Nik Richie whose original name is Corbin Grimes is a talented blogger yes got a foothold in the blogging industry. He has been potent enough to claim himself as a potent blogger and create his demand among the public.

He is of an adorable nature, and his serious efforts towards building up his career have made him cover an net worth estimated somewhere around $ 10 million.

Early life

Nik has been famous for his unique blogging style which has brought a new genre. Not much information is available about his early childhood days and his days of growing up. He was born in the year 1979, 12th of February. He hails from Hackensack, New Jersey.

Nik was born with some other name which almost got lost in the fame of the popular one Nik Richie.  Nik was previously known as Corbin Grimes. He is white by ethnicity and has an American nationality. This flamboyant and extraordinary blogger had decided upon making something unusual. He found the real meaning of life when he thought of shifting to Scottsdale, Arizona along with his family. The 36-year-old, bright and young blogger is a perfect representation of sincerity and dedication.


Nik is a talented internet blogger, who has chosen his career judiciously.  He started off with his own website that covered the footages of the nightlife of his residing town. He came up with this channel to expose of the well-known celebrities in the context of their nightlife. The website often consisted of coverages that clearly depicted the unjustified activities of the so-called famous personalities of the town. He was bold enough in his attempt at making people aware of the real-life scenario of the famous well-known personalities.

His website is today named, where he allows his viewers to comment on the images, videos that are uploaded on a regular basis.  The viewers openly share their comments and give their critical views on the activities that are caught red handed within their residing town and locality. Nik himself never knew that his attempt would make him so popular.  Nik never disclosed his identity and only in the context of public demand he revealed himself in the year 2008. Nick regularly appeared in some of the popular television series such as 20/20, Couple therapy and many more.

His website served as an excellent platform for celebrity gossips, and the comments were really worthy enough to be considered.  People were quite happy with Nik’s bold attempt to bring the notorious activities of the eminent personalities into wide exposure.

Although Nik has been subject to criticism, he had been criticised by Dr. Phil as a corrupt man who is selling lies and gossip to make huge profits out of it.  But these objectionable comments never affected Nik, who considered himself bold enough to handle these criticisms.  He was quite stubborn minded in continuing his website that was bringing exposure to all the hidden facts.  He considered it a revolutionary act which should not fail at all.  Nik even declared in his blog that the website was quite helpful for the public.  Few of the victims often emailed him thanking him for his contribution and continuous support.

Nik’s wife Shayne has immensely contributed in her husband’s life.  Shayne was the winner in the show The Bachelor season 12.  She also appeared in Leave it to Lamas. She made a special appearance in Dr. Phil to protect and Nik, her husband.

Personal life

On talking about Nik’s personal life it is quite an essential requirement to say that Nik has two marriages on the card, his ex-wife is Lorraine Harris.  Presently, he is happily married to Shayne Lamas and is a proud father of one.

He might face problems in his married life, but this never hampers the couple’s relation. Nik enjoys his work and effectively balances his personal life along with his controversial professional career. He posses a strong personality to defend the criticisms.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Corbin Grimes, Real name is Hooman Abedi Karamian.

Date of Birth: 12th of February, 1979.

Birth Place: Hackensack, New Jersey.

Age: 39 years old.

Profession:  Blogger.

Height: NA.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: $10 million.