Lupe is known to be a famous rapper, producer, and entrepreneur who is almost opinionated with the creation of extremely fabulous lyrical context. He has always been clear with his views and has always been into donating to the charitable trusts. He blindly supports the charitable associations like Music for Relief, The Grammy Foundation, Play Plumps, Save the Music Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, The Black Eyed Peas Foundation UNHCR and the recently founded Make-A-Wish Foundation.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around 8 million dollars on repeated evaluation by some statistical source. He is moving on to establish his charitable trust and give it a title Lupe Fiasco Foundation.

Early life

Wasalu Muhammad Jaco is the birth name of Lupe Fiasco, the prominent rapper, and producer. He was born to Gregory and mother Shirley on 16th February 1982 at Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

He grew up with eight other siblings of his. His upbringing was little disturbed as when he was only5 years old he witnessed the separation of his parents. He had to go in the custody of his mother, but despite the divorce, he shared a good and relation of respect with his father Gregory who was a firm engineer. His mother was a gourmet chef, and this made him get ample chance to know the ways of experimenting with lyrics and making them soothing and appreciable.

At the beginning of everything, he was never into Hip Hop music as he considered it to be a part of vulgarity, so he preferred the category of Jazz. He gave preferences in learning the musical instrument and soon ended up forming a small community where there had been people who knew all about the hip hop music genre.


The rapper was quite focused on all his achievements all throughout his career. When he was only 19 years old, he joined the stardom group, Da Pak. Then he came up with his next debut album “Lupe Fiasco Food and Liquor.”  Going for this voluptuously indulging attempt, he started making a lot of money, and his net worth went on increasing day by day.  Slowly he got a strong foothold in the rap industry and got nominated for the category for the best Rap Album category for the famous Grammy Awards. Fiasco from his early childhood days was into playing video games. He was in the habit of getting involved in street fights and exhibiting the matches like Street Fighter V that was against the pro fighter DaigoUmehara.

He soon moved on to fight the games under the street fighting category. Fighting was in his chromosome as he was raised up in Islamic culture. He decided to sign a contract with Artista Records, but the deal was unfortunately called off when the CEO and the existing president got fired.  While being in Arista, he was declared by J-Z himself as his exact younger version. Jay-Z helped him a lot to get release his recorded albums through Atlantic Records. He came up with Kanye West’s song “Diamond from Sierra Leone” that he flamboyantly remixed and at ones captured the attention of Kanye West himself. The smashing and massive hit resulted after he was requested to record the hit number of Kanye “Touch the Sky” from the album “Late Registration.”

Then he went for releasing the next hit number that was a single “ Kick, Push” and this got the attention of the entire surging Hip Hop community. Jay – Z also helped and advised him abundantly on the release of his first solo album “Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor.” His sophomore album was “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool,” and it was accredited the prestigious title of the best album under the hip-hop category. He was successful in making his album get listed under the Hot 100 Billboard list. He went with his sophomore album titled “Laser” in the years 2011. Another album named Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. was finally released in the year 2012.

Soon enough he was interested in releasing yet another single “Tetsua and Youth.”  In the year 2017, he came up with his latest tracks through “DROGAS Light.”He got involved with lines of controversial issues that dragged him to make release his next accomplishment “N. E. R. D.” that is a freestyle verse context. He went for performing in the front row for the rock band “Japanese Cartoon.” He was recognized as the CEO of the 1st category and 15th Entertainment.

Personal life

He has no such interest in dating and getting married. He had spent quite a struggled childhood and even had to keep guns to save himself from drug dealers.  His world is only restricted to music, lyrics, and rap.  He was only in the eighth grade when he came up with his first self-created rap poem. Today his freestyle may be criticised widely by people but Lupe is very specific with views, he never toggles his judgment upon other people’s comments.

Today Lupe has associated two brands of clothing lines that are widely known named Trilly&Trullyand Righteous Kung-Fu.

He had also been associated with the famous sports brand Reebok and had created many designs for the trusted brand. He is a person who is very liberal minded and has a philanthropic outlook toward life.  He is deeply associated with several charitable trusts and makes himself get imbued with the acts of philanthropist.  He has been nominated for dozens of acclimations throughout his life and proudly won the AOL Music Award.

He also won MTV 2 Awards and was nominated for the USA Character Approved Award as was finally crowned with the prestigious Grammy. He is a talented person with a wonderfully creative mind and heart.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

Date of Birth: February 1982

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Age: 36 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Record Producer, Entrepreneur

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches / 1.78 m

Weight: 74 Kg

Net worth: $8 Million