Allyson Felix is an eminent professional  athlete  who is quite an active social network sensation having a 471 k followers on her Instagram account and 10.8 k tweets on her Twitter  account. She is famous for her tweets and sober quotes that are widely appreciated all over the internet. Allyson is America’s most adorable female sprinter who has a record of achieving 5 gold medals.

She is famous for her Olympic gold collection. Allyson is an eminent American track and field Sprinter who is a real sports sensation. Allyson Felix net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 8.5 million as on date. It’s really a commendable achievement.

Early life

Allyson Felix was born in the year 1985, 18th November in the city of Los Angeles, California.  She was fortunate enough to get parents who are having a cultural background. Her father Paul has been an ordained minister and a respected professor teaching the philosophies of New Testament at the reputed institution The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California. Her mother was also a sober woman.  Being a school teacher serving the Balboa Magnet Elementary, she assisted Allyson in each step of her life.

Allyson was brought up along with her elder brother Wes who is also a successful sprinter. Being born in a Christian household, from her childhood days, Allyson was very religious minded and seriously considered all the customs and aspects of Christianity. She received her initial academic education from the popular LA institute named Los Angeles Baptist High School that is situated in the North Hills, California and after completing the elementary level, she went for excavating the higher levels of academic degrees. She received a degree in elementary education from the Southern California University.

Allyson was nicknamed as “Chicken Legs” by her close friends on her high school campus. She went for pro just after completing her graduation as it was not possible for her to compete representing her college team as she had already signed a contract with Adidas. During her initial days of career, it is worth mentioning that she conquered a silver medal for covering 200 meters in the year 2004 against the opponent from Jamaica, Veronica Campbell. She even made a record of having coverage of 200 meters within a very short time limit of 22.18.


In the year 2007, Felix successfully becomes the second professional Sprinter to achieve three gold medals consecutively in the single World Championship. Allyson was the first female Sprinter to make a record as Marita Koch of the country Germany back in the year 1983. She was bold enough to participate in the campaign Project Believe that tested and verified whether the athletes gain strength under the influence of drugs or not. She was declared drug free.

In the year 2010, Allyson achieved the Jesse Owens awards ones again. It was for the third time she was honored with the award. She got it handed over by the US Track and Field, and it was actually received by the association of athlete.

Felix had mastered the 200 meters race, and by the year 2012, she had already won a gold medal, achieved 2 silver ones and three gold medals from World Championships.  She won three precious Olympic gold badges on successfully completing the 100 and the 400 meters.  She is quite a successful Olympic racer who has achieved the 200 outdoor meters for six times.  She possesses excellent field athlete abilities and holds a track record of participating in the London Olympics.

She was completely focused on her preparation for participating in the Rio Olympics back in 2016, and the whole fan clubs were eagerly waiting for her updates and training footages.

Personal life

On talking about Allyson’s personal life, there is much to say. There was news up in the air that Allyson is dating one of her companion who is also a professional sprinter.

She is dating Kenneth Ferguson since the year 2010. Even with they’re busy, they find time to share with each other. They expect to get married soon.  The couple is extremely active with their social network updates and is having huge view counts on their Instagram profile.

Her profile is ornamented and colorfully stuffed with her portfolio photo shoots, and some of the pictures are from the scenes of Olympics. Allyson has even made her fans and followers view the footages and clipping of her sprinter training sessions.The couple is happy in their relationship, and they both maintain their professional and personal life eloquently.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Allyson Michele Felix.

Date of Birth: 18th November 1985

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Age: 32 years

Profession: Sprinter.

Height: 5ft 6 inches. 168 cm.

Weight: 55 kg, 121 lb.

Net worth: $ 8.5 million.