He is basically from the Hayward, California and earned reasonable fame among the American rappers. Interestingly his name is an acronym of Sex, Provocation, Indifference, Cash, and Entertainment and on top of that, he is #1 in expressing all these features.

Perhaps he could have explored him much more but has not reached the height which he deserves. The compositions are hard tales of the street with biting analogy. One of the formidable rapper featured in the Gangsta had remained away from his justified high seat.

During his unexplainable rapping career, he has worked with many prominent personalities. The promise was set in when he released his debut studio album in 1992, which was self-titled. On the US R&B, the album reached #14 on the chart. The single ‘Welcome to the Ghetto’ was highly acclaimed all over. Sometimes the affluence does not reflect the proficiency of an individual.

Though not reach the height he deserves but still the eminent accumulated more than 1 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

It was not Spice 1 at his birth rather the parent named him as Robert L. Green-Craven. Like Robert, he was born on 2nd July 1970 in Corsicana, Texas, United States of America. His mother Jean Green-Craven decided to leave her husband when Robert was just a kid. After the divorced, she married again and took her son to her new address. By God’s grace, the young Robert had a very close relationship with his stepfather.

From the very early age, Robert started rapping and writing poems. Robert decided to pursue his career as a rapper when he was in his teenage. Robert went into Mt. Eden High School which is at Hayward, California for his education. There no further information available about the star rapper that whether he has gone to some colleges for further education. It is amazing to note that he started rap while still on the school campus and also brought out his first single while he is a student.


Spice released his debut album in 1992 which was self-titled. The album was released under the label of Jive Records, and on the chart of US R&B, the album got 14th rank. The self-titled album has a tremendous flow of gangsta genre. The angry, pessimistic rapping with hard edge was highly appreciated by the followers of rap. Most of his compositions were beyond the scope of an average individual with unusual descriptions. But the single of the album titled ‘Welcome to the Ghetto’ generated massive popularity for the singer and empowered the album for the RIAA gold standing. The album had left a huge mark on the musical world and is considered as the greatest album in the history of rap music.

On getting success on the first release Spice came up with even more aggression and nihilistic approach for his sophomore release. In 1993 it was ‘187, He Wrote’. The album is filled with all the arrogance and despair of teenage and young generation spread out throughout the scope of life, all around the globe. On the release, the album claimed the No.1 spot on the US R&B chart. Billboard 200 joined the race and put the effort of Spice on the #10 rank on their chart. The popularity was just sparkling high and was a common face for any Gala Ceremony.

In 1994 Spice went on with his vivid style of composing in releasing ‘AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare.’  The album got a reasonable response from the followers. Next year Spice released yet another album titled ‘1990-Sick’ maintaining his flair. Then after two years in 1997, his endeavor came up with yet another album titled ‘The Black Bossalini.’ It has become a common character in his composition to hit the top list in the prestigious charts all around. On the US R&B chart, the album got into the Top 5. He kept on providing some most thrilling raps for the followers, and a huge chunk of youngsters was mesmerized by his style. His fans started eagerly waiting for more releases.

Again skipping one year in between Spice delivered ‘Immortalized’ in 1999. He kept on providing some fantastic raps to his fans. Next year he released ‘The Last Dance.’ Then ‘Spiceberg Slim’ came on the racks of a music store in 2002. Then after Spice released some more albums as he released ‘The Ridah’ in 2004 and “Dyin’2 Ball” and “The Truth” in 2005.

Then after there has not been any release for some time but the silence was broken in 2015 when he released ‘Haterz Nightmare.’ During his entire career, the music world is enriched by some fabulous composition of Spice. The list includes ‘Money or Murder,’ “The Murda Show,” “Dumping Em in Ditches,” “Strap on the Side,” “Jealous Got Me Strapped” and many more.

Personal life

The approach towards life is far off from the rest, and the rapper perhaps preferred his world of music to be his only companion. He got the tune of life possible in the association of numerous artists throughout his career.

The list of his collaboration includes Celly Cel, 2Pac, Lynch Hung, E-40, Too $hort, Three 6 Mafia, Kurupt, Method Man, Tech N9ne and many others. In 2007 he was shot while in his Cadillac Escalade. He stays near Bay area of California and takes rides in luxurious cars that he owns.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Robert L. Green-Craven

Date of Birth: 2nd July 1970

Birth Place: Corsicana, Texas, United States of America

Age: 48 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Record Producer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million