Brooke Baldwin is a renowned American Television newscaster, anchor and a correspondent. Currently, Brooke has an association with one of the most popular channels named CNN. She is majorly popular for the show entitled ‘CNN Newsroom,’ being the host of the show.

In recent years, she is considered as one of the leading personalities in the United States amongst the reputed televisions broadcasting figures.

Early Life

Brooke took birth in Atlanta in Georgia in 1979. Being a child, she took admission in The Westminster School. During this time, her school had just started welcoming the new system which was of day scholar.

Later in life, Brooke stated that this institution had some major impact on her life and created the base of her future years. During her childhood, this school had provided her opportunities in developing her public speaking as well as leadership skills.

She attended the annual ‘United States Space Camp’ when she was thirteen years old and was given the position of a leader of the team. She considers this event as one of the coolest moments in her childhood days. Brooke was very fond of her school and enjoyed the surroundings being greenery and lovable as the teachers and staffs were very caring.

After her schooling, she got enrolment in the North Carolina University situated in Chapel Hill. She did her graduation which was a consisted of two bachelor’s degrees, one being in Spanish while the other was in Journalism. She also studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana situated in Mexico City during her undergraduate years.


Brooke began her profession in broadcasting at Charlottesville, in Virginia’s WVIR-TV. After this, she moved onto WOWK-TV, situated in the Huntington West Virginia region and started working as a morning anchor. After this, she took up the role of the main reporter for WTTG station of the newscast for 10pm.

Then Brooke started her career at CNN where she began to work for the CNN and HLN networks. Initially, she started off as a contributor mainly for the show of Rick Sanchez named ‘Rick’s List.’ Right after Rick got fired, Brooke filled up his position. Later she became one of the permanent features of that particular time slot. At present, she is the host as well as the anchor of CNN Newsroom.

Brooke had been a part of the coverage during New Year’s Eve from Nashville in Tennessee. She also hosted a weekly segment for her newscast which included various musicians and the show was named as ‘Music Monday.’ Later she collaborated with Piers Morgan and hosted the Diamond Jubilee of the famous Queen Elizabeth from London. She also hosted the show ‘Soundcheck’ which featured Ben Sollee, Janelle Monae, Wilco and Mavis Staples.

Personal life

Brooke got married to her boyfriend named Jay David and currently are in their seventh year of marriage. They got tied up in the knot after being together for a number of years. David is a veterinarian.

After being married for five years, Brooke got pregnant last year which yielded them their first baby. During the pregnancy period, Brooke shared the reports of her ultrasound on her Twitter account. The couple shares an unbelievable bond and has a magical understanding between them which has been very evident from few of the things that came into the media world.

Brooke is an extremely stylish person; people admire her to a great extent mainly for her good looks as well as her hourglass body structure. Her exceptional dressing style grabs the minds of her audience and makes her more enviable.

Her presence on screen is utterly gorgeous and owns an amazing wardrobe which her fans envy to the core. He has got some flattering clothes which enable her to flaunt her well-toned legs beautifully. She is, therefore, considered as one of the hottest journalists. She never hesitates to flaunt her good looks along with her talent on various TV shows and interviews.

Brooke has a great fan following which is very evident from the number of followers that she owns on social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Quick Summary

Full name: Brooke Baldwin

Date of birth: July 12, 1979

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Age: 38 years

Profession: News Anchor; Journalist

Height: 5 feet 9 inches


Net worth: $ 1.3 Million