Chris Moyles is a well-known English radio and television presenter. He has his own way of presentation and immaculate voice is highly appreciated by his listeners. Chris has robbed the heart of many listeners and prompts one to imagine him to be a part of one’s life.

He has been a valuable contributor for ‘Hotel Babylon’, ’Night Project’ and ‘Top Gear the Friday‘and many more shows. He has been experimenting with the song and released some of the memorable albums of all times. Chris is a fabulous quiz master and any quiz competition group would love to have Chris on their floors.

His long experience as a presenter has definitely fetched him enough pecuniary strength. The happy income of this presenter has enabled him to accumulate not less than $8 million dollars as net worth.

Early life

Chris was born on22nd February, 1974 in Leeds, United Kingdom. He got his education from Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School. He started his presenter’s career while he was studying in school.

He got into Wakefield’s Broadcast to Hospitals Service) better known as WBHS, a hospital radio station staffed by voluntary members and located at West Yorkshire city.


Controversy has always followed the master steps. Perhaps no one would deny that Chris has really given some masterpiece for the entertainment of his listeners. Radio 1 Breakfast has been a wonderful platform for Chris. Radio DJ has an astonishing musical charts. He particularly knew for his contribution as a television and radio host at England. His “Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night” and “The Chris Moyles Show” would remain a memorable slots in many more years to come.

His days in WBHS were real blessings for the presenter and he was already making a promise for a fabulous career in the capacity. As he moved out of WBHS he joined Aire FM. At the brach of Leeds Briggate he had presented Radio Top Shop. He has been on the desks of many radio stations in his illustrious presenter career. He had worked in Radio Luxembourg, and Capital FM.

He joined BBC Radio 1 in 1997 soon he became the Radio 1’s one of the most prominent broadcaster. After serving for 15 years being the longest serving presenter at breakfast, Chris left BBC on September, 2012. He started his schedule very early in the morning. He was serving BBC Radio 1 for a long time from 2004 till 2012 for his “The Chris Moyles Show”. “Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night” on Channel 4 had been broadcasted from 2009 to 2012.

In the year 1993, he started off working in Pulse of West Yorkshire and hosted the show with timing 7 TO 10 pm. He was appreciated for his brilliant performance. He was working off with ease in the channel until he came up with a controversial comment that had hit the former controller of the show. He was soon dismissed for hosting the show. He immediately moved on for appearing in the shows Stoke on Trent and Single 1.

He has achieved several prominent awards and has been nominated for prestigious honors. He received the Sony Radio Awards. He got the silver award in the year 1998 and won the gold one in the year 2006. He even grabbed the Bronze category of the same award in the year 2011. He was voted by readers of loaded magazines and the famous The Sun newspapers as the “Best D”. He had achieved such a foothold in that the rugby team named Featherstone Rovers was glad enough to name their rugby ground after Chris Moyles’s name.

Personal life

It is rumored that he married twice, firstly Ana Boulter, but had a divorce. Chris was married for the second time with Sophie Waite in the year 2003 after dating each other for almost 8 long years.

But unfortunately the relationship came to an abrupt ending in the year 2010. But soon after his separation Chris was spotted with the Irish actress Aoibhinn McGinnity and was frequently seen with her.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Christopher Moyles

Date of Birth: 22nd February, 1974

Birth Place: Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Age: 43 Years

Profession: Radio and Television Presenter

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 76 Kg

Net worth: $8 Million dollars