Craig Lowndes is the current leading V8 formula Supercar racer who is passionate about his various car racing techniques. Craig hailed from Australia and had been awarded the prestigious Medal of the order of Australia.

All his achievements clearly depict his dedication and sincerity towards his professional career. His net worth presently is expected to reach $ 60,000 as his annual income is estimated at $300,000.  Presently his net worth is estimated around $ 2 million.

Early life

Craig Lowndes hailed from Melbourne, Australia and born to Frank Lowndes in the year 1974, 21st June. He was interested making car racing as his profession from his very childhood days.  He started off with his first racing practice when he hardly was 9 years of age. The breakthrough of his life was when he won the multiple 500s Sandown. As during the early days of his childhood, Craig took those small steps for making the prosperous turn in his career. Today, he is seen as a talented and legendary car racing champion who has never ever finished his position below the 4th rank. Craig by his effort and dedication has even bagged many Championships.

He has a ton of achievements and has bagged honorable titles in the course of his professional career. Not much information is available about Craig’s early childhood. In some of his interviews, he has declared about his favorite cars and his all about his days of upbringing. He even said that he grew up seeing cars and his parents were possessed the latest models of the racing cars. He said that his father Franks had a Ford panel Van and his mother had a Nissan Pintara.


The V8 Formula car racer is a legendary car racer who has started with his car racing career since his early childhood days. The legendary racer has the record of winning the most number of honorable championships in the entire history of Car Touring Championships in Australia.

He also achieved the honorable medal named the Barry Sheene Medal and continued to be a successful winner for consecutive 6 times. He not only won the Sheene medal but along with being a Bathurst winner he also achieved for almost 3 times the Australian championship.

One of the memorable stores in Lowndes car racing career is that in the V8 formula car racing he decided to move to Ford back at in the year 2001. But again in the year 2010, he decided to move back to his team Holden and finally switched off from Ford.

He decided in reuniting with HRT teammates who were his former team. He associated with Mark Skaife, and their collaboration made them win in the Philip Island making Lowndes the runners-up along with teammate Jamie Whincup in the game of the championship.

Personal life

The 43 years car racer has an interesting personal life. He got married to Natalia, and they are parents of two children named Levi Lowndes and Chilli Lowndes. But out of personal complication in marital relation, the relationship never lasted for long.

The couple went for a mutual separation and finally got divorced in the year 2011. By the mutual divorce, the relationship of long 14 years just came to an astonishing halt. Today the couple share the custody of the two children Chile and Levi.  Craig once again tired knot with Lara Mcdonald.

The second marriage of Craig was a successful one, and presently they can be considered happily married.  He presently resides in his magnificent and luxurious apartment in Brisbane. In one of his interview, Craig mentioned that his dream car that he is passionate about is Nissan GT-R (Godzilla).

On weekends he likes to spend time with his family. Presently he owns a Holden Colorado, which he had bought especially because it is good for making the journey along with his kids. He likes to go for long drives along her partner Lara and her kids. He says that his kids are an important part of in his life and their well being is his first consideration.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Craig Lowndes OAM.

Date of Birth: 21st June 1974.

Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia.

Age: 43 Years Old

Profession: Car Racer.

Height: 5.9 feet

Weight: NA.

Net worth: $ 2 million.