Arturo Vidal is known to be a famous footballer who plays in international level. He is known for his mid fielding abilities. This player has a unique box – to – box style, which have made him get nicknames like Guerriero and a striking name Rey Arturo.

The name means warrior and The King Arthur respectively. His annual salary is estimated to be around 6 million dollar.

Arturo’s net worth is estimated somewhere around 16 million dollars.

Early life

Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo is the birth name of Arturo Vidal. He was born on 22nd May 1987 in Santiago, Chile. He was born to mother Jacqueline Pardo, who is a home keeper and hardworking woman and father Erasmo Vidal who was mere drug addict chose to be a shipper for establishing a family. His upbringing was in San Joana that is considered to be a working-class sector situated in Santiago.

Vidal had seen the hard days during his childhood and had suffered from extreme poverty. He was irregular regular with school going and often skipped classes. Vidal from the age of nine had considered his favorite area of a visit by missing classes, Santiago’s horse track.

He went there by riding his cycle at high speed. He used to feed the horses and earn money putting effort. Vidal had made his mind that he has to earn anyhow and needs to bring his family out of this extreme poverty. Previously he was in the habit of gambling before entering into the soccer. He was inspired by the legendary soccer players of Chilli, Marcelo Salas and Ivan Zamorano.

These legendary personalities had to find the hard ways of life and then only they succeeded to get heaped by fortune in the battlefield of life.  His dedication and immense potential were only counted upon by his uncle who advised and helped him to get enrolled in the youth squad of the Primera Division local club named Colo-Colo.


Vidal came up with his first professional debut in the year 2006, in Apertura Tournament that was fought against the rival team Universidad de Chile. He served the team as a late substitute and saved them during a there crisis.

He made the scoreboard look 2-1 and made the team win the championship. In the very next Clausura Tournament, in the year 2006, he was recognized to be the most capable player and considered the most important player in the entire squad. His abilities were looked upon and noticed by the other well known European clubs. His ultimate rival was Bayer Leverkusen who was successful in snatching South America.

He has helped his club to achieve the position of a runner-up and finish off with Bundesliga. He was successful to get entitled to the top rank in the assist chart.

In the year 2015, Vidal thought about joining the Munich Club signing off a contract of about 25 million pounds with extra applied charges of 2.1 million pounds. Arturo signed the deal for the next consecutive four seasons and was eventually assigned within the count 23.

In 2005, he Arturo was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and finally his license was banned for the almost for two years.  But his gaming session continued without any such disruptions.

Personal life

Maria met Arturo in the year 2008. The two had spent much memorable time together. They were spotted together in the beaches during holidays, and she always remained dedicated to Arturo. She remained faithful to him and never left his side.

They shared a strong bond between each other and had never faced any complication regarding their relationship. The Chilean public used to think Maria to be in the modeling world but was amazed to know that she is a simple girl who is deeply in love with Arturo.

The beach photographs are all taken by Arturo as he is quite passionate about making his wife’s portfolios.

The couple is proud parents of their firstborn child, a baby boy whose date of birth is not known to people.  The birth of their first child was little controversial as well, it a doubtful that Maria has given the childbirth or not.

In 2014, the couple had their second child, a baby girl whom they named Elizabeth.  The couple is keeping well with the two children and is proud parents who can afford all their requirements. Arturo is famous for his various position od playing soccer.

But due to his experiments, he has often injured himself in the field, but her wife Maria has never left his side. She remained by her husband’s side during the tuff time and never broke down during the crisis moments.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo

Date of Birth: 22nd May 1987

Birth Place: Santiago, Chile

Age: 31 years old

Profession: Footballer

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net worth: $16 million