When it is music Matt can write a song and give voice with a guitar. The American musician who can sing and write rhythmic lines has gained much popularity being a part of Alkaline Trio punk band who lead with a guitar. The mind-blowing play of strings in the guitar had brought him in the Blink-182 band.

Any band who had convinced the presence of this terrific guitarist had considered them privileged. He teamed with Glenn Porter, and Rob Doran formed Alkaline Trio which got huge popularity through various releases.

He was not restricted to deliver his efficacy to one group rather performed more than one band with intense and equal sincerity. The other groups for which Matt has been performing are ‘The Sekrets’ and ‘F-Minus.’

With his compilation ‘Demons Away” he formed ‘Fat Wreck Chords Project: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children.’ One requires no extra prudence to understand that this outstanding guitarist has earned enough richness with his fame. Matt’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of 4 million dollars.

Early life

Matt was born to Dr. Thomas Skiba and Joan Skiba on 24th February 1976. Matt was born as Matthew Thomas Skiba in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. His father was a medical practitioner and specialist oral surgeon whereas his mother used to teach small children in a primary school. Matt moved with his family when he was a boy of mere three years to McHenry, Illinois. He was raised with his younger twin sisters.

Growing up under strict observance of his parents Matt though continued his studies but kept on brooding for music with a deep initiation inwardly. Matt got enrolled in the Chicago’s Columbia College after clearing his schooling.

After some time college campus fail to convince the student any further with its curriculum. Matt saw more prospects in music and hence left college to pursue a musical career in the entertainment industry. Though Matt has been known for his terrific hand on guitar, in the beginning, he started with drums and piano.

He got a job for him in the capacity of a bike messenger and during this period preferred to be a guitarist instead of becoming a drummer. During his days of starting up a career, Matt played for Blunt, The Traitors, and Jerkwater.


In 1996 Matt along with Glenn Porter and Rob Doran formed Alkaline Trio, and then the guitarist in adherence of a drummer started playing with a bassist who gave them immense popularity and stardom in no time. Their first attempt came in the form of a demo single ‘Sundials’ which was followed by ‘For Your Lungs Only,’ their debut EP. In 1998 under Asian Man Records as their label, the Alkaline Trio released their first studio album ‘Goddamnit.’ In 2000 the Trio brought in another album titled “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire.” A compilation on their band name was released in the same year.

In 2000 Glenn departed to make way for Mike Felumlee on the drum. In 2001 under the label of Vagrant Records the newly formed trio released “From Here to Infirmary” which confirmed the audience for the continuation of the musical bonanza. Then Matt coordinated with Kevin Seconds and released his solo EP. After two years in 2003, Matt released another album “Good Morning” when Derek Grant controlled the drum.

Matt has been serving the huge fan base through another group who named them as ‘Heavens.’ Simultaneously Matt is performing with these bands with an admirable capacity to take a load of huge performing responsibility in various programs and concerts. Concurrently he was releasing music albums from both ends which demand a free acknowledgment from any music lover.

In 2006, on the one hand, he released an album “Patent Pending” under Heavens merged with F-Minus and also came up with another album “Crimson” under the Alkaline Trio. The Alkaline Trio had so far released eight studio albums. As per US Independent Chart, their ‘Good Mourning’ in 2003 and ‘This Addiction’ in 2010 got #1.

2007 witnessed the compilation of the ‘Remains.’ In 2008 summer under the Epic Records label “Agony & Irony” was released with his participation. 2010 saw the release of “This Addiction” with the label Heart & Skull. Sometime in 2012, Matt started recording studio albums for the Hell and Sekrets, and this busy musical schedule remained till 2013. In 2012 Matt released his solo album ‘Babylon.’

In the meantime in 2013 Matt contributed to the release of another studio album this time for the Alkaline Trio, and the album was titled as “My Shame Is True.” Tom DeLonge was an inevitable part of Blink-182, but after he left the band it was no other, but only Matt was called upon to fill in the blank. After Matt joined Blink-182, the band released ‘California’ in 2016.

Personal life

His life has been enough adorned by the musical tunes of high pitched performances which perhaps overhear the murmurings of the heart. Whatever, Matt loves to keep his personal life away from the public.

He loves his work and maintains a very low profile if anything seems personal.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Matthew Thomas Skiba

Date of Birth: 24th February 1976

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Age: 42 Year Old

Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Songwriter

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches / 1.88 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $4 Million