In today’s article we will talk about a sport that is not created for every human being. We will talk about boxing and a professional boxer who has achieved a great career record. His name is Danny Garcia and he is a native Puerto Rican. He was born in Philadelphia but his parents are from Puerto Rico.

He began his career in 2007 when he took part in junior competitions. The people who followed this sport immediately saw that he possessed a great talent and necessary boxing skills. He won several titles and in the junior competition he was also very successful. Danny was always a good athlete and wanted to become a professional boxer.

People who knew him always said that Danny was very dedicated to the trainings. Because of this he managed to build a professional career and to achieve excellent results. If you are interested in this sport and want to know more about Danny Garcia then this text will help you.

We will tell you details from his youth, we will talk about his career as well as details of his private life.

Early Years

Danny Oscar Garcia was born on March 20, 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was born in North Philadelphia, but his parents are from Puerto Rico. Before his birth, they moved to Philadelphia and started a new life there.

His father dealt with boxing and for a one period he was professionally engaged in this sport. After that he devoted himself to training and became a coach. They came to Philadelphia and started new jobs because they needed a financial profit. In addition to his boxing career, his father did additional jobs to earn enough money.

After Danny went to school, he showed love to the sport and he wanted to start training. His father always wanted to direct him to love sports and he did it.

When Danny was 10 years old, his father enrolled him in a boxing club in Philadelphia. 10 years is the minimum limit for training this sport and Danny immediately began to train. His father was his trainer for the next 4 years and he was trying to convey the necessary knowledge and skills to him. Danny greatly grasped this sport and showed that he had the talent and the necessary strength. His father thought that Danny would be a successful athlete in the future.

Danny wanted to become a successful boxer and had a role model from Puerto Rico.

His name was Carlos Ortiz and he had a very successful career and he made many victories and titles. Danny wanted to become like him and practiced some of his moves in the ring. When he was 14, he found a new coach who was also from Philadelphia. He prepared Danny for the first junior tournament and he was supposed to hold in New York.

When he was 15, Danny took part in the first tournament and scored 3 wins. He was very motivated to continue to play this sport and applied for a new tournament in the second half of 2007. In his second tournament he made all the victories and managed to win the tournament. This was a great success for him and his father was very proud. People recognized his talent and his coach announced that Danny was expecting a very successful career.

When we look at his childhood and growing up we can say that Danny was very happy and had excellent conditions for life and training. He got a lot of friends who always spoke positively about him.

When he became successful and famous, Danny remained the same man and did not change. When he was in high school, he had a problem with the professor. Danny thought that the professor deliberately boycotted him and one day Danny got into a fight with him.

After that, he ended up in the police but was released after a few hours. Danny had to change his school and he was very disappointed about it. He considered that he did not deserve that and that the professor was guilty for all. After that, he managed to finish second school in the second part of the city and he had solid grades.

Danny was a good boy through his youth and was devoted to schools and trainings. He always listened to advice from his father, who greatly helped him to become a successful athlete. When he was awarded 2012 for the best athlete of the year in Philadelphia, he dedicated prize to his father and said that he was meritorious for his success.


Danny Garcia began his career in 2004 when he took part in the junior tournament. His first junior tournament was in New York and Danny earned 3 victories in a row in start of his career. This was a great motivation for him and he thought that he could achieve great success in his career.

After half a year Danny has decided to take part in another tournament that was held in Chicago.

He managed to win the title in this tournament and received praise from many coaches throughout the USA. They thought that if Danny continued to train, he could become one of the best boxers in the USA.

These statements gave him additional motivation, and Danny continued to practice and in the following year applied for a junior tournament in Houston. His opponents were one of the most talented boxers in the USA and Danny had to show his talent.

He managed to reach the finals and in the finals he had the toughest opponent. After 10 rounds, they were very similar in the fight and in the end the judges had to decide who the winner was. The judges decided that Danny was the winner and this was his favorite title in the junior career.

Danny Garcia started a professional career in November 2007 when he fought against Mike Denby in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This fight was held at the Borgata Hotel Casino and attracted the attention of a large number of people.

Before the battle Danny said that he was very excited about the first professional fight and that he would show his talent and skill to people. After 5 rounds, Danny managed to win, as he hit the opponent with a series of punches. Mike remained lying on the floor and the judges interrupted the fight and Danny won. This was a great victory for him because this was his first professional fight.

After a month, Danny took part in a new fight that took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His opponent was Jesus Villareal and Danny managed to win after 2 rounds with a technical knockout. After this fight, Danny made a significant financial profit and got a lot of fans around the USA. He received calls for much more fighting and people thought he became a very serious boxer.

His next fight was in California and his opponent was Marlo Cortez and according to audience estimates this was supposed to be the toughest match for Danny. But after 2 rounds, Danny managed to win with a knockout. This fight lasted very briefly and after the fight Danny got a lot of positive comments and the audience felt that he was one of the best boxers in USA. In 2010 Garcia won the first opportunity to fight for the title.

He was supposed to fight against Mexican legend Erik Morales and this was a match called Mexican-Puerto Rican rivalry. The match was supposed to be held in June 2010, but it was postponed because Morales reported an injury. After 2 months, Morales had 10kg more than the allowed limit in the category and the match was again postponed.

Morales was fined with $ 75,000 for violating the rules and for postponing the match. In December 2010, the match was finally held. The fight was very long and hard, and after 10 rounds, the winners had to decide the judges. Garcia had a better performance in the fight and he was declared as the winner.

At 23 May 2012 ESPN announced that Danny Garcia will fight against British boxer Amir Khan for the WBA (SUPER) title. The match was supposed to be held on July 14 and the boxers said that this would be a very good and exciting match. At the conference before the fight, there was a discussion between Khan and Danny’s father, but the situation quickly settled down.

At the beginning of the battle Khan dominated and after a second round he was in a better position. After 3 rounds, Danny managed to defend all the bumps and began to take the initiative. He managed to apply a series of blows to the opponent and after 5th round Khan was much depleted.

In the 6th round, Garcia dominated and inflicted serious blows to Khan and the judges decided to break the match and Garcia won with a technical knockout.

This was the greatest night of his career and he was very happy for the title. After the match, Khan said that this was not his night, and that Garcia deserved to win. Garcia won the most important career title and this was a great motivation for him to continue with career.

Personal Life

Danny Garcia was never a controversial person and he lives a quiet life. He is still in relationship with the long-time girlfriend Erica Mendez. They are not married they but have one daughter named Philly. They are in a very happy relationship and they are very active on social networks.

They have a large number of followers on Instagram and Twitter profiles and they often share pictures of their journeys and everyday occurrences. His girlfriend is dealing with architecture and she is very successful. They have a great financial life and we can say that they enjoy in life.

Danny is currently preparing for new fights that will take place in the summer of 2019. He stated that he would give his fans an excellent fight and that he would try to continue with winning in the ring.

Quick Summary

Full name: Danny Oscar Garcia

Date of birth: March 20, 1988

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 31

Profession: Boxer

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Net Worth: $1 million