Iman Asante Shumpert is a talented American basketball player who started his career with the famous American basketball club New York Knicks. Today Shumpert plays for Houston Rockets, and in career he has won numerous awards, played for big clubs and proved his talent. Iman won the greatest success in his career at Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2016, he won the NBA Championship with this club.

We have decided to devote this text to Iman for many reasons. Not only that he is one of the best players today, Iman also has many other talents. In this text we will talk about many topics that are related to this professional player, we will talk about his childhood, family, friends, but also about the beginning of his career and the numerous challenges he has had to face in order to succeed and achieve great success in his career.

In an interview with ESPN, Iman said he never gave up his dreams, the truth is that at some moments he doubted that he would achieve a successful future, but he never gave up of his talent.

Early life

Iman was born in Oak Park, but he spent several years of his life in Holland with his mother. Imman had a happy childhood, but his parents could not assume that their son would become a professional basketball in the future. Iman had problems in communicating with parents; they thought that Iman should give up on sports and dedicate himself to science. His mother was a painter, but when she gave birth to a son, she decided to quit her job and make a short break in her career. His father was a mathematics professor.

Iman did not have childhood like other children, he spent most of his time in the church. He almost never had time to socialize with other children. His parents were very patriarchal, especially his father, he had the greatest influence on him and his mother.

Iman realized that he had a talent for basketball very early, but his parents felt that basketball would steel him a lot of time and that he needed to use his spare time for learning.

When he realized that in the future he wanted to be the basketball player, his parents were against this decision. They thought that sport could not help him in the future, and that he would never become successful. Iman tried several times to explain parents his love for the basketball, but they always had the same opinion. Iman admits that in one period he was forced to secretly train basketball.

Despite the will of his parents, Iman decided to follow his dreams and not give up on them. This period was very stressful for him, his parents did not want to support him or help him. Imman was at the crossroads of his life then, and he made a decision that influenced on his future.

In addition to the talent for basketball, Iman had many other talents and abilities. He was one of the best students in school; he was excellent in mathematics and physics. His father wanted him to continue his path in science, but Iman had other plans for his future.

A major turn in his life was when his parents divorced. This decision had a major impact on Iman and his future. His mother decided to start an independent life, and to dedicate herself to career. His father was thinking that his wife’s job was not decent; he also thought that the best decision for her was to give up of the career.

His mother was decisive in her decision; she did not want to listen to the advices of her husband. His mother was a free woman and it was very hard for her to adjust to her husband’s rule. However she was always with him, she supported his decisions, and it was clear that she loved her husband very much.

However, her patience ended when her career was in question. Iman’s mother was clear in her decision; she wanted to continue her career regardless of her husband’s opinion.

Unfortunately, her husband did not want to understand her decision, and together they decided to divorce. Their divorce had major influence on Iman, who was very attached to his mother.

When his parents divorced, Iman continued his life with mother. Soon after their divorce, his mother got an offer to continue her career in the Netherlands, with a famous painter. She decided to accept this offer, so Iman spent several years in this country. Although the divorce was a very difficult decision, it was clear that it would leave its consequences on Iman and his mother. Nevertheless, Iman’s future has been completely changed, and from now on he had the support of her mother, who was always with him, under all circumstances.

His talent was obvious when he went to high school, it was clear here that Iman can have a very successful career. Iman enrolled Oak Park and River Forest High School. His coach quickly discovered Iman’s talent for basketball, he believed that he was one of the best players in the school.

Unlike other children, Iman did not have experience in basketball; therefore his coach decided that it is best for Iman to have very hard and difficult trainings.

The lack of experience was a big problem for Iman, but he did not give up, he continued to train, he listened to the coach’s advices and he was determined in his desire for a successful career.

After just one year, Iman achieved great success, he was declared for the best player in the country, in addition to this success, Iman was on the list of 30 top seniors in the country. When he was in High School Iman had the chance to play with one of the best NBA players Evan Turner. In this period, his game was on a very good level, and it was clear that his trainings and hard work paid off. In 2008, Iman was given the chance to play at McDonald’s All-American Game 2008, where he and his team won second place.


Iman began his career in high school and college, at that time he showed very good results. However, his professional career began at the famous New York Knicks Club. In this period, Iman got the chance to play with the biggest NBA stars.

His hard work was proven when he was given the chance to play in the All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest in 2012. This competition is a proof of quality, and very few players have the opportunity to play in this competition. Although he won the greatest opportunity in his career, Iman decided not to attend in this competition because of a knee injury.

The big problems in Iman’s career were injuries, in 2012, at the beginning of the season, Iman injured his knee and this injury prevented him from playing the rest of the season. New York Knicks did not tolerate the player’s roadside injury, but Iman was still given the opportunity to continue his career in this club.

During 2013, his game at New York Knicks was not at an enviable level. That year, Iman scored very bad results, during the game in New Orleans; Iman scored only 2 points and 4 assists. After this game, the club decided to terminate the contract with Iman.

In 2015, Iman was traded by Cleveland Cavaliersima, and then signed a contract with this club for 4 years, for $ 40 million. After three months of playing, Iman was excluded from the team, and had no chance to play until the rest of the season as he had a severe injury to his shoulder. In the first game after recovery, Iman debuted with very good results. In a game against Orlando Magic, Iman scored 17 points and 10 assists.

Iman continued a very good game; he scored good results and helped the team to win the NBA championship. Shortly after winning the championship, Iman had a wrist injury that prevented him from playing in the rest of the season. The coach did not want to risk Iman’s health and decided that Iman should be in the reserve team. Many thought this decision was wrong and that Iman could achieve much better results.

In 2018, Iman signed a contract with Sacramento Kings, the contract was signed for a year, and in this period Iman improved his game and had quite good results. He made his debut against Oklahoma City Thunder where he scored 22 points in the first half of the match. The big impression on the fans left Iman’s game with Los Angeles Lakers, when he scored 24 points in the second half, and scored six-pointers. In this game, Kings beat Lakers with a score of 113-92.

At the beginning of 2019, Iman was bought by Houston Rockets, and he made his debut in February when he scored 23 points in a game against New York Knicks.

In his latest ESPN interview, Iman said that his desire was to continue a successful career and help his club win a place in the NBA championship.

Personal life

In addition to basketball, Shumpert is very talented for music, and in 2012 published his first song Knicks Anthem. One year after the release of his first song, Kendrick Lamar provoked Shumperta in his song ‘Control’, a few months after the incident, Iman released the song ‘Dear Kendrick’.

Shumpert is married to Teyana Taylor, and together they have one daughter.

Quick Summary

Full name: Iman Asante Shumpert

Date of birth: October 19, 1990

Birthplace: Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Age: 29

Profession: Basketball player and rapper

Height: 194 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Net Worth: $60 million