In this article you will have a chance to meet one of the most charming TV reporters on our screens. If you are watching Fox TV, then you have probably heard about this beautiful reporter.

Jennifer is known for her beautiful smile, for her charisma, charm and for her intelligence. She is one of the most popular TV reporters and she has got a big career.

Beside her appearance and career, Jennifer is a mother and wife. She is dedicated to her family, but she also finds time for her job and work.

In one interview for Vogue magazine, she said that the key for success is to find the balance between personal and professional life.

In this article we will meet you with one of the most important TV reporters, we will tell you something more about her career, but beside that we will talk about her childhood, parents, and private life and about her love life.

Early years

Jennifer is born in 1984, in Ohio. She is the only daughter of William Patrick Lahmers and Cathy Lahmers. Her mother didn’t have a job, but at the free time she was writing and reading books. Jennifer said that her mother was amazing woman, and that she was very talented but unfortunately she did not have a chance to publish her book.

Her father worked in a restaurant. In one period of their lives, they have had a small coffee shop, but after one year they have sold it because their job was not going well.

In that period Jennifer was only 6 years old and her parents have decided to move in another city, they wanted to provide Jennifer a chance for better life.

Jennifer admits that her parents had money issues, and that sometimes they have going through difficult situations. In 1990 they have moved to Dover. This was a huge step for her parents, but also for Jennifer. In Dover, they did not have any family or friends who would help them.

Jennifer went to primary school in Ohio, but after movement she needed to finish her primary and high school in Denver.

Her talent was obvious in her early years, she was very intelligent and hardworking child. Jennifer attended to many ceremonies for her school and for the city. Her professors were fascinated by her talent, one of them said that Jennifer was not like other students, she is much more, and he was sure that in front of her is a big future.

Even if her parents had money problems, Jennifer never felt like something was missing for her. They were great parents and they have always supported and encourage her.

Jennifer admits that her mother was always there to support her and to help her in many difficult situations. She also said that even now, she helps her with her children and her career.


After finishing high school and college, Jennifer was ready for new challenges. In this period her family had a lot of problems, they did not even had money to eat.

Jennifer understood this situations and she was ready even to give up of her dreams, in order to help her family. After college, she has started doing different kind of job, she worked in coffee shops, in restaurant. She was a waitress, seller…

Her parents were against her work, but she did not accepted their suggestions. After serval years, she started working as a local TV reporter, she has reported about the locals problem and everyday struggles, but also she’s been writing articles for teen magazines.

Soon after this, she has started a new job in WBBJ TV. This was a real start of her professional career, here she’s been working as a news reporter.

After one year of working for this Television, Jennifer got bigger offer. She started to work as a columnist at The Hartford Courant. Her articles were full of humor, and she usually wrote about the political situation in the United States. Here, she has shown us her writing skills and her talents. Unfortunately, this job lasted for three to four months.

Then, she has started her career at FOX CT, where she was working as a news presenter, she’s been working here four years. This job was one of the most important jobs in here career. Here she could show her talent, ambitious and her creativity. After this job Jennifer became one of the most popular TV faces.

Not after this job, Jennifer has got a new opportunity and now of different TV Company. Back9Network has given her a chance to be a Director of Ambassador Relations.

This was a job were Jennifer didn’t have a lot of work, she said that it was amazing that after a long time she could have a chance to work easily and not to have a lot of thing to do. She has had a lot of free time, she could travel more often and she could visited her family, but also she had a time for her kids. It was amazing, but she missed her previous job, she missed being on TV screens, reporting people about news, and she missed hard work.

In 2014, Jennifer has got an amazing offer. She got offer for her own TV show on Fox 5. Jennifer said that this was a dream chance, but she was afraid of this job, because this was a first time that she could be editor of her show, and all the responsibility was on her. She decided to accept this offer, and how she has got her own morning show called ‘Good Day, Wake Up’.

Jennifer said that her hard work is now paid out, now she is doing her dream job. For her last interview she said that people should never give up of their dreams, the only they should do is to believe in themselves and work hard.

In her Morning TV show, she has got different guests, she is talking about different situations and she is always finding a way to help people, to encourage them and to support them.

If you are living in United States of America it is impossible that you did not heard for this amazing women.

Personal life

Jennifer doesn’t have a problem to talk about her personal life, but when it comes to her family, parent and children. She doesn’t let anyone to endanger their privacy.

Jennifer was married to James Bosworth, with who she has got two children. Their relation was open to publicity, but this was not one of happy marriage. After 2 years of their romance, they have decided to put end on their relation.

There was a lot of gossip about their break up, because they have seemed like a dream couple. Unfortunately, their marriage was not a fairytale, there was even a speculations that James was cheating Jennifer with model.

After their divorce, Jennifer has been trying to keep her private life secret. She is rarely posting photos on Social Medias.

Quick summary

Full name: Jennifer Lahmers

Date of birth: February 19th 1984

Age: 35

Birthplace: Ohio, United States of America

Profession and occupation: TV reporter and TV host

Net worth: NA

Height: 169 cm (5 feet and 11 inches)

Weight: 55 kg

Nationality: American