Tonya Renee Banks is a popular Hollywood actress with almost three decades of work experience in the industry.

Over the years, she has appeared in several television shows and films in minor roles.

Her first big break came in the form of the TV-series Little Women: LA, where she plays herself and has since earned much adoration and respect from the show’s viewers. She has a regular sized daughter named Angelique, who is 22 years old.

Born in Carson, California, Tonya joined the entertainment industry as early as 1984, as an actress and a stuntwoman. Starring in minor roles in several long and short running television series, Tonya constantly kept her career on the move.

Her long list of work during the 90’s includes guest appearances in the coveted TV-series Martin and Ally McBeal.

In 2003, Tonya was cast as a stand-in and stunt performer in the Hollywood comedy Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Her other significant movie appearance was in the 2002 comedy Death to Smoochy, starring Robin Williams. After decades of smaller roles, Tonya realized her Hollywood dreams, as she was cast in a lead role in Little Women: LA.

This show is an American reality television series which follows the lives of a group of little women in Los Angeles.

In the show, Tonya plays herself, and has become a fan-favorite, with a steady social network following.

Her career has been on an upward rise, and one such feather in her cap came in the form of a role in the movie, The Internship Games, in 2015.

With this film, Tonya became the first little person to play the female lead in a mainstream movie, in the history of Hollywood.

A caring single-mother, Tonya has efficiently handled a career and her family life, and hopes to realize all her Hollywood dreams in the times to come. As of 2016,

Banks’ total net worth is estimated to be approximately $700,000. 

Quick Summary: 

Full name: Tonya Banks

Date of birth: July 7, 1964

Birth place: Carson, California, United States

Age: 55

Profession: Actress and Reality Star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 700,000