Skippa Da Flippa is an eminent rap singer who hails from the city of Atlanta, Georgia. He has gained much fame and prosperity by making performances in several concerts that are held worldwide.

He is not only famous for his rapping abilities but is also known for his exceptionally written lyrics and melodious compositions that leave a permanent imprint in the listener’s heart and mind.

He is having an annual income estimated somewhere around $ 200,000, and his monthly and weekly income are also noteworthy evaluated to be around a qualifying rate of $ 16,000 and $ 4000. Skippa’s net worth is estimated somwhe4re around 450 thousand dollars.

Early life

Kevin Markees Purnell is the birth name of Skippa da Flippa 22th June 1992. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. But no such information is available about his parents and or his academic base. Probably he was not into gaining any king academic degrees and was interested in making his career in rap and hard rock music. Only this much was known that on the date 19th April 2015. The eminent rapper was charged by the police and was also detained for a long time for the runway in Bulloch County Jail situated in Statesboro. There was a list of reasons for which he was detained like, carrying a deadly weapon like a knife inside the school campus.

He was also found performing at Southern Georgia University without having any proper license and was reported for possessing Marijuana illegally. He was also arrested for his fugitive activities while performing at the Rocky Mount.


The rapper stands a bit away from the crowd but is potent enough to come up with some of the outstanding lyrical contexts that are worthy enough to get mentioned. He has given way too much collaboration and is known for his humble nature and down to earth approach towards life. He has worked with his own team’s group members namely Migos and Rich the Kid. He has not limited himself to his team, but he has also collaborated with many other skilled rappers who have left a mark in the rap industry.

He is famous for some of his exclusive soundtracks titled “I’m havin” which is an outstanding mixtape of Skippa and is the most popular single according to his fans and followers. Skippa has come up with some of the fabulous series of mixtapes that are worth listening namely “I’m telling ya,” “Flippa McFadden,” “I’m having 2”, “Still Havin.” The title of the songs seems to be plain and simple but on listening to his rap number, one would surely realize the inner philosophy of the song.

He is a much-recognized name in the rap industry and has also been known for signing the single number “How Fast You Can Count” and the most famous number “Got Shooters.” His biggest hit “Chances” that was co-produced by Zaytoven got a huge public response, and soon enough he went for signing the label of Quality Control.

Personal life

There is very little known about Skippa’s personal life. Most probably he is single and has no such records about his relationship status. Probably he has never been into controversies regarding relationships and perhaps likes to be away from the scandal gossips. The lyricist from Atlanta likes to spend most of the time thinking how to spread upon brand name and is working hard to establish shortly.

He regularly attends the rap concerts and likes to make tours with the group members of the famous associating band Quality Control. Presently he is working to make his brand name get famous worldwide.

Skippa is a social network sensation and has huge fans followers. Many of his smashes hit numbers are available on the famous platform “Sound Cloud,” and his rap numbers are easily available from his YouTube channel and also from his account in iTunes. His fans prefer the digitalized version for downloading for Skippa’s hit numbers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kevin Markees Purnell

Date of Birth: 22nd June 1992

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

Age: 26 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: 450 thousand dollars.