Claressa Shield is an excellent American boxer who is considered an asset to the country ever since the time she has stepped into the arena of boxing. Shield has achieved numerous medals and shields for the category of weightlifting at the London Olympics 2012.

She was fortunate enough to get an opportunity in the Rio2016 to give a lucid exhibition of her talents and yet win over another set of a Gold medal. She is little away from the crowd and has adopted certain techniques that are not common with the other players.

She prefers to make her rules and never follows others footsteps. Shields keep herself away from the hustles of endorsement, and this makes her net worth remain ordinary and away from the spotlight. Shields net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 0.2 million.

Early life

Shield has much information on her days of upbringing; shield hails from the famous city of Flint situated in Michigan. Due to her birth in the most dangerous city of US, Flint she had to go through tuff times in establishing her career. She has experienced the separation of her parents at quite an early age. Shield hardly two years old when her father Bo was sent to jail. She saw her father ones again only he was released from prison after a long time of seven years.

She not fortunate to grow up with her parents but grew up in a broken family. Perhaps it her circumstances that made her interested in choosing as a career. From her childhood days, Shield used to consider the achievements of the boxing queen, Laila Ali, the daughter of the eminent boxer Muhammad Ali.

She knew that she was choosing a career that is predominantly a game for men, but her determination was so strong that she finally went for entering in the boxing arena. Her respect and dedication to the profession made her stubborn with her decision. She was allowed by her father but not before the age of 11. In one of her interview Shield said that her grandmother had taught her to follow her dreams and never think about the society says.

She had provided her enough support by making her feel that it is no less strong in a girl. Strength has not been distributed according to gender.

The shield was also encouraged by her father, and finally, she started off practicing boxing under the coach Jason Crutchfield in Berston Field. Her trainer was very sure about her success and was quite impressed with her dedication and sincerity. Shield started off with her unique boxing strategies since her initial training sessions.


The shield was born in the city of Flint, and in the initial years of her career she moved on to participated in the junior boxing matches on her fathers repeated suggestions. She was successful enough to win two Olympic Championships on Junior Level. She fought with a man in her first boxing championship. She even participated in several international and national championships.

She was successful enough to win a Gold Medal in the year 2015 in the championship PAN American Games that was held in the city of Toronto. Her proficiency in boxing had made her win the World Championship in the year 2014 Jeju, and in 2016, Astana. She even won a gold medal in 2016 at Americas Qualifiers held in Argentina.

Personal life

In quite a young age Shield has become famous among her fans and followers and has learned many of the boxing techniques that have made her achieve many honorable and prestigious awards and medals. Her category is weightlifting, and she is really doing well in her profession. As per information she is still not married and is dating anyone.

She is only concerned with her performance and is quite a private person. She keeps her private life away from the media and never let people give suggestions regarding her lifestyle. Her bold nature had made her adopt her cousin’s daughter whom she named Clarissa Shield.

She has a list of hobbies, among them the most liked ones are listening to melodies, going shopping and hanging out with friends. She prefers the scenarios of the nightlife in the United States.

Apart from her boxing abilities, she likes to play tennis and is an ardent admirer of Serena Williams. She remains away from controversial issues, and it gives no way to scandals and gossips. She is very conscious about her health and maintains a balanced diet. She is also an internet sensation and has a huge fan follower who waits eagerly for her Instagram updates.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Claressa Shields

Date of Birth: 17th March 1995

Birth Place: Flint, Michigan, United States of America

Age:  22 Years Old

Profession: Boxing

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches

Weight: 75 Kg

Net worth: $0.2 Million