In today’s text we will talk about sports and a famous basketball player. If you follow the basketball, it is certain that you have heard of this player because he is one of the best players in the World.

His name is Anthony Davis and his basketball skills are incredible. He is 1995 and is already one of the best players in the NBA and in the world. During the middle school, he showed incredible basketball skills and people met his talent in that period.

He has always been very capable and physically strong and has always wanted to deal with this sport. As he entered the college he had incredible numbers and scored a lot of points in each game.

At that time he was noticed by numerous scouts and trainers. All people thought that he was expecting an incredible basketball career and that he would become one of the best players.

In his first season, he immediately proved that and he scored 50 points in the first game. Many people were delighted with his party and his basketball skills. After the first season many clubs wanted to bring him to play for their team.

He, with his excellent games, delighted many fans of basketball around the world and in a very short time he gained many fans. Many people wanted to find out more about Davis and in this text we will tell you some of the details that you may not have known up to now.

Early Years

Anthony Davis was born March 11, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up with his parents and with one brother and sister. He grew up in a happy and modest family who always tried to provide him with all the necessary conditions in order to become a good and successful man.

During the school, he showed good knowledge, but he did not have a great desire to learn, because he has always attracted to sports. During the elementary school, he trained rugby, but it was very short.

After that, he tried his basket and realized that it was a sport that fully suited him. He had excellent height but also great technique and skills for this sport. In elementary school he was much higher than his peers and that gave him a great advantage. At that time, he decided to pay the full attention to the basketball and his parents gave him motivation and support to deal with this sport.

In the beginning, he trained in a small local club, and when he enrolled in high school, he decided to go to college basketball. His first season in college basketball brought him great success because he already had over 14 points per game in the first season. In the first season he won several awards as well as the award for the best center of the league. This gave him additional motivation to continue to work with the basketball and after that his career began to develop.

Anthony always said that he had a happy childhood and that he always had everything he wanted. He was always honored by his parents who tried to provide him everything in order to have a good and fulfilled life. During his childhood, he was always calm and always endeavored to make his family happy. During the middle school, he had a girlfriend with whom he was about 2 years old, but after Anthony moved from Chicago, they had to end the relationship.

He always said that it was his greatest love in childhood and that he would always remember her. In high school, Anthony was named the best athlete in his school and this prize helped him to develop and become even better player and man. Because of his brows, he was called “Brow”. By this nickname he is very famous and we can say that this is his trademark.


Anthony Davis started his basketball career by playing for the local team in Chicago, but shortly thereafter signed a college basketball contract. Davis chose to play for Kentucky and he played excellent in the first season and had 14 points on average per game. He also had a noteworthy number of rebounds and blocked shots and this was his great statistic that helped him to start his NBA career soon. He managed to win the title with Kentucky and was declared the best center of the league and for the most useful player of the final. In 2012 he was elected by New Orleans and that year his NBA career began. He signed the contract for 3 years and debuted for this team in November 2012.

During the first season he showed that he has fantastic basketball skills and in 2013 he was chosen to represent the team of the best rookies in the NBA. He won the award for the best rookie in that year and that was a great motivation for him. The following season he dominated the rebounds and blocks and during 2014 he had most stolen balls in the NBA league.

From 2012 to 2015 he has shown extraordinary abilities and has played many excellent matches and has become one of the best players in the league. He had excellent percentage points in the games and in 2015 he renewed his contract with New Orleans and decided to continue playing for this club. That was his excellent move because he had over 25 points in the 2015-2016 season and he became one of the most useful players in the league. He suffered a back injury in 2016 due to which he had to miss a lot of games, but after recovering he started to train and soon returned to the court.

After returning, he immediately recovered the old glow and in the first game he scored 36 points and proved that the injury was a past. His first match at All Star was in 2015 and he earned a call for that match. After the end of the season he was selected in the top 5 best defensive players and the player with the most caught balls per match. Many people could conclude that he was one of the best players in the NBA league and had many fans around the world. He became a role model for many kids who wanted to become a good player like him.

2016 was the best year in his career since he scored the highest number of points and had the best statistics. After this season many clubs wanted to sign Davies, but he had a contract with New Orleans and it would take a lot of money for his signature. He continued with the fantastic parties in his club and all the people around the world were thrilled with his games. He has managed to win the gold medal at the Olympic Games and the World Cup with the US team and he has another goal to win the NBA League ring. He is still a young player and has a great future ahead of him and it is certain that he will succeed in achieving this in the future.

During the year 2017, he participated in many basketball campaigns and helped many young people get a chance to practice basketball. He also donated money for a basketball club in Chicago where he began his career and this brought him a lot of respect for the people in that city.

He also took part in various humanitarian events and donated money to many poor people throughout the United States. He is a great player, but also a great man and he proved it in different ways.

At the beginning of 2018, he suffered a new injury and he again had to take a break in his career. He could not play for 4 months and that was very difficult for him. He thought that he would miss the very important matches and wanted to get back on the field as soon as possible. He managed to recover from this injury and needed a little more time to recover.

After a successful recovery, Davis restarted with great batches and again became one of the best scorers in the NBA league. Since 2015, he has been participating in ALL Star every year and his fans have always supported him. During his career Davis has earned over $ 30 million and is expected to earn much more in the future when he signs a new contract. He is one of the best players of today and he is a role model for many kids who want to become successful basketball players.

During the summer every year, he organizes his basketball camp, which can be applied by anyone who wants to deal with basketball. Everyone can learn many things in his camp and he hired one of the best coaches to help everyone who decides to enter this camp.

Personal Life

Davis never liked to bring out details from his private life to the public and many journalists wanted to find out more about his private life. He was always a modest guy who loved basketball and never made any problems.

He stated that he likes to travel and that he likes to play video games and spend time with his friends in his spare time. He always liked sports and thought that sport is the best way of life for every person.

He currently does not have a girlfriend and he enjoys his freedom, and he often travels. He also likes to watch movies and very often goes to the cinema to watch the premiere of new films. He believes that the family is on the first place and that everything else will come with time. Davis does not like to appear in TV shows, and he often refused calls from different TVs. He believes that he will be a much better player in the future and a man and we will enjoy in his basketball skills in the future.

He is currently not sure whether he will play for New Orleans in the future, but it will certainly be interesting to see him in another NBA club.

Quick Summary

Full name: Anthony Marshon Davis Jr.

Date of birth: March 11, 1993

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Age: 26

Profession: Basketball player

Height: 211 cm

Weight: 110 kg

Net Worth: $ 30 million