Dwight Howard is an American professional basketball player and his estimated net worth is around 115$ million.

Early life

Dwight Howard was born on December 8, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a very athletic family. His father is an Athletic Director of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy and his mother played basketball for the Morris Brown College team.

His mother had hard time conceiving, so when Dwight came as a true blessing for the family. When he was only nine years old he was already playing with the ball and tossing his first shots. Dwight attended Southwestern Christian Academy and played for the school team as a guard.

He was awarded several awards while in high school and decided to skip college and enroll the NBA draft in 2004.

Professional basketball career

Orlando Magic chose him and gave his number 12 jersey. Dwight stayed on the team until 2012 and during that time earned the name of NBA All-Star player for eight times. After Orlando Magic, he was traded to the L.A. Lakers where he stayed for one season and later to Houston Rockets where he stayed for 3 seasons.

He is currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks, after signing a 70$ million contract with them in 2016. For only 31, Dwight is definitely one of the most talented players today with constant great performance on the court.

He played for two years for the national team and helped them win the bronze medal on FIBA World Championship in 2006. Besides making money from his breathtaking performance on the court, Dwight earns money from appearing on various TV shows and from interviews.

He appeared on the Extreme Makeover in 2006 and in a commercial for the video game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In the Chinese movie Amazing he played alongside with Carmelo Anthony and Scottie Pippen but most of his net worth is revolving around his basketball career.

To give back as much as he can to the community, he founded a Dwight D. Foundation Inc. that helps with educational programs and that gives scholarships for the ones who want to attend the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy.

He promotes literacy in young children who are underprivileged and who can’t afford proper education. Besides his foundation he also supports many other projects and charitable events. Dwight is a major donator for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Dwight earns around 20$ million annually from his contract with the team and from his endorsements. From his endorsements he earns around 7$ million annually.

Dwight has contracts and sponsorhips with Adidas, T-Mobile, VitaminWater, Mc’Donalds. Like many other players, he also enjoys luxury cars and vehicles, so he owns a Rolls Royce Ghost, Knight XV Truck, Seminole County, Porsche Panamera and Bentley Mulsanne.

In his career so far he was awarded the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA rebounding leader, NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion and many others.

Personal life

Dwight is currently single but his love life has often been questioned by the media since it was almost impossible that this handsome bachelor hasn’t already settled down with a partner.

His private life has often been covered by the media even though he never wanted that to happen and it wasn’t always positive. In 2007 he became the father of a baby boy. His ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed, gave birth to his son and the couple’s relationship was pretty messy from the start.

They had an agreement that Royce will not mention his name publically, that she broke during one public appearance. He sued her for the damages and later Royce sued him for, allegedly, abusing their son by hitting him with a belt.

Dwight was also included on a civil case against his ex-girlfriend. Reed appeared on one season of the show Basketball Wives. He is also a very big Christian. Dwight still visits church on Sundays and takes his religion very seriously.

He is living in Orlando in 8.7$ million mansion with a lavish swimming pool and his own sports room.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dwight Howard

Date of Birth: December 8, 1985

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Age: 31 years

Profession: professional basketball player

Height: 2.11 m

Weight: 120 kg

Net worth: 115$ million