Harry Main is a professional rider who features upon the brand BMX. He hails from Liverpool, England. Harry is considered as the most recognized and talented BMX rider who has turned up for pro within 18 years of age.

He is involved in making his career bright enough with YouTube uploads and is associated widely with activities like featuring on travelling advice, styles and techniques of bike tricks.

He is very particular about the content of his vlogs and is never moves away from his subject and passion. He devotes full time to his work and is has chosen to be a vlogger as a full time profession.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around $1.5 million dollar as reviewed by the net worth reviewers.

Early life

Main was born in the year 1990, on the 18th day of September. He was born in the city of Liverpool. , England. He was only 11 years old when he started thinking of taking his passion for cycling seriously and proceeds to make it into a professional venture. During his initial childhood days he took cycling just as a sport and never thought that this could make him earns a lump sum salary, some of the other day.

Soon enough he took interest in riding the BMX park rider. With the advice of his parents and coach he started taking training and knowing more of the styles and techniques of cycle riding. He started participating in the local cycle riding competitions and even went for participating in the popular cycle riding championships that are universally recognized.


Harry Main is famous for his excellent cycling techniques and his signature styles. Harry has been successful enough to establish his own YouTube channel titled Harrymania. The name is intriguing enough to get numerous views and subscriptions. He involves in vlogging and uploading all his day to day activities in his channel. He ones participated in the series of X Games but unfortunately had to withdraw from the game within two years, as he had a problem of broken ankle.

He was actually successful in establishing the channel only when he was 18 years old. He receives revenue from the sponsors’ like Monster Energy. His subscriptions and views clearly depicts that he is really successful in his professional career.  He recently decided to shift his choice from BMX to Mafiabikes that signifies Main’s newly thought business profession. The general viewers were very excited about his innovative venture initially but soon the comments turned out of resentment. Harry was up with some controversial posts that heightened the issue.

He is helped by his companion Matty Lambert who excellently shoots his videos and edits with much effort. Harry receives sponsors from several companies likes the Kunstfrorm, Snafu, Failure Bikes, The Wandering, Hyper, Vans and the most revenue bringing sponsor Monster Energy. Just after turning up with the standard of pro, Harry came into the spotlight and was declared as the best BMX riders all-round the globe.

In the year 2009, Harry was speeded enough to be enriched with the international fame and his riding videos along with his unique bike trick and techniques were uploaded to showcase his riding abilities. Just within passing of one night, Harry became a sensational bike rider all over the internet making him receive a view count of about 60 thousand million.

He prospered with his career and his growing fame and recognition made him receive a chance to participate in the Texas X Games, but unfortunately Harry had some severe injuries in his ankle and couldn’t participate in the competition. When he called for his debut performance he had to strike his name off from the prestigious competition.

The very next year he was prepared for participating but here too, he was stopped by luck. He had twisted his ankle badly and this made him participate in the next held Simple Session in the year 2010. He debuted in the year 2011, for American Dew Tour and achieved the seventh position.

Personal life

Much little is known about Harry Main’s personal life. Though the young BMX rider is only 27 years old and has attained age to have a companion and get involved in dating. But the rider prefers to remain a private person. He is just passionate about riding cycles and devotes all his time in prospering in his career. He is passionate about making tattoos. He associated with the young talented young personality Tanner Fox for competing on Scooter YouTube video vs. BMX.

He remains busy in marinating the updates of his YouTube channel Harrymania. Today is enough successful to have 450,000 subscribers and over 60 million views approximately. On a average rate he get over 190,000 views each and every day and this probably makes his day’s income around $ 290.

He is so popular and that his mails gets stuffed with various sponsorships requests and his shows are easily run by the revenue earned from the advertisements.

He remains busy in finding strategies to improve his videos and make them more entertaining. He makes a lot of income from the deals of sponsorships from the various magnificent companies like Rocker BMX, Monster Energy and the famous Mafiabike. He prefers to be with bikes rather than spending time dating beautiful girls. He has learnt to find beauty within ones profession.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Harry Main

Date of Birth: 18th September, 1990

Birth Place: Liverpool, England

Age: 27 Years Old

Profession: BMX Rider

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches

Weight: 69 Kg

Net worth: $600,000