Are you ready to find out more about sport that is very popular but which is very difficult and demanding? Throughout the course of the year, this sport became increasingly popular, and during the 80s and 90s it was among the 3 most popular sports in the USA.

We will talk about boxing, which is one of the most demanding sports in the world. Many people watched boxing matches on television and many people paid very expensive tickets to watch live boxing matches. This sport was at the height of popularity in the mid-80s when many popular boxers appeared that were great in this sport.

People were very interested to watch these games, and because of that, the cards became more and more expensive.

During that period a boxer appeared about which we are going to talk about today.

His name is Buster Douglas and it is certain that all fans of this sport know about this boxer. He has achieved many successes in his career and is best known for being able to beat Mike Tyson in one of the best games in the history of boxing. His popularity began to grow during the 1980s and Buster became one of the best boxers in the world at that time.

During his career, he won many championships titles and many times he managed to defend the championship belt. Buster had a lot of turbulent but also a very successful boxing career.

Buster Douglas played 46 boxing events during his career and scored a score of 40 wins and 6 losses. He was unbeatable for many years and he managed to win several championship belts in a very short time.

His opponents considered him as the best boxer and said that the matches against him were the most difficult. His name will always be remembered in this sport and Buster continues to have a large number of fans around the world. His struggles were always great, and he won 25 victories with knockout.

After finishing his career, Buster devoted himself to private businesses and he owns a lot of real estate throughout the USA. Buster is certainly one of the best boxers in the history of this sport, and you will find in this text more details about his life and his career.

Early Years

Buster Douglas was born on April 7, 1960 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

He grew up in this city with his parents and with his younger brother. Buster always tried to help his brother in all activities, and Buster directed him to become an athlete.

Buster enrolled in elementary school in this city and initially he was interested in learning, however, in the following period, he began to make a different interest, and his main occupation was music and sports. Buster still had good relations with friends and teachers from the school. His favorite subjects were musical and physical and he had the best grades from these subjects.

During the elementary school, Buster was a great fan of rock music, so he started playing drums and guitar. His talent was noticed by his professor of musical, so he often took part in various competitions. Buster believed that he would become a successful musician, he never thought that someday he would become a great boxer.

When he was only 9 years old, his father enroll him to the boxing school. Although at the beginning he was not sure about this decision, he developed a great love for this sport in next period.

When he started high school, Buster had one dream – to perfect his musical talent, but the future had other plans for him. During High School, his professors noticed his talent in sport and Buster seriously devote himself to the boxing.

He joined the Local Boxing Club, and in the meantime he also played American football but for a short time and he also played drums and guitar which was one of his greatest love from childhood.  His sports career slowly started to progress and he participated in numerous competitions and he won many awards.

In the meantime Buster together with his friends, founded the band but it was not on the professional level. After participated at Local Tournament in boxing, Buster Douglas decided to become a professional boxer becaus this sport awoke a special energy in him and he wanted to direct that energy in the right way.

Buster Douglas had a big respect for the work of  local boxer who was at the great level in that time and Buster wanted to become great fighter like him because his work was recognized throughout the USA and he was one of the most influential people in this sport.

Hevyweight category was the most popular category in this sport and a lot of people have been learning different techniques and skills every day and Buster was very motivated to become very good boxer . Buster managed to become one of the best of his boxers and his coach helped him to improve his skills and tehnique and to become one of the best boxers in history.

When he finished high school, Buster was in great doubt as to whether to enroll in college or to continue to deal with boxing.

His father advised him to dedicate himself to the box and his mother advised him to continue his education because box is a very dangerous sport and very risky. Buster was also good at music and had the choice to try to make a musical career, but his first choice was boxing and that turned out to be a great decision.

Buster still enrolled in a college in Ohio, but he dropped out of school for a year and decided to devote himself fully to the sport. He returned to his hometown and continued to train boxing and wanted to physically prepare to participate in the tournament in the following year.

Buster had very difficult preparations to participate in this tournament and he had to lose 10 kilograms. This was a very important decision in his life, but he managed to make the right decision because in the following period he managed to achieve great success in the box. His father and younger brother had always been his support to deal with this sport, and this was his great motivation to achieve great success in his career.


Buster Douglas held his first professional match in 1981 and he in his first match showed great talent and great capabilities. He managed to win after the 4th round and showed fans of this sport that in the near future he will become one of the best boxers in the USA.

In the next 5 games, Buster easily reached victory and no match lasted more than 5 rounds. Because of these victories, the audience considered that he was one of the best boxers and he received great support from them.

In 1983, Buster ended co-operation with his long-time coach and his next coach was a former football coach from Ohio. He said hat he would help Buster to be motivated and to become a champion. They started co-operation in late 1983 and in the upcoming period Buster continued with excellent results.

After the first 15 games Buster had a score of 15-0 and people in the USA gave him various nicknames and they said that he was one of the strongest people in the country. This gave him additional motivation, and Buster, after several months, had a fight against the champion who was defending the championship belt. Buster was not a favorite in this game but after six rounds he managed to win with the knockout and he managed to win his first career championship belt.

After this match, Buster had a break for several months and then had a new match in Las Vegas and again fought for a championship belt but in another category. He easily came to victory in this game and after 3 rd round he won the new championship belt.

In the coming years of his career, Buster managed to achieve a large number of victories and he lost his first defeat after having scored 32-0. Buster continued with great boxing matches and managed to become one of the best and most famous boxers in the world.

In his excellent career, he co-operated with 3 trainers and with each of them managed to make a success. His career lasted for 18 years and Buster decided in 1999 to retire. Buster managed to make an excellent career as well as an excellent financial profit of around $ 25 million.

Personal Life

During his career, Buster Douglas was many times in the center of attention, and many newspapers wrote about him and his private life. He led a very turbulent life and during the career of the newspaper they wrote that he was in love with several well-known music personalities.

He often said that it was a lie and he said that he was in love with a one girl and that he did not want to reveal her identity.

He was also in the center of attention when he collided with his teammate and this event brought him a large number of negative comments from his fans.

Although he was often a topic for journalists who were looking for negative details from his life, John was still a great humanitarian and he financially helped many people around the world.

He has donated a lot of money to poor children in the US and Africa, and for this reason, people respect him very much. He also helped build a large number of hospitals, schools and churches and at one time he had his own humanitarian organization.

Many people did not know, but at one time Buster was in doubt whether to deal with music or sports. Many people have said that he has a very nice voice and has a talent for music. His favorite music genre was rock and at that time he had his favorite rock singers and he enjoyed listening to this music.

At one time, he wanted to record a professional song, but he began to professionally engage in sports and gave up the idea. Still, we can say that he made the right decision because he decided to play sports, not music.

Buster Douglas is currently living in the United States and he often changes his locations. He very much likes to travel and his pictures from travels and various locations can be found on his fan page on Facebook. He is one of the best boxers in the history of this sport and many people have loved him and began to train this sport because of him.

Quick Summary

Full Name: James Buster Douglas

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Date of birth: 7 April, 1960

Age: 59

Profession: Former Boxer

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Net Worth: $25 million