-body silver medal. she also won the overall competition at the Visa Championship, defeating favorites Nastia Liukin and Shayla Worley.

She represents United States to world the 2007 with Nastia Liukin, Shayla Worley, Alicia Sacramone, Ivana Hong and Samantha Peszek. During qualifying, they receive a score of 16250 beam, 15150 free-body, 15175 vault and, after a fall, 14625 uneven bars. The end in the United States preliminary to the first position and the United States she qualifies the individual all in the third place and reached the final for the beam and free body.

Join all four recent events and is the only US athlete who has managed to do it. She receives 15375 with asymmetric bars and free body, 15150 with vault. she belongs to beam and she finishes the year with 15,025 points. The US team won the gold medal with 184,400 points, ahead of 0.950 points over China. It is the second gold medal won by the United States team in one world.

In the final of the Shawn Polls general competition 15,175 vaults, 15,375 asymmetrical bars, 15900 beam and 15425 free body. her total is 61.875 points, and is the fourth American athlete to win a gold medal in the individual competition. During the last race of the United States is competing on beam, here she falls twice and finish the year with 14.475 points, which is in last place. In her reserve corps, she left the platform, but she won gold with 15,250 points.

In March 2008 participates in the America’s Cup Madison Square Garden. to the vault she falls and gets 15,175 points, 15,625 points on uneven bars, 16325 with beam and 15975 with free body. Delivered before the vault, a beam and free body, but wins gold in competition.

A week later is the United States in Jesolo against Italy, Spain and Poland. In addition, she, the team is composed of Jana Bieger, Olivia Courtney, Chelsea Davis, Bridget Sloan and Samantha Peszek. the United States They won the general competition of the team. Shawn also won the individual all with 61.7 points.

June 7, 2008 participates in the National Championships. With a score of 127.5 points, she won the individual while beating Nastia Liukin. Two weeks later, she won the Philadelphia Olympic Trials competition and beat Nastia Liukin here. Thanks to their high scores are immediately included in the list of summoned for Olympics. However, all other athletes continue to participate in the selection fields.

at Olympics 2008 competition in the four tools. United States They won the silver medal in the overall team competition. the US athlete also she won the silver medal in the individual all with 62.725 points. her roommate Nastia Liukin she won the gold medal with 63.325 points. It is the fourth time that two athletes from the same country are ranked in the top two.  she also won the silver medal in free body and gold beam.

In January 2010, skiing, anterior cruciate ligament pauses her career. For this reason, the following month she had to undergo a knee operation.

In May of the same year, the athlete announced her return to artistic gymnastics, her goal is to enter the 2012 US Olympic team. In August is informed that Johnson’s knee has recovered well and acquired new skills for the tools. These skills are then posted in a video released in September 2010. Back to competition in the 2011 Classic Covergirl and Visa Championships.

In 2011 become an official member of the US National Team, so you can compete in international competitions.

On June 3, less than two months from the London Olympics, she announces her retirement from professional competitions because of persistent problems with her knee. “I have always had the desire to participate and help the US team these Olympics. Unfortunately, it became clear that my left knee cannot withstand the stresses that gymnastics impose. All I can do is to retire head on and thank those who have believed in me.

Johnson, Olympic champion and multi medalist in Beijing 2008 and one of the most charismatic and media gymnasts that the United States has given this sport, announced, through her Instagram account, her return to gymnastics

Shawn said she was not satisfied with her results at the 2008 Olympic Games, nor with her first return in 2011, where Marta Karoly’s favoritism towards Nastia Liukin (who also returned at that time) did not let her shine as she deserved.

Shawn’s net worth is estimated at around 9$ million. Most of the money comes from her competitions, medals and her appearances on TV.

Personal life

Eight years ago, life surprised her. It showed her that sometimes talent is not enough to conquer the top of an Olympic podium. Names, influences and favoritisms have been the biggest obstacle of my career.

Therefore, I have decided to go back and look for my classification to Rio 2016, I know I can contribute a lot to the team.

It is known to all (or not?) That between Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson there was a great rivalry, especially from the first to the second. Shawn, was always the nice girl on the team, the smallest, the most media and one of the most talented. While Shawn grabbed the attention of the media and sponsors, Nastia was relegated.

Despite the potential of Nastia, no one was expected to win the AA final in Beijing and become one of the most decorated gymnasts in history, especially when Shawn was the current world champion and twice national champion. Since then, Nastia does not lose the opportunity to boast and throw Shawn a stone, making this rivalry even more noticeable. On one occasion, she posted on her Facebook account

In the end, what won that night was the pink leotard and not the gold ribbon. (On the night of the final AA Shawn wore red leotard with a gold ribbon in her hair, while Nastia wore a pink leotard.) That message was erased in minutes but remained forever in the memory of the Gymternet.

Shawn had never commented on it, she had always referred to Nastia with respect, but it seems that now it took courage and with the announcement of her return she made it clear that she will seek to show that she will be able to form the Olympic team for the second time (remember that Nastia failed in her attempt in 2012).

Shawn shifted from gymnastics to Dancing with the Stars and joined them in 2009 season. Her dancing partner was Mark Ballas. She took second place, right after Melissa Rycroft and Dovolani. Shawn also appeared on the Today Show, Late Show with David Letterman, Whose Line is it Anyway and many others.

In 2009 she had a problem after a stalker was arrested, who was following her everywhere. The man was charged for stalking but also pleaded that he was not guilty because of his insanity. In 2010 he was convicted on all counts and was sent to a mental hospital for 5 years.

Quick summary

Full name: Shawn Johnson

Date of birth: January 19th 1992

Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa

Age: 27

Profession: Athlete, Gymnast

Height: 1.50 m

Weight: 45 kg

Net Worth: 9$ million