The linebacker in the National Football League, Bar Scott has earned enough fame with his indomitable skills. Over the years Scott had proved his genuine strong ability in the field. After serving in the NFL for eleven consecutive seasons his amazing caliber is known to all American Football lovers. From his college days then in Baltimore Ravens his playing proficiency has always been on the rise.

He then signed New York Jets. His appearance on the CBS Television as a analyst of National Football has been highly appreciated. Through his playing ability he has not only earned fame but along with this he had enriched himself in terms of money.

There are different views about his net worth but whatever the source his estimated net worth should not be less than $8 million dollars.

 Early life

The 37 year old Bart Scott was born as Bartholomew Edward on 18th August, 1980 in Michigan, Detroit, United States of America. He was born to Dorita Adams and Bart Capers. He grew up in the areas of Detroit which is infested with drugs. Along with his parents care  he was raised with the guidance of his grandmother Pippen Osborne and two sisters Curtice and Dawnyell.

He got his schooling in Detroit from the Southeastern High School. During this time he got his primary coaching from Drake Wilkins. With the growth his ability to tackle improved a lot and in had recorded 76 tackles in the higher class. Getting into the college he was not offered with the scholarship because of the low SAT. But later with improved scores in the test he got the eligibility. His excellent ability was highly applauded in the all-star matches at the Michigan High School.


From the very early days he was fostering a dream to be a famous American football player. In his college days he had impressed with his playing skills. Bryan Masi saw his game and got interested in the promising talent.

He contacted Southern Illinois assistant coach Dan Eros about Scott and impressed the officials to offer Scot the scholarship. He played as a linebacker for team of Sothern Salukis. But he engaged in offensive argument with the coordinator and was suspended for six games in the final. Jerry Kill was having high opinion about Scott. During his coaching Scott came up with 5.5 sacks and 127 tackles. Jerry Kill conveyed the promise of the young Scott to many NFL teams.

In 2002 he got into Baltimore Ravens for the National Football League with an undrafted term. During this time he improved upon his techniques and returned back to the college to complete his graduation with economics. On doing so he got into the Hall of Fame for the Southern Illinois. On 8th September, 2002 at the Carolina Panthers he became a NFL player. He got heavier for nine tackles and also made an impressive recovery on the fumble. In 2204 he played 13 matches and came up with 17 strong team blockings. He was earning special names because of his enormous strength in tackling. In 2005 he 16 matches and recorded 119 tackles.

Instead of Cleveland Browns he preferred Ravens and signed for three years for $13.5 million. As an alternate he got selected in 2006 for Pro Bowl. He remained there for seven years. He was also selected for Associated Press 2nd All Pro-Games where he made 131 tackles.

Personal life

Scott is married to Darnesha and they have Bartholomew and Gisele as their children. Scott does not want his son in the game because of the concussion problem. Along with his fame Scott is sometime disturbed by some controversies as by showing wrong gestures to a cameraman he was once fined for $10 thousand dollars.

Some after losing temper he sometime had used improper language to his fellow player of the officials of the game. On the other hand every year Scott visits his Southeaster High School and contributed to improve the equipment and the dresses.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Bartholomew Edward

Date of Birth: 18th August, 1980

Birth Place:    Michigan, Detroit, United States of America

Age: 37 Years Old

Profession: American Football Player

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $8 Million