Shawn Killinger has a real killer instinct to dominate the stress for a long stretch of time. At QVC she had comfortably continued without a prompter for 3 to four hours for her popular show.

Killinger is a popular American journalist who has engaged herself as a television reporter and is into hosting the show QVC. She is a Detroit born lady with an unrevealed net worth.

Early life

Killinger was born in the year 1979, November 2. She an American by nationality and by ethnicity is white. Though born in Detroit , her upbringing was in Mexico as along with her family she moved to Mexico in the age of 11 and  had spend almost 4 long cherishing years. Shawn attended the famous institute the International American School Foundation and soon after enrolled herself with Penn University in State College and got graduated from the institute in the field of marketing.

She loves to travel and has travelled a long distances during her university days. She had been to several countries that include parts of Geneva and Switzerland. The organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) were her favorite area of concern and regularly visited for knowing about the organization providing personal assistance to the health organizations. Just after completing her graduation she decided to move to the city of New York.


Shawn started off with her career in journalism after joining the channel CBS. She dedicatedly served as a professional journalist for almost two long years and appeared in different shows like “The Late Show with David Lateman”, “Evening News with Dan Rather” and the most popular show being “CBS 60 Minutes”. Soon after hosting such wanted television shows she resigned from CBS and joined the WUHF-TV that is affiliated to the channel FOX.

She served the channel reporting for the general; assignment.  She worked WRGB-TV, the station named CBS in the Capital Region of Albany and Parts of Orlando. ,. She also co-hosted the morning news was daily screened in the CBS Channel 6. But presently she is known for reporting and hosting a program for QVC. She is a successful lady who has a flamboyant personality and easily manages her professional life by amalgamating dedication with professionalism.

She earns heavily but is concerned about the issue that is not declared publicly. Her net worth can be estimated somewhere around some million dollars. Her marriage with Joe Carretta , a businessman and well known consultant has easily add on to her net worth. She has earned quite an amount which gets reflected by her property in Philadelphia where she spends quality time with her children and husband.

Shawn had got several offers from reputed platforms namely FOX, QVC and NBC. After getting associated with these channels she has entered the professional arena of television. Shawn possesses a dashing personality which reflects her inner elegancy. Shawn is the most wanted television personality who is having a appealing nature and is highly skilled in her area of concern. She is quite proficient with her anchoring skills and while hosting the shows viewers are amazed by her smart personality. She has a great command over language and knows the techniques of delivering the speeches.

Her career got a real boost while she was serving as a junior assistant reporter in Rochester. The company she was working for was WUHF-TV, a popular channel in the city of New York. The career started to bloom after she got associated with the CBS Page Program that also included the evening news reading. She had really worked hard to get established. Firstly in the initial days of her career she was often seen as the audience in shows like “The David Letterman Show” but later with her dedication and sincerity she has reached to the designation of a junior assistant in a popular show like CBS’s “60 Minutes”. She has declared in her interviews that she has not found any substitute word that might replace hard work.

Personal life

Shawn Killinger is quite happily married to Joe Carretta, who is a successful businessman a professional consultant. The couple met each other through a dating site and soon got committed to be each other. The couple’s personal issues are not at all disclosed in public but Shawn was clear enough to declare their inability to enjoy parenthood for certain complication.

Shawn unfortunately had a miscarriage in the year 2014. But still she is a mother of two children who are born out of Joe’s first marriage. She is quite clean with her opinions and never likes to delay with her commitments.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Shawn Elizabeth Killinger

Date of Birth: Nov 2nd, 1979

Birth Place: Detroit, United States.

Age: 38 years

Profession: Journalist and television personality.

Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Weight: 111 Lbs

Net worth: Not revealed.