Calum Von Moger is an Australian body builder who has been popular for his magnificent body and makes him bold enough to participate in the world championships. He has appeared in various championships that are recognized all over the worlds and by each day, the dedicated and talented body builder made him strong enough to get appreciated and accredited by all.

He started to standing out with his bold personality from a very early age and this has made the 27 years old body builder have a net worth estimated somewhere around $ 2 million dollars. Calum has a long way to excel in his career and know the meaning of a successful career.

Early life

Calum is having an Australian nationality. There is no information available about his early childhood days. In one of his interview it is mentioned that he grew up in a small town that is not very popular to people.

He is the son of Ingrid Von Moger who was a WWF Mr. Universe and also a well known fitness model. He played soccer for almost 8 long years and always dreamt of becoming a successful athlete. The external surrounding where he grew up overwhelmed him to a great extent. Discipline is in his chromosome because he belonged to a family where everyone followed a routine to gt things done. The family led a disciplined life. Calum grew up with parents and five siblings who were quite disciplined by nature. He naturally adapted the disciplined life and was never into any kind of bad habit that might hamper his health or mind set.

The much disciplined bodybuilder is had been inspired by the great figure Hercules. When he was child, he used to admire the physic of Steve Reeves in Hercules and considered him to be his role model. His physic was really a matter of attraction for Calum. When he started working upon building his body, the first idea he was caughthold of is recalling back the golden era of body building. Being in the era of 21st century, Calum was interested in bringing back the lost memories of early 60’s and early 70’s.

He admired the classics shapes of the early days and decided to choose upon the early bodybuilding techniques. He was habituated using the efficient heavy lifting methods and concentrated with the movements with heavy compounds. Many of Calum’s admirers have even commented that, a true observer would find no difference between Arnold, the legendary name in the field of body building and Calum Von Moger. Calum almost enables the legendary figure in each and every aspect by his sincere effort and utmost dedication in his training sessions.


Calum won his first competition in the year 2010 and won the championship. In the year 2011, he entered the WFF junior Mr. Universe Championship and was successful enough to win of the NABBA junior International Championship.

Mainly he is now working for getting a foothold as a successful Brand ambassador and a fashion fiesta. He moves around the world enlightening kids and the young generation about the health and fitness and maintain a nutritious diet.

On looking at Calum’s Physique one can distinctly understand whom he idolizes. The classic names such as Reeves, Arnold and Frank Zane are his real are of concern. The talented bodybuilder is having a perfect V-shaped body with an absolutely perfect shaped smaller waist and hugely builds arms that make his physic more attractive. He resembles the structure of the Greek Gods who are considered the enormous figures of the Yesteryear Gods. He believes in the classical years of bodybuilding and still; uses the ancient methods for maintaining this body, instead of the latest equipments.

The equipments that he prefers are basically the Heavy weight utilities and the basic compound exercises. He mainly focuses on the deadlift techniques, squats, bench and bent over row techniques. These exercises has helped Calum maintain such a body that worth appreciation. He also believes in basic workout and repeatedly mentions the need to complete rest for at least three days when he get training for consecutive days.

Personal life

As per the information available throughout internet, Calum is dating the fitness experts named Karina Elle. Presently he resides in Lon Angeles, California, United States of America and is involved in hard training.

Apart from being a talented body builder, Calum is a wanted brand ambassador and appears as a fitness model for several brands for several fitness magazines. He has a got a huge fan base in his Instagram and Twitter account.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Calum Von Moger.

Date of Birth: 1990.

Birth Place: Australia.

Age:  28 Years Old

Profession: Body Builder, Brand Ambassadors and an inspirational speaker .

Height:  1.88 m /6’2”.

Weight:  111.1-115.7 Kg/245-255 lbs.

Net worth: $ 2 Million.