Mick Foley is the 52 years old former professional wrestler who has chosen to go for a complete switchover after getting retired. As he was quite an active person he failed to sit with no work and started working as a voice actor.

Presently, he has signed an agreement with the WWF. He is serving their as an on – screen coordinator and general manager. He has got associated with the raw version of WWE.

Known as the most recognized wrestler in the wrestling industry, Mick’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $15 Million Dollars. He is a legendary name in the history of wrestling.

Early life

Michael Francis is the birth name of Mick Foley Jr. He was in the 7th day of June, in the year 1965 at Bloomington, Indiana, United States Of America. He received his academic degrees from the reputed State University of New York situated at the city of Cortland. There is no such information regarding his early childhood days.

There is no information about his parentage. His bringing was perhaps in a well – to – family as he has received his graduation degree from reputed institutions.


Mike completed his graduation and started taking training from the famous wrestling institute Dominic DeNucci’s Wrestling School. The school was situated at Freedom in the city of Pennysylvania.

He started working hard and achieved what he wanted.  He presented himself for promoting the various wrestling associations and as representative was quite sincere in his efforts.  He served the associations namely the Extreme Championship Wrestling, the WWF, World Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance.  He also went several promotional events in Japan.

After serving the world for so long Mick has earned 4 World Championship and if not more than at least he got time tag on 11 occasions. Not common to all players Mick along with his fame and money had also earned several names through his performance as Cactus Jack, Jack Foley, Dude Love, and Mankind. He is a lovable personality and is adored for his various wrestling achievement and benevolent nature that makes his fans maintain a personal relation with him.

He earned enough reputation as an able actor as well as a writer. His publication is “Foley is Good”, “Have a Nice Day”, “The Hardcore Diaries” and are consider the New York best sellers.  Mick is quite passionate about having luxurious cars.

He is having the costliest cars that are available in the international market. He possesses a Scion tC that is considered the Sedan class series.  He is famous for possessing the high speed cars that enable him to make an entry in the wrestling ring gallantly.

His choices are quite magnificent as well as trendy. But his passion for gallant portrayal had made him suffer severely as he had met with an accident just before entering the ring for an encounter with Titan Tron. He met with a severe crash and was unable to face his opponent for the encounter. His passions boast a lot about his income graph.

He earns a annual income of $ 1 million dollar, he has a monthly income of $ 83,000. He is a brilliant writer and has been awarded with brilliant prestigious and honorable titles for his inscriptions.

Personal life

Mick is probably the only wrestle known in the wrestling industry that is famous for his kind and humble nature. His amicable nature made Collette Foley to fall in love with him in the year 1992 and soon the couple got united to have a happy conjugal life.

The couple is proud parents of 4 children, who are well mannered just like their parents. They named them, Noelle Margaret Foley, Dewey Francis Foley Michael Francis Foley Jr, and Hughie Francis Foley.  He with his family presently resides in East Setauket, an aristocratic location of New York that is really a great spot for tourist’s attractions. He is comfortable in his home and knows to enjoy the nature pervaded all around him.

He is having a philanthropic outlook towards life and deeply believes in making donation in Charity.  He is associated with the National Leadership Council RAINN.  He is much associated with the collaboration and helps the platform to raise funds through voluntary involvement like; he declared that he would be glad enough to visit anyone’s home to cut the personal loan if more that $ 5000 is donated to the Charity house.  He believes that helping in raising the fund for the charity trust would make him contribute a little for the well being of the unprivileged.

Foley is not only famous for his amazing wrestling skills but also known for his excellent writing abilities.  He is known to be a bestselling author and whose works are appreciated all around the glob.  His web pages are filled with favorable remarks and comments and his social networking updates are gladly viewed by his fans and followers.  Some of his works are “Foley is Good”, “Have a Nice Day”, “The Hardcore Diaries”.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Michael Francis, Mick Foley Jr.

Date of birth: 7th June, 1965.

Birth Place: Bloomington, Indiana, United States Of America.

Age: 52 Years Old

Profession: Wrestler and actor.

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches/ 1.88 m

Weight: 130 Kg/ 286lbs.

Net worth: $15 Million Dollars