Our current theme is dedicated to sports and American football, which is one of the more demanding sports. This sport is the most popular in the USA, but it is also played in other countries around the world. In American football we have a large number of successful players who have left a great mark in this sport.

Today’s text will deal with one of these players and his name is Eric Decker. He had a solid career and played for several teams in the NFL league. He finished his career in August 2018 and decided to dedicate himself to other activities in his life. During his career he had several incidents, and newspapers often wrote about his problems with the law.

He managed to make a career and make a good financial profit. He did not change a lot of clubs, but he succeeded in playing for each team. He was a great fighter in the field and in every game he gave 100% of his ability. Because of this, many fans adored him even though he failed to win any career title. He had several nicknames and he was always one of the favorite players in every team in which he played in.

In this text we will tell you about his early life as well as details of his career and his personal life. If you are interested in more about this player then this text will help you.

Early Years

Eric Decker was born on March 15, 1987 in Cold Spring, Minnesota, USA. He grew up with his parents and one brother and one sister. He has always been in good relations with his brother and sister, and they have always worked together in all things in life. Their parents have always tried to provide them with the necessary living conditions.

Deckers father worked as a taxi driver and his mother was a schoolteacher at prime school. His parents always strived to provide their children with a financially stable life and have spent a lot of time devoting their time to work. During his growing up, Eric Decker was always a smart boy who liked sports and who was very hyperactive and he always wanted to spend the time with other childrens.

His mother always said that other children asked for permission from their parents to do something, but that he always decided on himself, and never asked anyone for permission and that he was always doing stuff with no anyone help. During the elementary school, he was very interested in baseball and he played this sport at the local club in his city.

His parents felt that he could become successful in this sport, but after completing his primary school, Eric suddenly felt in love for American football. He decided to start training this sport and initially showed that he could become a great player.

When he was in high school, Eric had several times a fight with the police. When he was in the 2nd grade of high school, Erick was at pary with his friends and made an incident in their neighborhood. They were in an alcoholic state and they made several offenses and had to spend the night in jail. After this incident, the coach in his high school wanted to throw him and his friend out of the team.

Eric was out of the team for one month, but the coach decided to give him a new chance and Eric was returned to the team. After this event he wanted to devote himself to training every day and wanted to build an excellent career in this sport. After several months the coach gave him a chance to play in the starting lineup and Eric used it in a great way.

He managed to make excellent results and after the first season he became one of the best players in high school.

His parents wanted him to help him financially to keep up with this sport and to enroll in a college where he could continue to train and play football.

When he went to college, Eric received an invitation to perform for a college team at Minnesota University. He accepted this invitation and wanted to start his college career in this city. At the beginning of his college career he did not start as a starter, but after a few games he got the opportunity he used in the right way.

In his first season, he proved to be one of the greatest talents and many coaches thought he would become a successful player in the future. In his second season he showed even better results and at the end of the season he was declared MVP league. This was a big boost for him and he continued to train at a high pace because he wanted to play in the NFL league in the future.

During his 3rd season at the college, Eric again managed to make an incident. He drove the car in an alcoholic state and the police arrested him. This was his second incident with the police since the beginning of the high school and he ended up in prison again.

After spending the night in prison, he got out, but he was again punished by the club for which he performed. The coach decided to drop him out of the team in the next month. After a month, he returned to the team, but then the season was over and he played only 3 games. In his last season at the college, he was named the top 5 player of the league’s league and had a great chance of being selected on the draft in the first round.


Eric Decker began his senior career when he was selected as the 27th pick of the first round by Denver Broncos. He signed a 4-year contract with Denver and earned $ 2 million per season.

His senior debut had to be postponed because before the start of the season, Erick experienced a ligament injury on his leg and he had to recover from injury. This was a very difficult situation for him because he had to miss his first professional season.

After five months, Eric began to train again, but Denver sent him to the development league to get back into shape. He played for the rest of the season for the Development League team and trained individually. At the beginning of the following season he got the chance to play and debut in the NFL league.

In this season, Decker has proved that he has a great talent and that he has recovered completely from injury. In subsequent matches he scored excellent results and was the best player in his team’s victories. Denver this season failed to score a good result and failed to enter the playoffs.

In 2012, Eric kicked off every game as a starter and worked perfectly with his teammates. In the first 10 matches in the season, he was among the players with the best statistics and people thought that Denver could make a good result this year. They managed to enter the playoffs but were defeated in the first round. 2013 Denver brought a few new players who showed great talent.

They worked perfectly with Eric, who was selected in the top 10 of the best players this season. In 2014 Eric moved to New York Jets and signed a five-year contract worth $ 36 million.

In his first season for this club he did not achieve great success but he had good statistics after the end of the season. His team failed to enter the playoffs and the season ended up early for him.

In the following season Eric was one of the best players in this team and New York managed to enter the playoffs. They managed to reach up to 2 rounds of the playoffs but were then defeated.

In his last season for New York Eric did not score a great score and was fined $ 10,000 in one match. After this match in 2016, New York decided to trade him and he transferred to the Tennessee Titans. He signed a one-year contract worth $ 1 million.

In this season Eric was the starter in every game and he had several excellent matches in which he broke several personal records. In this season he managed to reach the final of the conference, but they were defeated. After this season, Eric signed a one-year contract with New England Patriots and played another season in the NFL league. After this season in August 2018, Eric decided to retire and finish his career.

Personal Life

Erick Decker had a successful career in American football but, besides his career, he had several incidents with the police and the law several times. He was finishing 2 times in jail and had to pay his bail in order to be released. After finishing college, he did not make much trouble, but he made incidents several times during football playing for New York.

He appeared several times in TV shows and explained why these incidents happened. When he made an incident during a match, he was fined $ 10,000. Because of these incidents, New York decided to terminate the contract with him and therefore he had to go to another club.

Many people believe that Eric had ended his career early, but he said that he had fulfilled his goal and now he wants to devote himself to other things and jobs in his life. He also managed to secure a good financial life and managed to secure a good life for his family.

In June 2013, Eric decided to get married with his long-time girlfriend, Jessie James.

They met when Eric played for Denver and had been in a relationship for several years. They have 3 children and have one daughter and 2 sons. Eric is a very caring parent and has always tried to provide his children with a peaceful and stable life. He and his family are currently living in New York.

Eric is active on social networks and on his Instagram profile we can see pictures of his children and his wife from numerous trips around the world. They are a very happy family and enjoy in every moment of life. Eric also began his own business and thinks that this business will bring him big financial profit.

He also liked video games and invested a part of the money into a single gaming company. He also thinks that this is a good investment and that he will bring him a lot of additional profits.Eric earned about 25 million dollars in his previous career and managed to realize his childhood dreams.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Eric Decker

Birthplace: Cold Spring, Minnesota

Date of birth: March 15, 1987

Age: 32

Proffesion: Former American Football Player

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 97 kg

Net Worth: $25 million