When we talk about music, we can say that music is much modernized today and today we have different music styles. In today’s theme we will talk about rap music that has become very popular around the world.

Rap music has been present for many years and over the years this music has changed. Nowadays there are many quality rappers, and in today’s text we will talk about the American rapper who has achieved success in the last few years.

His name is Amine and he is an American rapper that was born in 1994. He became popular after the release of his single “Caroline”, which ranks 11th in the top 100 of the best songs.

After his initial success with this song, Amine began to gain popularity and after a short while he released his debut album, which also achieved a lot of success on the American rap scene. His career does not last long, but he managed to gain a lot of success and popularity and he is now one of the most famous young rappers in the USA.

During his career he collaborated with several very popular rappers and musicians and he also collaborated with one of the most famous producers in the world. Amine has also held many concerts in the past two years and has managed to perform in countries around the world. He managed to gain a lot of popularity and he is also very popular on social networks and has about 2 million followers.

His songs are among the most popular rap songs in the USA and he will surely continue to make a success in the future. Amine is a very young rapper and he certainly has a chance to become one of the best rappers. In this text we will get acquainted with his early life and with the details of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Amine or Adam Aminé Daniel was born on April 18, 1994 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

His parents are from Africa, his father is from Eritrea and his mother is from Ethiopia. They moved to USA in the early 1990s and they had to find jobs to ensure a normal life in the United States.

His father initially worked as a taxi driver and after several years he changed his job and started working as a teacher and translator.

His mother often changed jobs, but after a short time she managed to find a favorable job and started working in the office. After providing good jobs they decided to set up a family and in 1994 Amine was born. They decided to continue their life in Portland and Amine had a normal childhood in this city.

After a few years they got another child and Amine always had a good relationship with his younger brother. Amine enrolled in a primary school in Portland and he was a solid student who always liked sports. His favorite sport was a basketball and he began to practice this sport when he was in the 4th grade of the elementary school.

His teacher felt that Amine was a very clever boy and wanted to transfer his knowledge and advised him to become a good student. When he finished elementary school he continued to practice basketball but he was not very interested in learning. He spent his free time in playing basketball and he wanted to become a successful basketball player who will play in the NBA league.

During the 2nd and 3rd grade of the secondary school, Amine continued to be dedicated to basketball but he had poor grades in school.

His coach advised him to improve his success in school and that he would help him in his basketball career. After a short while he improved his grades and continued to play basketball. He was one of the best players in his team and he was very dedicated to basketball.

He began to listen to rap music in the last 2 years of high school and his initial work in this music was when he recorded a diss track for rival high school from Portland. His friends and his teammates from the basketball team gave him support and they thought that he was very talented for rap music. This song gave him the motivation to continue to deal with this music in the future.

He showed good results in the basketball but during the final year in high school he made several problems and was kicked out of the team. After this event, Amine was very disappointed because he loved the basketball very much. When he finished high school, he decided to make a new song, and he published this song on the Internet and got a lot of positive comments.

After finishing high school, Amine was thinking about his future and decided to enroll at Portland University. He studied marketing and during his education he dealt with music and recorded rap songs.

At one time he worked for the magazine “Complex” and he published texts about rap music and various musicians who gained success in this music. His professional career in rap music began in 2014 when he recorded his first mix tape. This mix tape has achieved success on the Internet and after that he decided to devote his career to rap music.

When he went to college, Amine met a girl from France who started life in Portland. She also studied marketing and had love for music. She had a very good voice and Amine wanted to cooperate with her in his next songs.

They recorded a joint song in which she showed her talent for singing, but this song did not gain popularity.

At that time, they were in love relationship for several months, but after a short time they interrupted their love relationship and their musical cooperation. After these events Amine met his future good friend and producer who helped him to record his first mix tape.


Amine started his professional career in 2014 when he recorded his first mix tape called “Odyssey to Me”. This mix tape has achieved success on the Internet and social networks and Amine has begun to build a career in rap music. After several months he recorded the EP of 6 songs and this EP gave him additional popularity.

At the beginning of 2015 he decided to continue his rap career and began to work on new mix tape. His second mix tape was released in August 2015 and this mix tape is called “Calling Brío”.

After releasing his second mix tape, he performed at several concerts in Portland and several other cities and began working on his debut album. In 2016, he released his hit single called “Caroline” and this song brought him a lot of popularity and success.

After a few weeks of publishing this song, she ranks in position 11 among the top 100 most played songs. This song brought him great popularity and had over 100 million views on social networks. After a few months he recorded a video for this song and this video had over 30 million views on YouTube for a short time.

In the second half of 2016, Amine signed a contract with Republic Records and a month later announced his second successful single in 2016 and this song is called “Baba”.

This song has also made a lot of success and has found among the top 100 songs.

In the beginning of 2017 he released his next single, which also achieved a lot of success and then continued to work on his debut album. His songs featured famous rappers who helped him to increase popularity. A month before the release of his first album, Amine released another single and announced this album with this song.

In June 2017 he released his debut album entitled “Good for You”. On this album, he had the help of rapper Offset who helped him with several songs. After a few weeks since the release of the album, this album ranks in the position 31 of the top 200 albums.

Personal Life

Amine is a young rapper who began to build a career since 2014 when he released his first mix tape. He currently lives in Los Angeles and he moved to this city in 2018.

Over the course of several years of his career, he made a financial profit of about $ 1.4 million and announced that he would be much more successful in the future.

During his career, he did not make incidents, but he is known for his speeches against US President Donald Trump. In several TV shows, he said that America needs a much better president than him.

Amine is very popular on social networks and on his Facebook and Twitter profile he has about a million followers, and on his Instagram profile he has 1.6 million followers. Amine said that he would start work on his second album in the near future.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Adam Aminé Daniel

Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, USA

Date of birth: April 18, 1994

Age: 25

Profession: Rapper

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $1.4 million