Athletes draw major attention to themselves because of their amazing skills and charisma. Only the most popular and skilled ones have the chance to appear on TV, news and other media outlets.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about the personal life, net worth and career path of one of the most famous boxers of all time. Thomas Hearns is definitely a boxing legend and his life has been full of ups and downs, and all of that will be presented in today’s article.

Early Years

Thomas Hearns was born on October 18th 1958 in Memphis, Tennessee.

He spent his childhood in Grand Junction in Tennessee and he was the youngest one of three children in his family.

His mother actually married twice, and he was her first child from the first marriage.

In her second marriage she had three more children and the family got united in the second marriage.

Her second marriage failed as well, so Mrs. Hearns had to take care of all of her children on her own.

Even though it was difficult, she had no other choice.

When Tommy was only five years old, the family moved from Grand Junction to Detroit, Michigan.

There isn’t any more information about his early years and childhood, so we will move on to his career and professional life.

Career Path

Thomas Hearns started practicing boxing since he was a child in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. As an amateur, he played 155 fights winning 147, he was a national champion in the welterweight in 1977.

As an amateur he only achieves 11 KO but that does not matter since when he became professional in 1977 he earned the nickname “The Hitman” (punch man) already that he finds in the professional field what he did not get as an amateur the demolition of his opponents.

After winning 28 professional matches, he wins the right to fight for the WBA welterweight world title on August 2, 1980, defeating the Mexican Pipino Cuevas with a brutal KO in the 2nd round where a first blow leaves him buzzing like a bee in his same place and the second annihilates it and sends it to the canvas. That same year they choose boxer of the year.

He had 3 successful defenses, on December 6, 80 against the Venezuelan First to which he knocked out in the 6th round, then in April 81 against his compatriot Shields with technical KO in the twelfth round and by KO in the 4th round in June of 81 before the Dominican Pablo Baez.

On September 16, 1981 in his fourth defense and in addition union of the titles AMB and CMB lost the belt before Sugar Ray Leonard champion of the CMB, when the referee stops the fight in round 14.

Thomas Hearns in 1988 achieved his fifth world title in the super middleweight by beating James Kinchen. In 1989 he retains his WBC super-middleweight title by drawing against Sugar Ray Leonard. In 1991 he again became a light heavyweight champion when he beat Virgin Hill, this title would lose him a year later against Iran Barkley.

In 1994 he won the 7th time world champion, defeating Dan Ward by ko in the 1st round, in the NABF cruiserweight. In 1999 he won the IBO version cruiserweight title that he would later lose to Uriah Grant on April 8, 2000 when he would end his successful career as a professional boxer.

With a total of 67 fights he won 61 Wins (48 knockouts), 5 Defeats (4 knockouts), 1 Draw. His first professional victory was against Jerome Hill on November 25, 1977.

He became a professional at 19 and achieved a succession of 28 consecutive victories, 26 of them by knockout, which earned him his first starting opportunity.

On August 2, 1980 he knocked out Mexican Pipino Cuevas in two rounds and won the WBA welterweight crown, the first of the five world titles he would win in his extraordinary career.

Tommy Hearns won the world championships of welterweight, super welters, medium, super media and semi-complete weights and starred in famous fights with super stars such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Durán, Wilfredo Benítez, Iran Barkley and Marvin Hagler, to name just a few.

His first defeat came in 1981 in the unification of the welter crowns before Sugar Ray Leonard, in which The Ring considered the “Fight of the Year.”

He retired in 2000, but as is often the case in boxing history, he returned to the floor five years later, and has done two battles, winning both. To date, Hearns has a record of 61 wins, 5 losses and a draw, with 48 wins by KO.

Even though, Thomas HEarns is one of the best boxers of all time, his current net worth is only 50 thousand dollars.

He is now retired and most of the money he still owns comes from his championships and competitions.

He has been away from the spotlight for a very long, which explains why he hasn’t increased his net worth in recent years.

In 2010, he faced some financial issues which caused him to lose a significant amount of money.

Personal life

Without a doubt, Thomas Hearns is one of those ring legends who, with their big struggles in the 80s, made the middleweight classes worldwide popular. Seamlessly joins Thomas Hearns in the series of superstars Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler, who dominated over a decade their weight classes in professional boxing sports worldwide.

“The Hitman” Hearns fought great duels with these exceptional boxers. His knockout win against Roberto Duran and the great battle against Hagler, which lost Hearns in the third round, are unforgettable.

Hearns was also the first boxer to win the world championship titles in five different weight classes. With his victory over compatriot Jay Snyder, whom he had already stopped with a huge knockout in the first round, Hearns returned at the end of 1998 after nearly a two-year break in the scene back.

Thomas was always inclusive and allowed his family to be a part of his success. He wanted to include them so that everyone gets their piece of his fame.

Through this action, he wanted to give back to his family. His mother works as a fight promoter and the company Hearns Hearns promotes many Cards. One of the biggest ones was the Mike Tyson fight against Andrew Golota from 2000.

Thomas has a son who is also a boxer and very successful at it. Thomas currently lives in Michigan and is a reserve police officer for the Detroit Police Department. In 2010, Hearns faced some financial issues and was forced to sell a lot of his property on an auction.

Some of the items he sold were a Chevy 47 Fountain boat and some of his memorabilia. It was a truly sad event to see him go to this level, but he had to do, what he had to do to survive. According to records, he had a debt of 250 thousand dollars.

He accepted the debt and admitted that the debt is accumulated because of his lavish lifestyle and too big generosity to his family members.

Thomas is now living a quiet family life far away from problems and spotlight, which gives him enough time to enjoy life and get away from all the drama and busy life in the spotlight. Thomas might not be as popular as he was before, but he remains to be a legend in the boxing world.

He has many fans all over the world and many remember his finest days in the boxing ring, and recall some of his best blows that took him to the stars.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Hearns

Date of birth: October 18th 1958

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 61

Profession: Professional boxer

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 50$ thousand