Bradley Martyn is a very famous person from the United States of America. He is a social media influencer, a fitness influencer and a popular competitior in men’s physique.

Bradley is also well known for helping his readers reach a great body just by giving them tips and tricks!

Early years

Bradley was born on 22nd of May in 1989, in the beautiful city od Los Angeles. It is a sunny city in the United States of America. He was born in a Christian family and he grew up with his mother Diane Martyn.

He started to go to gym when he was only 15. He got interested because his friends were going and therefore he wanted to try it out too. When getting into exercise, he learned a bunch about nutrition and training so he was able to give other people advice.

There isn’t much info about his childhood and education. He was not really interested in school since he was having some issue of his own after his father’s suicide, and school wasn’t really his favorite thing.

Going to gym helped him to lose all the negativity inside of him which were born out of his childhood problems.

Because he wanted to help other people, he started his own programme and he opened a video channel where he showed his workouts and tips. His most popular videos were those about what he eats in a day, since people have a lot of trouble adjusting their diets.

The viewers started to religiously follow him and he earned the trust of many people, so his business and his channel grew much faster than he initially though it would.

Career development

He is one of the most important people in a business company that he co-founds, and it’s called Zoo Culture Gym. He works hard to make the business better and more popular, but he is also working daily on coaching and his physique.

In 2006, during January, he started his online fitness business. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that Bradley started to post on YouTube. He wanted to make sure everyone can get information about leading a healthy life.

His famous collaboration was with FouseyTUBE, they made videos about Bradley helping the man with his weight loss and training journey.

His training program is called BMFit, where BM stands for his name and his surname.

He has his own website where his fans can buy training gear and suplements and get coaching. His fans and likeminded people can buy stuff like shirts, tank tops, hats and beanies, bottoms and lifting gear.

His site emphasizes that the fitness gear they sell is not made in large quantities, because he is focused on making unique products that will please the customer.

Many people think that he is stupid and uneducated because he had dropped out of college, but Bradley says that he has all the info he needs to help people and that he dropped out because he was sick of sitting and studying without actually being able to help people.

He decided his training and business style will always be adapted to him, not vice versa. Because he is sometimes injured, tired or sick, he can’t set a regular workout routine. Therefore, one week, he trains everyday, and the other only three days.

Martyn claims that it is very important to listen to your own body, instead of just doing routines everyone else seems to be doing. However, when he goes to the gym, he is usually there from an hour to an hour and a half.

During his career in fitness, he had many competitions and in some of them he was first. He was never to keen on competitions but he was mostly focused in being the best for himself, not others.

He started out at events  like the NPC Southern California Championship in 2011 and right away, he won the first place.

During the same year, he ended up being second in the 2011’s NPC USA Championship.

2012 was also agreat year for him, being on the same event again, and in 2013 he was 1st in the NPC Phil Heath Classic event. It was a really great experience, he claims.

He was approached by his fans a lot and he realized that he can help coach young men and help them achieve their goals.

He is pretty into various kinds of businesses so he founded a company called AlphaCre8tivedesigns in 2012, during July. It was a big step, but he was determined to make it through and create a huge, successful company.

He has been working with various celebrities, but he doesn’t share names of his clients unless they post on their own. He has a lot of respect for the peopple he works with and says that it is their choice to see if they want to share their journey with the internet or no.

His workout routine is made of 8-12 reps and about 3-5 sets of each  exercise. However, he doesn’t follow this religiously since it depends on the muscle groups he is doing and the way he is feeling.

He used to do IF, intermittent fasting. It’s a dieting technique where you don’t eat for 16 hours and then eat during the 8 hours you are left with. Nowadays, he doesn’t do this. He finds it too tough to manage and decided to give up on carbs and keep his high calorie, high fat and high protein diet.

Bradley is also famous for the work he did with a model called Sommer Ray. They trained together and he helped her achieve the body she wanted to have in order to get a better modeling contract.

Personal life

He had a pretty tough childhood because he had huge family issues. His mother had to take care of the whole family since Bradley was only six. That year, his father killed himself and Martyn had a hard time growing up without a dad.

That’s why Bradley himself struggled with depression and anxiety, but wanted to move forward as much as he can every day.

Bradley finds inspiration in many other people. He doesn’t have idols, but is inspired by his friends, family and competitors that are on events he is attending. It’s really important to stay humble, but always be ambitious, he claims.

His best friend is called Brandon Gerdes and they train together. He has been along his side forever, as he claims, and the duo is famous for eating out and having fun.

There is not much information on his personal life since he doesn’t really like to be all up in the media. He is single and hasn’t been seen going out lately, but that may be because he was really focused on his business. There used to be rumors about him and Sommer Ray dating.

In November, 2017, he has posted a simple Tweet which said “I want a girlfriend lol” which was received mostly as humorous.

He has a bunch of followers on his social media profiles. On YouTube, he has more than 150k followers. His Instagram is full of 2.8 million people that read about his life and praise his advice. On Facebook, which isn’t that popular anymore, he has about 2.9 million followers.

Views on his Youtube channel are more than two million and are growing every day. He likes to make Youtube videos and posts them very often.

Some of his most popular videos are: a video were he was hit by an actor named Logan Paul , a video titled “KSI accepted my challenge” and “The transformation of Alex Wasabi”.

He earns most of his cash from coaching, but also from his YouTube where he gets about $500 per day. This brought him the security he needs, he only has to continue training that much to keep earning great money.

Many people admire his looks because he has a really good ratio of upper-lower body muscles. He isn’t looking “too buff” because he has a proportional body.

People speculate that he is using steroids, just like they do with any fitness coash, but Bradley never comments these things as he finds them annoying.

His favorite color is green and he often wears it and his clothing line has a lot of items in that color.

Quick summary

Full name: Bradley Martyn

Date of birth: 22nd May 1989

Birthplace:  Los Angeles, The United States of America

Age: 29

Profession: social media influencer, fitness person, trainer, bodybuilder

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 111 kg

Net Worth:  $750,000