She is an American actress, singer, YouTuber and model who is currently signed by the Universal Music Group Label.

Jefferies first came as Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend at highlights in 2014. Some debate about her lavish lifestyle and profession as well as her personal life.

Chantel’s private life as well as her career has been a center of media attention for years, so it is only fair to investigate what her life looks like and what is hiding behind the wealth and fame.

Early life

Chantel Taleen Jeffries was born on October 1st 1992 in Coronado in California. She comes from a working family, and her parent’s names are Edward and Kathleen.

When she was younger, Chantel spent her childhood doing normal children things, and nothing set her apart from the other children.

Her father, Edward, was a colonel and worked in a military camp. He had strict rules in the home, so he raised Chantel and her siblings in a strict way.

Being in the military, demanded from the family to move often, which caused Chantel to often change schools and get used to the fact that she won’t be in one place for a very long time.

Education was very important in her family, so Chantel graduated from the Massaponax High School and later on studied communication on Florida UNI.

The 27-year-old model expressed concern and anger at the publication of alleged crimes he committed in the past.

The beautiful girl who accompanied Justin Bieber before being arrested in Miami has caused a stir. Upon discovering her identity many things have been said about Chantel Jeffries, media such as the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail have not treated her very well.

These media were responsible for publishing a list of alleged crimes committed by the 27-year-old, including an assault with a deadly weapon in 2011. Given this negative information, Chantel decided to break the silence and went out to defend herself.

What happened to her is wrong. She wanted people in general and the media in particular to consider the impact that their derogatory comments have on the individual, especially when their comments are inaccurate.

Since there isn’t any more information about her early life, we are going to continue on to her career and personal life, so stick with us to find out more.

Career path

Chantel began her career I music, when she released her first single in 2018. The song featured Vory and Offset and I was made as an experiment by the three of them.

Her song Wait came out the same year and a third signal came out in the summer of 2018 called Better. Her fourth and final single came out in 2019 and so far she hasn’t released anything new yet. Her music career might started a bit later than in other artists, but she seems to making a lot of money from her performances.

Birds of a feather flock together? Justin Bieber would be in a relationship with the model Chantel Jeffries, a young woman of 27 years whose legal past could almost make pass the singer for a child of heart.

She was with him in Miami. After being arrested for drinking and driving while racing a city car, Justin Bieber went to Panama for a good time. And he invited the lovely lady he was accompanying to Florida to follow him.

Who is she? Chantel Jeffries is a 27 year old model from San Diego who likes to show off her forms on her Instagram account. If the young man is today considered a “bad guy” (a bad boy, note), it should be noted that she herself is not free from all reproach.

According to the New York Daily News, she has already had problems with the law on five occasions. The last, and by no means least, case was in February 2011 when she appeared before a judge for “assault with a lethal weapon” after stabbing a young woman’s left forearm in a violent altercation.

In short, it would seem that these two have been found. Because to believe the rumors, Justin Bieber would not be insensitive to the charm of Chantel Jeffries who, officially, is present in Panama to shoot in his next clip.

Their relationship is so serious that it makes Selena Gomez cry, according to witnesses interviewed by the American site Hollywood Life.

According to several sources, this story would only be for Chantel Jeffries a means of gaining notoriety. “I guess she finally got the publicity stunt she expected.

She literally only hangs out with famous people, that’s all that matters to her, “said a source at Hollywood Life. “Athletes, rappers, she would go out with anyone. The only important thing is their status. So this arrest is a dream come true,”continues the same source. What romanticism!

The sulphurous model Chantel Jeffries who panics social networks with her sexy poses or her twerk is a manipulator according to the New-York Post. According to the media, Justin Bieber’s new friend contacted the celebrity press to tell the story behind the scenes of his adventure with the Canadian singer.

If a few rumors lent Justin Bieber a new relationship with a model despite his closeness to Selena Gomez, his arrest in Miami ended the suspense.

During his arrest, Justin Bieber was indeed accompanied by a very provocative new girl Chantel Jeffries. A relationship that is not likely to calm the anti-Bieber who today want him to leave the United States.

On the other hand, Chantel Jeffries is very active on social networks. It is thus possible to discover her in every outfit imaginable on her Instagram account, including doing a twerk after her work out!

Whether vulgar or sexy, Chantel Jeffries is debating. In this young model we cannot miss his resemblance to Kim Kardashian, with however – yes it is possible – less charisma. Justin Bieber’s new friend – with whom she cooed now in Panama – is in any case far from the image of Selena Gomez sexy but glamorous.

According to the New York Post, Chantel Jeffries is also playing a nasty trick on Justin Bieber. The model would indeed try to sell to the press the story of his adventures with the Canadian singer. The media indeed claims that Chantel Jeffries contacted several media to sell this exclusive for $ 20,000! The media contacted would be: Good Morning America, Today and Inside Edition!

Personal life

The beautiful actress Jeffries is now 27 years old. Jeffries was born in Coronado, California, United States on 01 October 1992. Her father, Colonel Edward Jeffries (apparently, a military training company employee), and her mother, Kathleen Jeffries.

She raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with her brother (Joshua Jeffries) and sister (Selah Jeffries). Its citizenship is American.

Jeffries graduated from Massaponax Virginia High School. Later, she attended the International University of Florida with a degree in Arts of Communication and Fine Arts.

Chantal is a model for the modeling agency of Wilhemina. Chantel styled swimsuits, sunglasses, and others along with Draya Michele. As she shared her modeling pictures on Instagram, she captured everyone’s attention.

Yet her fascination with skincare drags her on YouTube to do the tips videos related to beauty and fashion. She also has her own line of beauty products like lip gloss, brow grooming products etc.

She is a very popular DJ as well as modeling and social personality, like Ceejay the DJ. She appeared in the movie The Perfect Match as a Fawn as an actress. She has released five single music’s to date. Wait together with Vory and Offset (American Rapper) is her first official single.

Likewise, her next singles released are both sides, Good, Reality respectively. Lately, within a week, Chase the summer featuring Jeremiah received a million views.

As of July 2019, sources say that Chantel, valued at $1 million, holds the net worth in7-digit figure. Her debut single Wait (released on May 2, 2018), on the Billboard Hot Dance / Electronic Songs chart, peaked at No. 10.

Chantel is still a rising star and we believe that her net worth is going to be rising in the future, surely more songs are going to come out, so we are eager to see what she has prepared for her fans next.

Quick summary

Full name: Chantel Taleen Jeffries

Date of birth: October 1st 1992

Birthplace: Coronado, California

Age: 28

Profession: Singer

Height: 1.66 m

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: 1$ million