Timothy Richard Tebow is a former professional American football player, although his career ended a few years ago, Tim is still present in football; he is currently a member of the popular sport organization New York Mets. This organization gathers famous football players and tries to promote football as much as possible. Lately, we can testify that American football is in a very bad condition, a large number of football teams are closing and increasingly fewer youths give up on this sport.

Tim started very early his career, and his talent was noticed by the school coach in elementary school. In high school, Tim becomes team captain and his team wins numerous awards. At College, he was a member of the Florida University team, and with this team he won the prestigious Heisman Trophy. He was the captain of the team, and it was obvious that he was one of the most talented players. After this success, Tim starts his career in the National Team. Tim played for Denver Broncos as well as for New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The biggest echo and the biggest break at the beginning of his career was the position of the Quarterback in Florida Gators. The game in Florida helped him to achieve success in the future, in addition to winning the trophy; Tim led a historic match where his team won with a score of 13-1. This match has remained in history and people have been talking about this match for years, but also about the incredible talent of young Tim.

Shortly afterwards, Tim becomes a member of Denver Broncos, in this team Tim shows his true talent.

Before Tim’s joining to the team, the team was not in a good position; their reputation was jeopardized because they lost the last 10 games in the league.

The coach himself admitted that Tim brought new energy to the team, he helped them regain their spirit and re-become a unified and harmonic team. During the first match, Denver Broncos wins the match with a score of 3-1.

Although his game for Denver has started very successfully, before the end of the season Tim had a lot of injures.

He was often out of the court, he had several serious injuries and his career at that moment was stalled. In the last few games he entered in the last quarter and he did not give good results. Denver decides to sell Tim to New York Jets.

His contract with the New York Jets was signed for two years, and this was a relatively small period where Tim could show himself in the right light. The big problems for Tim were injuries.

Although he had signed a contract with the New York Jets, he did not have the opportunity to play with them for 6 months because of a knee operation.

Shortly after, Tim signed a contract with New England Patriots. It was apparent that Tim had problems with health, so New England decided to break up the contract with him after two months.

After a short contract, Tim decides to take a break in his career. This pause was necessary in order to recover his body, improve his health and recover his mental health.

His family was very worried; Tim was depressed during this period. He did not believe in himself, he lacked self-confidence and did not believe that he could continue with football.

After a break, Tim announces that he will continue his career and that he will soon sign the contract with the New York Jets; Tim also announces that he will try to continue with a successful game.

Early life

His parents Pamela Elaine and Robert Tebow met at the University of Florida. They were friends for a long time, and they even grew up in the same neighborhood.

Their love began when Tim’s father was the second year of study, while his mother was one year younger.  When they finished the studies they have decided to get marry. Shortly after the wedding, his mother was seriously ill and she was in a coma, which lasted for two months. Lucky, doctors managed to help her, when she recovered she found out that she was pregnant and she was in the fourth month. The doctors were surprised by this fact, and they believed the fetus was dead.

Doctors considered that the best solution was abortion, but nevertheless his mother decides to listen to her intuition. After 8 months Tim was born, it was a great miracle in their family.

Tim grew up in a very patriotic family, even when he became popular he never talked about his privacy and he always avoided the press.

Tim is openly talking about his beliefs, and big public attention was caused by his statement that he believed that his talent was unique and that he was chosen by God.

Tim caused great public attention, and many journalists were interested in his life, education, beliefs, and his future career.

Tim did not agree to be interviewed with non-sports journalists who do not deal with sports topics. After several months, ESPN decides to write article about this interesting football player. After this, Tim appeared on the front page with the title “Tim: The Chosen One”, this article provoked shared public opinion, but it was sold in a large number of copies.

In this article, Tim had spoken openly about his family, their lives and their beliefs. He said that he believed that the God chose him and that he was unique not only in America but also in the whole world. He said that his mother had a very difficult pregnancy and that doctors did not believed that she could give a birth to the healthy child, but all the claims were incorrect, and Tim has proved the opposite.

He acknowledged that his family believed that he had a special role in the world, and that he was ‘chosen one’. In addition to this, Tim said that schools do not teach children real values and that he had a home schooling. He also mentions that he and his father went to the mission to the Philippines, where he wanted to help other people and share his energy with others.

After the publication of the article, the public was divided. Many believed that Tim was wrongly educated and that his parents were extreme Christians who interpreted religion in the wrong way.

In addition to the many criticisms he has experienced, Tim continues to work and his next three summer vacations took place in the Philippines where his father opened the orphanage.

After this interview Tim avoided every press conferences and the interview for ESPN was the last interview in his career. 


Tim Tebow started his football career in 2006 playing for the Florida Gators College. In his first college season, Tim managed to impress many fans of this sport and many coaches in the league. They thought that Tim was already ready for a professional career and that he was very physically strong.

He had excellent results in his first season and led his team to the finals. He was declared as one of the best players in the league and people gave him great support. In 2007 he set the record in points and again with Florida he managed to reach the finals. They were defeated in the final, but Tim was named as the best player of the league. This award was very significant for him and he stated that he would be even better in the future.

He played in this team by 2009 and then decided to go on draft. He was among the most spectacular players who appeared on the draft. Many coaches wanted to bring him to their team and they thought he was very physically ready to play the league at a professional level.

He had an offer from several teams, but eventually signed for Denver Broncos. He was selected as 25th pick in the first round and said that he was proud that he signed for this team. Denver’s coach said that Tim will be very useful for his team and that he will surely become a very good player.

Team’s first season was 2010 and he was ready for a new challenge. Denver’s coach said that Tim will play in a different position and will not play as a quarterback.

He played this position at the college and thought he would still play on it. But Denver’s coach had other ideas and Tim had to play in other positions.

He was excelled in a new position and in the first game he showed excellent skills. He was deserving of Denver’s new victories and he got the confidence from the coach.

He stated that Tim is one of the most powerful players in the league and that he has incredible strength and energy. After half a season, he signed a five-year contract with Denver and had a guaranteed $ 9 million salary.

Many coaches in the league have said they are impressed with his capabilities and would like to play in their team. In 2011, Denver managed to enter the semifinals but failed to reach the finals. The team was selected among the top 10 league players. After that, he played another season for Denver, and then he was traded at the New York Jets.

Tim played five games in New York and then experienced a knee injury and had to miss almost the entire season. This was a big blow to him because he had to make a break in his career. After recovering from injury, New York fired Tim and he was transferred to New England Patriots.

He signed a contract for two years at a new club, but without guaranteed money. Tebow had to regain his form because he did not play for a long time due to injury. He played for this club for a season in which he had several good matches but did not have a notable result. He then moved to Philadelphia and there he played for 2 more seasons and took part in the ALL STAR match in 2016.

After the expiry of the contract with this club, Tim transferred to the senior league and continued to deal with football but not in a professional way. He continued his career as a reporter at ESPN and he commented on many games.

He also commented on the finals of the NFL in 2017. He also made a film with his brother in which he described his childhood and his time until the beginning of a football career. This film was released in February 2019.

During his career, Tim earned over $ 20 million and managed to make a great financial life. He played for many football clubs, but he also dealt with various tasks. In 2011, he published a book he wrote in collaboration with his colleague. This book is called “Through my eyes” and describes his childhood, his problems in his youth and his football career as a quarterback. During his career, he sold a lot of jerseys and he was a role model for many fans of football.

Personal Life

Tim Tebow never liked to talk about private life, but many people felt that his family was strange and very Christian-oriented.

He was very honored by his family and they felt that he was a child of God. He had various ups and downs throughout his life but he managed to make an excellent career. During his career, he had several girls with whom he was in a relationship, but he never made it public. He currently has a girl and they have one child but they are not married. He plans to work on television in the future and he has said that we will watch him in various shows in the future.

Quick Summary

Full name: Timothy Richard Tebow

Date of birth: August 14, 1987

Birthplace: Makati, Philippines

Age: 32

Profession:  Football player

Height: 191cm

Weight: 106 kg

Net Worth: $25 million