This text will bring you a story about a sport that is very dangerous and difficult and that only physically fit people can train. This sport was highly controversial during the 1960s and 70s because people thought it was brutal and that it not suposted to be shown on television and among a large number of people. In some countries it was forbidden to watch this sport and to train.

People thought that boxing was aggressive and people could experience serious injuries that could not lead to a normal life. At the beginning of the 1980s boxing became very popular all over the world and people were very interested in this sport. People paid very expensive tickets to attend the battles and to could watch their favorite boxers live.

Television broadcasts of this sport were mostly available in the USA, but also in several European countries. After 1985, Boxing began broadcasting in almost all countries of the world and many people became interested in this sport.

This text will not only bring you a boxing story, this text will also bring story for one of the most successful boxers who managed to build a career that brought him a lot of fame and financial profit. We will talk about Andre Berto who was very popular and it is certain that many people heard about this man.

During his career, he scored 37 victories and 5 defeats. He has suffered injuries several times and this is the biggest reason why he did not achieve much bigger success. During his career, he has had many successes and many roles on television.

Many TV reporters but also journalists have published many stories about him, but he has always tried not to make his private life public. At the beginning of his career several times had problems with the law and once ended up in prison and he got out of prison when his former girlfriend paid bail.

During his career there were many interesting situations and if you are interested in discovering the details of his life, stay with this text. We will tell you his experiences from an early life, then we will talk about his career and his successes and in the end we will give you some details of his private life. What is certain is that Andre is a very interesting person and a very good athlete who has won many fans around the world.

Early Years

Andre Michael Berto was born on September 7, 1983 in Winter Heaven, Florida, USA. His parents are native to Haiti and he has dual citizenship. He grew up in Florida and has seven brothers with whom he grew up.

His parents met at the high school in Haiti and after finishing high school they got their first son. After 2 years they got another son and decided to move to the USA because they did not have good living conditions in their hometown. After moving to USA, his father got his first job in a new state and wanted to offer a good life to his family. They originally lived in a small town in California and then moved to Florida. After three years of living in Florida, they got another son to whom they named Andre. Andre showed in childhood that he likes sports and likes physical activity. He always liked sports and learning, and he was not very interested in school.

During his early childhood, Andre has always distinguished himself among his peers because he was much physically more advanced than them. During the elementary school, he was much higher and thicker than his comrades, and for that reason he had great chances to be a good athlete.

In the beginning he was very interested in rugby and basketball and he wanted to deal with these sports. But when he was 12 years old, his father directed him to boxing and he decided to start training this sport.

His first club was in his city and his coach was a former boxer who won several titles in this sport. His friends, boxing colleagues and his coach thought that Andre had a great chance to become very successful in this sport and he was one of the greatest talents in his city. When he was 15, he held his first junior fight in which he won. In the next 5 junior battles he achieved every victory and people considered him one of the greatest junior talents.

In subsequent tournaments and battles, he made every victory and he was invited to continue his career in Chicago. He accepted the invitation and got a new coach who was supposed to prepare him for a senior career. He has greatly started his career in the new club, and in subsequent tournaments he has achieved a lot of success and was ready to start his senior career.

At the beginning, he had a girlfriend with whom he was 3 years old, but after moving to Chicago, they broke up. During an interview, Andre said that his first girlfriend was his greatest love and that he devoted his initial career success to her, which was always his motivation.


Andre Berto started his junior career very successful, but in 2003 he had to go on a higher level in his career. He took part in the World Championship and this was a great challenge in his career.

He managed to reach the semifinals but he lost the fight after 10 rounds with the referee’s decision. He achieved 3rd place and bronze medal and he managed to win and achieved a great initial success. During 2004, he won the gold glove in the USA and many newspapers wrote reports of his successes. In the next two years he managed to win two tournaments and won two more silver medals.

In 2004, Andre took part in the Olympic Games qualifiers. In his decisive fight for qualifications, Andre made several unsportsmanlike moves and the judges disqualified him from the fight.

He lost the opportunity to perform for the USA at the Olympic Games, but he had dual citizenship because his parents were from Haiti. His dreams to take part in the Olympic Games were achieved because he managed to get a chance to perform for Haiti.

In his first fight for this country he managed to win a victory and people considered him one of the favorites for the medal. In the 3rd round of this competition he was defeated by the French boxer and his participation in the Olympic Games was over. He was very disappointed and felt that judicial decisions against him were unfair and that he deserved to win.

During his professional career, Andre Berto achieved many victories. His score in professional matches was 37-5 and he managed to win by the knockout in 27 games. His every defeat was after the referee’s decision and in one match he was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior.

During his career, he made a profit of about $ 10 million. He invested some of the money into real estate and managed to start his own business with the help of his brother. He currently earns a lot of money with the help of this business but is still active in this sport.

During his career he had many difficult matches but he never gave up and did not want to admit defeat. He has won several titles in this sport and has always wanted to become one of the best boxers in the world. 

Personal Life

During his career, Andre Berto had a lot of discussions with journalists and TV personalities. During a single ESPN show, he had a fierce discussion with a TV editor and the security managed to stop their conflict. After this show, he had to go to court and had to pay a $ 50,000 fine. He was very unhappy with this decision and felt that the country had been devastated and he wanted to interrupt his appearance for the US national team.

After several months his long-time coach advised him to change the decision and Andre continued to perform for the national team of USA. During his career, many newspapers reported that he was in relation to a pop singer whose identity Andre always hid.

After a few years, Andre first publicly stated that he had a girlfriend with whom he planned to marry.Andre currently has many followers on social networks and we can see that he is still very popular.

He often shares his private life with his fans and on his pictures we can see that he often travels and has a very fulfilling life. He is in a very good relationship with his brother and his private business he founded with his brother has achieved great success.

Andre has plans to continue his career in boxing and believes that one day he may become a successful coach and will be able to transfer his knowledge to other people.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Andre Berto

Birthplace: Winter Heaven, Florida, USA

Date of birth: September 7, 1983

Age: 36

Proffesion: Boxer

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $10 million