Canadian television personality is a strong Trucker of Ice Roads. He is Alex Debogorski. Alex took up the profession of a trucker when he was a teenage boy and since then had crossed many miles to reach this enormous state of fulfilling life. He had inherited the brave heart from his father who was a paratrooper in the World War II.

Early life

Alex was born in a Berwyn, a small village in Canada, in the year 1953. In a cave which is located in the north of Figure Flight Lake he saw the light first. His parents had emigrated from England. Stanley and Irene are his Polish parents. Alex’s father was a paratrooper in the World War II serving the British military for 12 years. His mother was a graduate from Cambridge University. Stanley and Irene’s wedding took place London. Alex grew up with one sister and three brothers.

Alex passed his early childhood in the farms of Alberta. Later he got his Bachelor degree cleared from University of Alberta. After completing his education Alex engaged himself in one tire shop.

He felt that to be out on the roads would be more exciting. With influences of some drivers he decided to become a truck driver. From 1972, when he was a bustling teenage of 19 he took up the profession and drove in various known and unfamiliar roads.


Alex had not limited himself as a truck driver. Along with his loving job he also managed to drive taxies. He also worked in coal mining and oil rigging. He also engaged himself as a coal and diamond prospector. At one point of time he even chose the profession of the club bouncer.

After sometime he found the profession to be  less promising and started off initiating the transaction business that dealt with the potential selling and buying of the of mobile homes. Soon he was successful enough to initiate his first truck sale and get a permanent foothold in the business industry.

He received his first break from a group that was much associated with History Channel. Alex moved towards the north western part for searching out some dynamic personalities who could be chosen for getting featured in the reality show named Ice Road Trucker. Debogorski’s enthusiasm and his dynamic approach towards life had made him quite a well figure within the local frame. The charming and down to earth nature had made him the perfect pivot of the reality show.

The show revolves round the real life stories of those who use to transport goods through risky ice covered road. Sometime they would drive through water bodies even endangering their lives. When normal people take shelter in chilling winters all these trucker would run their vehicle to serve and keep other filled with vital goods. Each turns on these slippery are mined with the threats of life. The drivers should always keep their cool and remain attentive.

The show got an enormous response from the viewers and turned out to be the most watched television show. Alex was quite aged but still for his amicable disposition he was warmly accepted by all. The show was further enriched by some exciting real stories of Alex which he had experienced during his life on the various roads.

The success of the reality show has encouraged Alex to write the same experience. He came out with publication of “King of the Road: Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker” in 2010 which was about the true stories of some extraordinary truck drivers. These drivers have endangered their life in driving heavy vehicle on some risky ice covered road. The book became the best seller. Alex further managed to be regular columnist in one local newspaper, The Yellowknifer.

Personal life

In 1976 Alex married Louise. The couple settled in Yellowknife City, Canada. Alex has eleven children and now has fourteen grandchildren. It would be unjustified to conclude without mentioning that he is true family man and strong believer of Roman Catholic.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Alex Debogorski

Date of Birth: 4th August, 1953

Birth Place: Canada

Age: 64 year

Profession:  Trucker

Height: 6 Feet 3 inch

Weight: 235 lbs

Net worth: $400 thousand