Kenny belongs to car racing family where his father, brothers, their son and even the daughter, all are racers. Kenny has long twenty-five years of racing experience in NASCAR. He had nine wins in the Xfinity Series.

Recently engages himself on muddy tracks to enjoy the racing experience further. Kenny’s definitely earned a lot of money, and his net worth should be in the range of $4million dollars.

Early life

Born in the family of racers, his father was a tremendous racer in the Midwestern short tracks. His parents Russell Wallace and Judy Wallace have poured in enough spirit in their children’s heart to be some prolific winners.

He grew up with his siblings Rusty and Mike in St. Louis, United States. The Graduate from the Fox High School in Arnold, MO was a shy boy with a tremendous enthusiasm for the Cardinal baseball.

Kenny had taken the proven track of his father and brother who were also the champions of the roads. Nobody had ever imagined that the shy mechanic of the racing would come out to be the star of the event and hero of many followers. In the early part of his life, Bob Mueller observed his boisterous nature in the Lake Hill Speedway and nicknamed Kenny as “Herman.”


As a mechanic of his father and brother racing cars, he began his career. In 1982, in the Illinois Street Stock State Championship, he began the life of a racer for the first time. He won the race, and his car racing career started with a bang. In 1986 got into the American Speed Association and achieved Rookie of the year.

Dale Earnhardt offered the driving seat in 1988 for the debut start in the NASCAR where he came up eleventh at Martinsville Speedway with the Goodwrench Chevrolet. Next year in his brother Rusty’s car, back by Cox Treated Lumber, finished sixth and earned the year’s Rookie. In 1990 with No.36 Randy Cox and crashed to finish at 26th rank. In the Busch overall ranking came up seventh.

Next, he celebrated two triumphs in two races and finished second in the Busch ranking and got associated with Kyle Petty in for two races. Kenny raced beside brothers, Rusty and Mike, in the Pyroil 500. History was repeated after Fonty, Bob and Tim Flock raced wherein the same race all the brothers participated. In 1992, Dirt Devil approached to sponsor Kenny and won the Busch race for the third time, but some mechanical problems let him down at sixth overall standing.

Then he moved to the Winston Cup Series in 1993 riding No.40 Pontiac Grand Prix sponsored by the Dirt Devil in SABCO racing. Appeared in “What Would You Do?”, one television show with the team. He took part in the FILMAR racing with No.8 TIC Financial System Ford.

He reached the finish ahead of all thrice and came up fourth in the overall standing. In 1995 with Red Dog Ford won Busch series once. The illustrious career had gone through several racing events with celebrations. After his NASCAR career, he is finding the excitement in the dirt.

Personal life

The racer married Kim, and the couple is blessed with three daughters as Brooke, Brandy, and Brittany.  On 19th May Kenny got the grandchild on his laps, who knows where the baby would put the car in the laps in the race.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kenneth “Kenny” Wallace

Date of Birth: 23rd August 1963

Birth Place: St. Louis, United States of America

Age: 54 years

Profession: Car Racer

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches / 1.80 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $4 million