Cyndi Lauper is a famous American songwriter, film actress and an eminent social activist who is an epitome of pop culture. Her iconic pop styles and gestures are appreciated worldwide, and she is famous for her unique patterns of dresses. She has seen the hard days of life and had a tough childhood. Even her teenage years were spent by her as a social outcast. She has walked the thorny paths of life and gained immense experience in all the junctions of life and reached the pinnacle of success. Today the veteran actress is the winner of many prestigious awards that counts four American entertainment awards.

She is the winner of prestigious Grammy for two times and also the receiver of Emmy for one time. She is known to the world as an iconic vocalist who is blessed with a natural performing ability and has brought upon a revolution.  She has also been awarded the Hall of Fame and the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is a social activist who has supported the LGBT rights and has been an ardent supporter. All these years she had not only gained popularity but had earned quite freely from various occupations. The net worth of this eminent American actress and songwriter has evaluated somewhere around 35 Million dollars.

Early life

Cyndi was born on 22nd June 1953 in Queens, New York City, United States. As per information she was born to Frederick. Lauper and mother Catrine Dominique Gallo, who was of an Italian-American. She was the youngest daughter of her parents and had grown up along with her siblings, an elder sister and a much younger brother named Fred. She grew up in Brooklyn and was only four years old when she shifted to Ozone Park.  She was quite young when she had to witness the separation of her parents. Though her mother remarried the relation never lasted for long and ultimately went to divorce.

When she was only 12 years old, she decided to write songs and make some of the melodious tunes.  She was interested in making a unique signature that can make her remain different and unique from others.  She went on experimenting with different kinds of hairstyles and colored them differently each time. On account of her academic qualification, it is known that she was expelled from Richmond Hill High and this was the reason her academic degrees suffered a lot.  She left her house when she was only 17 years of age.  The reason behind was she and her sister were repeatedly threatened by their stepfather with rape threats. Even he used to spy the girls while they took a bath. She left her home and left a rugged life.

She ended up landing in Vermont and got herself enrolled in the reputed institute Johnson State College where she decided to study art. She even worked part-time often as singer or waitress in nearby local restaurants. She had to earn her living anyhow, and this made her have limited options. She was ones harassed by the member of the cover band, she was a core member of, and it was during this period of her life she had taken some actions that were out of external pressure. But ultimately the talented personality successfully entered the arena of prosperity.


Cyndi Lauper had collaborated with several bands throughout her singing career. In the year 1974, she got associated with Kiki Dee’s music release “I Got the Music in Me.” It was held at a venue situated in Queens. But unfortunately, her vocal cords got damaged due to her high pitch in the year 1977. She got Katie Agresta as her voice trainer and again returned to the industry. She was known for her leadership qualities, and this made her known as the founder of the group “Blue Angel.” She formed the group along with John Turi. The other members were Neilson in guitar and Lee Brovitz in bass guitar. Johnny Morelli accompanied Cindy with drums. The group came up with its first album titled “Blue Angel.” But it never got good grade reviews, and it never got enlisted under the review charts.  This made the group get separated.

After getting separated from the band, she came out with the successful solo albums. Altogether she released 11 albums to date and all her releases that gained appreciation from people all over the country. Some of the fabulous soundtracks are namely “ She’s So Unusual” released in the year 1983, in 1986 she came up with “True Colors,” in 1989 she came up with “A Night To Remember”. The fabulous album “Sisters of Avalon” and “Merry Christmas… Have a Nice Life” was two of her greatest production. In 2008, she released the song titled “Bring Ya to the Brink.” She suddenly felt like going a little slow with her releases, and so she came out with the hit album “Memphis Blues” in the year 2010, and after six years in 2016, Cindy came up with “Detour.”

She started associating herself with punk music, and her childish voice was the most significant criteria.  She was often compared to the queen of music Madonna. She made appearances in multiple films and television shows. She has acted as some of the potential artists. She was even a working member of the Wrestling Federation’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection’ event and was also present at the event named “Wrestling Connection.”She also played for Marianne Lugassoin the NBC’s sitcom “Mad About You.” She co-starred with the eminent dramatist Christopher Walken. She appeared in the well-known crime-drama show “The Opportunists” released in the year 2000. Cindy also appeared in the season 3 of the reality series of “The Celebrity Apprentice” in the year 2009. She also composed the musical notes for Harvey Fierstein‘s extraordinary music titled “Kinky Boots.” One of her best work was rated through the music channel “Time After Time” and was listed under the 100 Best Song considering the past 25 years when she was ranked under the position 58th under the category of  100 Greatest Women Of Rock and Roll.

She also collaborated with the eminent journalist Jancee Dunn for making her autobiographical publication based on non-fiction concept “Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir.” The release was quite a controversial venture but got immense appreciation on being published by Atria Books on September 2012. It was even counted among the New York Times bestselling publications. She was awarded the People’s Choice Award for the favorite hit number “We Are the World.” Cindy also received the Emmy Awards for serving as an extraordinary and outstanding actress in the category of guest appearances.

Personal life

Cyndi has a series of controversies in her personal life. She ones dated Dave Wolff who was her manager for almost long six years. But ultimately the relation never matured.  Then she met David Thornton in the shooting of “Off and Running” and fell in love at first sight.  The couple got married in the year 1991, 24th November. The couple became proud parents of a baby boy David Wallace Thornton. She went for her iconic coverage and made the required rearrangement with Robert Hazard’s production “Girls Just Wanna to Have Fun.”  After going for such a terrific collaboration, Cindy became famous for her typical feminine ideology.

She is having a philanthropic approach towards life and is quite concerned with human rights.  She had campaigned ardently for various marches and charitable trusts. She had even cited extensively for her sister who is probably a lesbian. One of her most appreciated soundtrack titled “True Colors” is recognized widely as the anthem proclaiming the rights of the LGBT community. Another song titled “Above the Clouds” was written by Cindy out of honoring Mathew Shepherd who was killed only because of the complications he faced due to his sexual orientation. She has spent a life with a lot of involvement and made her journey get dictated by immense sincerity and affection.  She had always understood the pain of others and had tried to make people get a little relief from those remorseful moments.

People all around the world widely consider Cyndi’s pop melodies, and her sensational soundtracks with noteworthy lyrics make one feel the real reason for life. Her popular melodious series are often viewed in the pop music channels like MTV and VH1. Some of her less known albums like “Hateful of Stars” failed to get the appreciation commercially.  The other one titled “Twelve Deadly Cyns” which was a compilation got released in the year 1997. She was much into making people get their rights, and so she extended her supports to lay the foundation of “True Color Fund” an organization that promotes democracy and spreads awareness towards gaining equal opportunities.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Cynthia Ann Stephanie.

Date of Birth: 22nd June 1953

Birth Place: Astoria, Queens, New York City, United States of America.

Age: 65 years old

Profession: Songwriter, television actress and a social activist.

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches.

Weight: 52 kg.

Net worth: 35 Million dollars.