Jamie Vardy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jamie Vardy Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

If one has any interest in the game of football, then English Premier League is a very common engagement. There cannot be any shade of doubt that Jamie Vardy is a real treat for the eyes to watch his movement on the field playing for Leicester City. His stardom got the strongest foothold when with his fellow players in the Premier League his side Leicester City took the title in 2015-16 season.

In this season he teamed with N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez to score 24 goals. He had also scored the most consecutive goals in the Premier League in any season. He had been a proud member of the national squad for his country. Currently, Jamie is playing for the Foxes who are defending their champion status.

It is quite evident that this illustrious career has a tremendous promise in creating the brand image. One of the giant in this field Nike had recognized the talent with 8 million pounds. All his earning has enabled the star footballer to accumulate an estimated net worth of not less than 9 million pounds.

Early life

Jamie was born by Full Name: Jamie Richard Vardy on 11th January 1987 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. He was born to an average middle-class family where his father was a crane driver, and his mother had to toil as a legal secretary.

He was born to Richard Gill and Lisa Vardy. From his early childhood, Jamie was very keen on playing football. His knack for the game falls heavily on his academics, and regular spats from the parents were common. Without any support from his guardians for the game, he had to manage his days. He had even left his home and managed his days himself engaging in various odd jobs. But all this had never come in the way of his love for the game, and he had on no account compromised his practices. He was ready to play for the local squad when he was just 16. As a true aspirant, he wanted to play for Sheffield Wednesday but faced rejection.


The rejection of Sheffield Wednesday falls heavily on Jamie, and he got distracted for a little while. But you can never stop a star from rising they are born heroes. After balancing himself, he got back with more intensity. On a paltry 30 pounds started playing for Stockbridge Park. Gradually his performance grew under the supervision of expert coaching. In three seasons he netted the ball 66 times which is a marvelous performance for any standard. This caught the attention of many prestigious teams, and they wanted to have the talent in their squad.

In 2010 August Jamie played for Halifax and netted the ball to make his winning the game. In each game, his talent reflected through the reflex and extreme talent of the wonder boy. The artisan of the game scored 25 goals in the season and was the only choice to become “The Player’s Player of the Year Award. Not its turn for the still more prestigious team to approach and convince the player to play on their behalf. In 2011 he got into the tent of Fleetwood Town to play Conference Premier. In the first season, he shared the Player of the Year award. Next season the team won the title for the first time in the history of the club.

Now it is the turn for the club to pay the price for the priceless player. Leicester City signed with Jamie to appear for them in the English Premier League. The deal got finally announced in the year 2012 and was declared as a non –league payout record. Jamie finally made his team Leicester reaches the top of the table from the starting of the very next season. He successfully scored 16 goals and confirmed the position of his team. He received a title “Player’s Player of the Year.” Just after missing out two games because of severe injury he decided to come up with a debut keeping Arsenal the opponent and ended up making a draw match. In the year 2015, Jamie won 11 matches consecutively.

In the year 2016, Jamie was considered the best player presently associated with the Premier League. In that very same year, he got qualifies for appearing in the UEFA Championship League, an episode that can be highlighted in the chronicles.

Personal life

He got married to Rebekah Nicholson in 2016, and the coupled is blessed with two children Sofia and Ella. The duo met each other while Rebekah was organizing a nightclub event party. The marriage was organized in complete seclusion, with only the blessings of the Almighty.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jamie Richard Vardy

Date of Birth: 11th January 1987

Birth Place: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Age:  30 Years Old

Profession: Footballer

Height:   1.79 m

Weight:  NA

Net worth: £9 Million


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