We have decided to dedicate this article to the popular singer and actor known as Sal Valentinetti. In the forward text we will give you many information about Sal’s life and career, we will introduce you with his early life and childhood, we will talk about his parents and family, who had a big impact on his life.

Beside this, we will also give you information about his personal life and privacy, we will talk about his life after popular TV show, and we will see in what direction his career went.

This young man is famous for his amazing voice, but beside singing Sal also has other talent.

Sal is an Italian-American singer; he became popular after participating in show America’s Got Talent. Before starting his music career, Sal was a pizza delivery man; he delivered pizza from his restaurant.

Sal is known for singing, emotional and romantic songs, these songs were popular in 80’s and 90’s, but we can say that Sal made a huge comeback for this music genre.

Sal was very successful during America’s Got Talent he finish competition with 5th place. After this success, his music career started to develop, he recorded many songs, and he even recorded album.

Sal is not only musician; he is also very good actor. He started in two movies.

Sal is known for his amazing and unique voice, but on the other side, this is young man with great charisma, energy and big heart.

After becoming famous, he participated in many humanitarian actions and he became member in many organizations that are frightening for human’s right.

He also participated in TV shows known as ‘The Grindhouse Radio’ and ‘Home and Family’.

Early life

Sal was born in 1995, in Bethpage, New York. His parents are Steve and Maria Valentinetti. His mother was born and raised in Italy, but on the other side his father was American.

His father was a dentist, he worked with his friend and he own dental office. On the other side his mother comes from small town near Milan, in Italy. Her whole family was into cooking and they had two restaurants in Italy, where she worked. She was very good at cooking, and she decided to take cooking classes, soon she got offer from New York’s famous chief, and she accepted this offer.

She moved to New York, where she met Sal’s father, soon after that her whole family moved to New York. His mother is owner of pizza restaurant in New York, and her family still own restaurants in Italy.

Sal was born and raised in New York, he often goes to Italy, and he said that Italy has a special meaning for him and his family. He finished primary and High school.

While he was in a primary school, his parents had a lot of obligation and Sal would often stay at his grandmother house. He admits that his mother had a big impact on him; he also admits that if there was no her, he would not be a musician now.

When he started going to high school, he had a dream to become doctor, he wanted to help people, but life had different plans for him and his life.

In his second grade of high school, his family went through financial crises, his parents lost his job, and her mother decided to sell her restaurant because she couldn’t afford more costs. This was very difficult period for his family. And Sal decided to help them.

His cousin’s was the owner of pizza restaurant and he offers his a job to deliver pizza, that’s how Sal becomes pizza delivery man. This job helped him to earn extra money and to continue with his education. While he was doing this job, Sal was staying at his grandmother home, because she was very close to the restaurant.

His grandmother was the first person who noticed his talent for music; she was a big fan of Frank Sinatra, and she owned this record collection. His grandmother was the main reason why he decided to take music classes in school; she thought that he has amazing voice.

Sal admits that he was not aware of his talent, before this. When he was a senior year of High School, he started taking music classes. One time, while he was at class, Dr. Joseph Markel noticed his voice and he was very surprised, he asked Sal to sing one song, and Sal choice song ‘Mack the Knife’, his grandmother favorite song.

Dr. Joseph Markel was amazed with his voice, he said that Sal is a miracle and he called him ‘Sal the Voice’.

After this moment, Sal was aware that his talent is bigger than he thought, that was the one of reasons why he decided to become professional musician.

When his grandmother passed away, Sal says that music was everything what left from her that was the main reason why he decided to participate in American TV show ‘American Idol’. He did not make a big success in this show, but this didn’t discourage him, and he continued with playing music.


His music career started in his teenage years, while he was still in High School. Before this he didn’t imagine that music will be so important part of his life and future.

His first music steps begin in music classes and in local bar, where he would sing for his friends and family. His friends applied him for American Idol Show but Sal was not ready to show his success and he didn’t reach to the finale.

In 2016, Sal decided to participate in most popular talent show in America, called ‘America’s Got Talent’. This was the right step and decision, in this show Sal was in the spotlight, this was a breaking moment of his career. He was one of the favorite competitors in this show; audience loved his voice, charm and energy. He was charismatic, positive and brave.

In this talent show Sal made to the final, he won 4th place in this competition. In this show, Sal was a presenter of jazz music, he reminds us of Frank Sinatra.

After this show, Sal become popular, he had a chance to sing in front of the 20 million people. Sal often mentions that this show helped him to live his dream.

In 2017, Sal revealed his first song called ‘Christmas Song’, this single went great, audience accepted it and they had really good reaction for this song.

After his huge success in ‘America’s Got Talent’, Sal made a lot of concert, he was travelling a lot, and right now music is only occupation in his life.

In his last interview, Sal admitted that he is recording album, and he announced that this album will be a huge comeback of jazz music.

He also said that he is very lucky, because a lot of people who participated in the TV Shows often do not make success, he is taking advantage of this moment, and he is living his dream.

Personal life

When we are talking about Sal’s personal life, then we can say that Sal is very good in keeping secret. While he was in ‘America Got Talent’, audience, paparazzi made a big pressure on him, but Sal was determined to hide his privacy.

Till now, we do not know any information about his private life, we often see him posting photos on Instagram, but these photos do not include members of his family or his girlfriend.

Sal also admitted that he is determined to idea that music should in spotlight, he is a musician and his role is to make people happy and sing music, it won’t be good if private life became only story that he will be remember for.

Quick summary

Full name: Sal Valentinetti

Nickname: Sal the Voice

Date of birth: August 26 1995

Age:  24

Birthplace: Bethpage, New York, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Musician and actor

Net worth: 3 million dollars

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 78 kg