Cris Carter Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Cris Carter Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Even though biggest celebrities are actors and singers, athletes are definitely famous and beloved by the audiences. Their life stories are often even more interesting and their talents are something that amazes us no matter how many times we see them on our screens. The reason why people love athletes, is because they bring us all together and make us wish our favorite teams all the best.

They make us all come together in a unique wish to win and catch that next trophy.

In today’s text, we will talk about a famous American football player Cris Carter. We will touch on the subject of his career, net worth and personal life, so that you can get a clear idea who this talented athlete actually is.

So if Cris Carter is one of your favorite athletes of all time, here is a chance to find out more about hm.

Early Years

Cris Carter was born on November 25th 1965 in Troy, Ohio. He grew up like any normal child, but the only thing that set him apart from others was his extraordinary football talent.

He went to the Heywood Elementary School located in his hometown. Most of his childhood he spent there but in several years, he moved to Middletown in Ohio together with his mother.

He also had three brothers and two sisters. The entire family lived in a small four bedroom apartment and it was extremely difficult for all of them. Cris went to the Middletown High School and was excellent in both basketball and football. These were his two loves and later on he will have a hard time choosing what he wants to pursue.

Even though his birth name was Graduel, he decided to rename himself into Cris after a famous wide receiver Cris Collinsworth. His thought was that he would never be successful under the name Graduel. Even though he came from nothing, his amazing desire to succeed and incredible talent for sports guided him further to succeed.

He made the decision to enter college and focus strongly on his career. During his career, he will have his ups and downs, but luckily, all of that will lead him to exceptional results in sports.

Career Path

Due to his exceptional talent, Cris got many offers for both basketball and football. He was called out by almost every big university, but he ended up choosing the Ohio State University after being offered to join them by Earle Bruce football coach.

Even though Cris wanted to play both basketball and football, he made an incredible impact in football right away, so he decided to pursue a career in football instead. His first year, he immediately set a career at the Rose Bowl with 172 yards.

He was known for his amazing athletic skills, his running precise routes, leaps and great catches. His professional football career began in the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987. The first year with the Eagles wasn’t that great but in the 1988 season he came back with full force.

Even though things seemed to be gong okay with the tam, Carter had a fight with the coach Buddy Ryan and was cut from the team before the end of season. Later, Carter admitted that his coach just wanted Cris to stop doing drugs and alcohol, and was actually thankful to him because he made him change his life around.

In 1990, Carter was taken by the Minnesota Vikings. His career at the Vikings was exceptional and he ended his career with them with total of 110 touchdowns, 1004 receptions and 12,383 receiving yards. In 2002 he transferred to the Miami Dolphins.

His best season was definitely the 1995 season with the Miami Dolphins. He managed to catch a total of 90 passes, 13 touchdowns and ran 1241 yards.

During his time at the Dolphins, he really struggled to get back on track and was already feeling like his body was slowly giving up on him.

This is when he decided to retire and end his professional career. After his professional football career, Carter was a part of the HBO’s Inside NFL and was also an analyst for the Yahoo sports. He worked as an assistant at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School. His son was actually a part of that same team.

In 2009 he was the speaker at the NFL symposium and at the 2014 Rookie Symposium. During the Symposium, he included something in his speech that was met with outrage by the people present and the media.

He said that rookies would find a fall guy, who will be blamed for their mistakes. The symposium organizations spoke out against this statement and said that this doesn’t represent their official stand on the subject.

Carter later became a coach of the Pro Bowl Team in 2015 together with Michael Irvin. In 2016 Fox Sports hired him as a football analyst and he is also a moderator of the Fox Sports 1 radio show called First Things First.

Cris’s net worth is estimated at around 9$ million. Most of the money comes from his football engagements and also from various job offers that came after his football career. Because his life was turbulent, his net worth is still substantial and he managed to clean up in time, so that he doesn’t ruin his life.

Personal life

Carter’s life wasn’t easy. From a poor and unstable home, with 5 siblings, he managed to create an amazing career for himself. He went from a small Ohio city and achieved things many can only dream of. Carter is married to his wife Melanie and the couple has two children.

A son Duron Carter and a daughter Monterae. His son was a receiver at the Ohio State and played until 2009 and professionally he played for the Montreal Alouettes which is a Canadian Football League. Another interesting thing about his son is that he was described as the worst teammate by the other players.

His life has been pretty scandal free, but in his first years after college, he did struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Luckily, a fallout he had with his then coach Buddy helped him realize that life doesn’t give second chances especially if you waste the first one in such a way. Even though he moved away from his then tam, he still managed to make an incredible career and amazing results in other football teams.

Seems like the advice he got from his then coach was crucial and allowed him to realize that everything he has could break and disappear in a blink of an eye, if he continues to draw bad moves.

Cris was involved in a controversy during the 2014 Rookie Symposium. He said to the present young players, that they should find someone in the team who will be their fall guy. Meaning that that person should take the blame for their mistakes.

ESPN issued a statement, saying: “We are in complete disagreement with Cris’s comments and we have made it extremely clear that these views are entirely his and do not reflect the point of view of our company in any way.”

The NFL issued a statement, saying: “The comment was not representative of the symposium message or any other program in the league.” The league’s player relations team immediately expressed concern over the comment to Cris. Repeated during the AFC rookie session in 2014, or at this year’s symposium. ”

Cris apologized for his bad advice and said that he is sorry for giving the rookies such an awful advice. This, however, didn’t hurt his reputation and Carter went on to become a coach for the Pro Bowl Team in 2015.

Even though his life was full of ups and downs, Carter still managed to create an amazing career and life for him and his family. He is still very active on his social media accounts and often posts photos from his everyday life and also news about his future projects.

His career as a player is over, but this doesn’t mean that his career as a coach is. He is still very much present in the media and continues to work as either a commentator or coach. For his remarkable career and successes he will forever be remembered by the true fans of football.

Quick summary

Full name: Cris Carter

Date of birth: November 25th 1965

Birthplace: Troy, Ohio

Age: 54

Profession: Professional football player

Height: 1.91 m

Weight: 94 kg

Net Worth: 9$ million


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