Eden Hazard hails from Belgian and earns heavily from his football career. Already he earns a contracted annual salary of almost $ 18 millions USD. He is a prominent and talented Belgian footballer who basically represents and plays for the Chelsea and also plays for the Belgian National Team.

He has got such a foothold in the football industry that today he never thinks twice to get hold of the latest upgraded model of the car Audi backed with the latest features. The car is really is really a costly affair and cost somewhere around $ 385, 000.

Eden does not only possess only one car, but at least six more that worth’s in total around $ 4.8 million. He has made personal investments around $ 89.6 million. His weekly salary is reviewed around $ 1, 26,000 and this makes his net worth estimated somewhere around $ 100 Million. Eden earns a quantitative amount of revenue from the various endorsement dealings.

Early life

Eden Michael Hazard was born in the year 1991, 7th January in Belgian. He was born to the former Belgian football personality named Thierry. He was raised along with his three elder brothers Kylin, Thorgan and Ethan, with whom he has gave his first kick in the ball.

During his initial days he used to play for the local football club Royal Stade Brainois and another being Tubize. Finally, after gaining little experience he moved to France to participate and get associated with the first division club named Lil.  He was intelligent enough to spend consecutive two years in the academy team of the club and managed to manage to make his own debut with a tinge of professionalism in the year 2007, in the middle of November.

His mother’s name was Carine and she was really heaped with talents. She was also a well known professional football player. Her mother was professionally associated with the Belgian Women’s First Division and was in the position of a striker. Carine’s initial days of motherhood made her get away from the game.  His father was gallantly associated with the La Louviere’s semi professional level under the Belgian Second division.

After retiring from football, both the Eden parents chose the profession of becoming coach and sports trainer. In the year 2009, Edens’s father finally took retirement from all the errands to spend more time with the children.


Eden is brought up Braine-Le-Comte, La Louviere, Belgian and his parents were professional footballers.  He was brought along with his brother Ethan Hazard and both were into playing football from their early childhood. He has a gallant personality that makes him get a nickname “The Forbidden fruit”. He is really considered Chelsea’s magician for his brilliant performances.  Eden has been honoured extensively for his excellent abilities and is also enlisted among the most highly paid players who are associated with the Premier League. He received favourable comments on serving as an excellent player and surpassing the defenders effortlessly in the French Ligue 1. He never required any assistance in the entire championship and won the league single handedly. He continued with his vehement performances in Lille as well. Though he was not satisfied with his performance, but the fabulous midfielder managed to stroke a hattrick.

On winning the championship there was serious media speculation initiated on reviewing the signature of the bright promising Belgian footballer. As Chelsea was successful in the Champions League, the star announced boastfully that his signature would represent the “Champions League winner”. He had got trained with the signature styles of defending from his father,  and today he is a successful midfielder.

He earns heavily from the dealings of endorsements. He specifically owns the sponsorship agreement with the famous  China based sport company,  Sina Sports.

He also endorses for popular biscuits brand Biscoff.  EA Sports and other brands like Nike and FIFA are his favourite choices.  As per reviews,  his biggest contract made is with the popular and trusted brand Nike.

Personal life

Hazard leads a simple married life with no such controversies.  He got married to a beautiful lady named Natacha Van Honacker. On the date 19th of December,  2010, the media channel of Belgian and French announced proudly that Eden and Natcha has become proud parents to a baby boy, Yannis,  their first child.

In the year, 2013 they had their second son and named him Leo. Yet in the 2015, the couple planned to have their third child who was again a baby boy and named him Samy.

He is very passionate about making a connoisseur of cars. He possesses a rare collection of latest designed cars.  Previously, he owned a Mercedes Benz, and then he came up with a BMW X6 and finally turned on with a Range Rover. But he never got satisfied with his last purchase, soon he went on to have the latest model of Audi R8 V10 and another of the latest designed model of Audi that is the RS  4 series.

Presently the couple resides in Belgian and they afford to possess one of the luxurious mansion in while of Belgian that is situated in the Western part of Europe.  He decided to purchase the house in the year 2011.  The most astonishing fact is that, Eden is not contended enough with his magnificent mansion till date as in an interview he mentioned that,  he would like to have a bigger house to make fit all his trophies and achievements.

There is news up in the air that, Eden is planning to buy a mansion in Madrid and he is now busy in leaning Spanish as one needs to know Spanish to stay in Madrid.  He considers his religion to be Muslim though being of Belgian and Walloon ethnicity. He has respect for all the prevailing religions and has gives importance to moral values.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Eden Michael Hazard.

Date of Birth: January 7th, 1991.

Birth Place: Braine-Le-Comte, La Louviere, Belgian.

Age: 27 years old

Profession: Professional footballer.

Height: 1.73 m / 5.7 feet.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: $ 100 Million