Andre Rison is a known ex American football player who played for many NFL teams like Atlanta Falcon and Green Bay Packers and ended up his career as a player for Toronto Argonauts. He is an owner of a “Bad Moon” Rison nickname.

Early years

He was born as Andre Precin Rison on March 18 , 1967 in Flint in Michigan.

After finishing highschool in his home town Flint (the high school was called Flint Northwestern) he enrolled the Michigan state College due to his great sport abilities.

Career development

In the 1989 NFL Draft he was selected in the 1st round by the Indianapolis Colts where he became their new rookie. He played for the team for one season, before he was traded into the Atlanta Falcons.

Although he had some issues with his transfer to Atlanta, he decided to give his best and he soon became their valuable player. He stayed with thr Atlanta Falcons for a period of five years. He became one of the top wide receivers in all NFL. He made it to the Top 5 receivers in all NFL history to make it to Number of 60 touchdowns in six seasons. He was also great in the number of receptions.

In 1994, during his last season in Atlanta Falcons he signed a very rich contract with Cleveland where he was welcomed as their new receiver which will lift up the team’s game. But he wasn’t so successful in Cleveland as in Atlanta and he even started a feud with team’s fans who were very angry because the team was going to be relocated to Baltimore. He was booed at the game against Packers and he was especially angry at them. He even stated that Baltimore is their home. At the end, he wasn’t in the team when the team relocated. He joined Jacksonville Jaguars after that.

He was with them a very short period of time. He joined the Packers in 1996 and became a part of the.

He was in the Packers the year they won a Super Bowl ring. Before the 1997 season started, he signed his contract with the Chiefs. This season was very good for him.

The next season wasn’t as successful as the one before, but he was aware that there will be both ups and downs.

In 2000, he was a par to the Raiders football team.

In 2004, he joined Toronto Argonauts in CFL (Canadian Football League) and they won the 92nd Grey Cup the same year. In 2005, he was released from the team ans retired.

He is known for his nickname “Bad Moon” Rison which was given to him by an ESPN newscaster Chris Berman. It is an allusion to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song called “Bad Moon Rising”.

He was also nicknamed “Spider Man” because he often did a fake shooting of web after he scored a touchdown.

After not paying for the chuld support he spent a month in jail in 2005.

After he was retired from football he started coaching a high school football team. In his hometown Flint. He coached in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 season.

In 2010 he became their head coach and gave team a push they needed to become more dangerous and score more.

In the seasons 2010/2011 he was involved in rivalry against another former football player when coached a high school team: Courtney Hawkins.

In spring 2012 he left his position at Flint Northwestern High School and in 2014 he joined Skyline High School in Michigan. He eas hired om the position of offensive coordinator.

He opened his own teaching academy: Andre Rison Football Academy where he coaches and trains wide receivers.

He appeared in MTV’s reality show called Made and also appeared in a reality TV show “Pros Vs. Joes”.

He was featured in a film “Broke” (2012) which spoke about pro athletes. The film was directed by Billy Corben. It was a documentary film which talked about how many football players end in bancruptcy and in debts after they retire from football.

He was inducted in the “Michigan Sports Hall of Fame” in Detroit in September 15, 2017.

Personal life

He is known to the law enforcement and to courts due to many court charges and the paternity suit his ex- girlfriend led against him.

He was forced to declar bankruptcy in 2007, due the child support debts he collected.

He was in relationship with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes for six years in the 90’s and after they split up she stated that he abused her. She was a known singer in a group called TLC. She earned her nickname because she wore a condom over the left lens of  glasses, preaching safe sex through music.

She burned his shoes in the tub but at the end she burned his $800,000 house down unintentionally. She did it in revenge after he beat her up.

She received the penalty of five years probation and a therapy. She receieved a rehab therapy and a therapy for abused women, which was connected to Rison.

No matter this, they stayed together for five more years. Lisa died in a car accident in 2002. and everyone was in shock.

The insurance company also wanted to collect money from Lopes for the burning of Rison’s house, and the group had to file for bankruptcy.

He pleaded guilty to Arizona federal judge back in 2012 on two counts of failure to pay support for his child. He almost ended up in jail.

In 2016 he was back on the court because he failed to pay $1000 a month like the judge ordered.

His son Hunter Rison is a player for Michigan State Spartans since 2017. He trained him at his Academy.

In 2018, Andre Rison announced that his son will leave Michigan State College because he is unhappy with the amount of playing time, especially because he was their most high ranked player in the state recruit.

Quick summary

Full name: Andre Precin Rison

Date of birth: March 18, 1967

Birthplace:  Flint, Michigan

Age: 51

Profession: former football player, coach

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 85 kgs

Net Worth: $50,000