Seth Rollins is an American professional wrestler and his estimated net worth is around 4$ million.

Early life

Colby Lopez was born on May 28, 1986 in Buffalo, Iowa, United States. He grew up in a Armenian, Irish, and German descent. Even though his last name might come as a surprise, if we take his descent in consideration, it actually comes from his stepfather.

He grew up with an older brother and during his high school years he was always an athletic child. He learned his first wrestling movement when he was still in Junior High and since then he had fallen in love with this sport.

Professional career

Colby made his debut in wrestling in 2005. His first opponent was Sal Thomaselli and he won his first heavyweight championship in 2005.  During this time he appeared on the Total Nonstop Wrestling and fought often in pay-per-view matches.

In 2007 he joined the Ring of Honor and used a ring name Tyler Black. In only three years he won a ROH World Championship and made a contract with WWE for 310.500$. In 2014 he won the Money in the Bank ladder match and the one in 2016, securing his net worth for few more years.

After his big win in 2015 he got a paycheck for 2.4$ million and proved his power once again. Since his debut, interest for this amazing athlete has only grown. His market value is around 1$ million and his monthly salary sums up to staggering 51.000$.

Along with fame and wins came the sponsorships and endorsements. His character and voice have been used in several video game sequels of the WWE video games. Since 2014 he Black has been a regular character.

Some of his net worth comes from appearing on TV interviews and movies. He appeared on the Daily Show, in Smosh Games and Unfiltered. Until now he has only portrayed himself, so we believe that his acting skills are not yet tested, unlike with some of his fellow wrestlers.

In the series UpUpDown he is a regular part of the cast and he has been on the show since 2015.

Together with his friend, Marek Brave, he formed a wrestling school in Illionis where young wrestling talents can come and train with these two great names of wrestling. The academy only brings more money to this athlete’s bank account, so it is good to see he is investing in his future and helping others, to train their best, at the same time.

Personal life

Unlike most of his fellow wrestlers, Colby likes to be in the public eye. He declared himself as an atheist. His house is located in Davenport, Iowa so he can be close to his family and friends. Colby often expressed his support for the Chicago Bears and often posts his cheers on the social media.

He was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Leighla Schultz and the couple was even engaged. In 2015 nude photos of his then fiancé were posted on his social media account, and many suspected he had done it on purpose, even though he explained a whole situation to be a misunderstanding.

Later his then fiancé posted his nude photos to her social media account and the media covered the whole incident. Colby later revealed that he had broken up with his girlfriend and that the engagement was off. He never revealed the reason for the break-up.

Recently he posted photos from his vacation in Mexico, and on the photos he is with a mysterious girl. So the fans went wild about the identity of the girl and whether Colby has finally moved on from his past relationship with Leighla Schultz. Since he stayed quiet about that, we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

Colby is a big animal lover. He has few dogs and cats in his home and often shares images of them on the social media. Colby also likes to play video games and listen to music when he is not in the cage and fighting of some of the greatest names in the WWE.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Colby Lopez

Date of Birth: May 28, 1986

Birth Place: Buffalo, Iowa, United States

Age: 31 years

Profession: professional wrestler

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 98 kg

Net worth: 4$ million