Pras Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Pras Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

This text will bring you the story of an American rapper, actor and producer. This man has long been known in the USA, but also around the world, and he has a very rich career. He released a lot of albums and acted in a lot of movies, but he was a producer in several films.

His artistic name, under which everyone knows him, is Pras. His real name is Prakazrel Samuel Michel, but he has long been known as Pras. He has a very rich career and has achieved many successes in the past 20 years. We could see him in many films and his roles were very interesting. He began his rap career at the end of the 80’s and recorded his latest album in 2012.

During his career he had many successes and released many good rap albums. For him, many rap music fans know, and if you are a fan of this music, this text will certainly be interesting to you. In this text we will introduce you to his childhood and the beginning of dealing with rap music, but also his career and details from his private life.

Early Years

Prakazrel Samuel Michel was born October 19, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in Irvington, New Jersey. A few months after his birth, he moved with his parents to Irvington. His parents were not in a good financial situation and had to move because his father got a new job.

When he was 7, he stayed with his mother because his father had to change his job again. He got a call to work in San Francisco and Pras remained alone with his mother. Their father helped them financially and sent money every month, but he could not often visit them.

Pras was sad about that, and he said that he was very disappointed. During the elementary school, he showed good knowledge and he always had good grades. He tried to gain knowledge and wanted to become a successful person with a good career. He also continued to demonstrate knowledge in high school and had excellent grades.

In high school he found his first love with which he was in a relationship of 2 years. He did not have many problems during his childhood, but he had to find a job during a high school. He worked at a restaurant and earned the money with which he helped his mother. When he was 15, he met Lauryn Hill with whom he went to high school together. She was interested in rap music and Pras discovered love for this music.

They had a plan to make a group and make common songs. In 1988, Pras introduced Lauryn to his friend Wyclef Jean, who was a producer and who also dealt with rap music. They together decided to form a rap group which was called Rap Translators. Rap became his greatest love and he was very excited about the beginning of rap career.

He thought that he could become a very successful rapper and that became his main motive in life. He also enrolled at the University of Rutgers University and then at Yale University and managed to obtain a degree at both universities. It was a big incentive for him and he wanted to become successful in more fields. Pras had a great future ahead of him, and he wanted to use it in the best way.


Pras started his rap career in 1989 when he and his colleagues founded a rap group called Rap Translators. They changed this name after a year in The Fugees. In the beginning, this group released several singles that attracted the attention of all the fans of rap music in the USA.

During 1991 and 1992, they held concerts in several cities and slowly gained popularity. After four years since the founding of this group they still did not have an album and many thought this rap group would break apart. In 1994, they recorded the first album and signed for one production house.

This album was called Blunted on Reality and this album has inspired many fans of rap music. After the release of this album, The Fugees released several more singles and performed all over the USA. They became one of the favorite rap bands and gained a lot of popularity.

At the end of 1996, The Fugees released their second and final album called The Score. This album achieved historic success and dominated the rap scene. This album was sold in many copies around the world and people were delighted with this album. This album was among the top 5 best in the USA and The Fugees have received many awards for this. This album was an inspiration to many rappers to begin to deal with this music, but also to people who began to listen to this kind of music.

During 1997, Pras started his solo career and released his first single. This single has become an international hit and this song has brought him much more popularity. This single was called Ghetto SupaStar and was among the most popular in the USA. During 1998, this single was among the top 5 in the UK and in 1999 was among the top 5 in the USA.

Because of this, Pras received several awards and was invited to participate in the World Music Awards. This song has brought him a lot of financial profits but also a lot of popularity around the world. This song was also used for the movie Bulworth and gained additional popularity in this way. Pras had another single that gained international popularity which he recorded in 2007 with a Swedish DJ. This song was in position 1 in Sweden for several months, but it was among the top 10 singles in the USA. Pras continued to deal with rap music and released another 4 solo albums.

In addition to rap music, Pras showed a talent for acting and in 1999 he recorded his first movie. This film was called Mystery Men and Pras had a minor role in this film, but he showed a great talent for the acting. After this film he decided to continue acting.

During 2000, he was given the role of a new film called Turn It Up. In this film he acted as a positive person who decided to make changes in his life and this role brought him a lot of success and financial profit. The most famous film in which Pras played was The Mutant Chronicles, which came out in 2007. After this film, Pras received several awards for his acting and decided to continue to engage in this business.

He also recorded 2 documentaries. In his first documentary, he lived for 10 days with homeless people and had a hidden camera with which he recorded events during those 10 days.

In another documentary, he went to Somalia to record the film. He stayed on a ship that was abducted by Somali pirates and they kidnapped the ship’s captain and asked for money for him. Pras managed to capture some of the events on this ship, and this was found in his documentary film.

Personal Life

Pras is currently living in New Jersey and lives with his new girlfriend. He is currently working on new projects and he is engaged in producing songs.

He stated that he will make several songs for new films during 2019 and 2020 and that he will be the producer on the album of a famous rapper.

He had a lot of success in his music and acting in his career and he made great financial gain. On his profiles on social networks, we can see that he enjoys life.

Quick Summary

Full name: Prakazrel Samuel Michel

Date of birth: October 19, 1972

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Age: 47

Profession: Rapper, songwriter, actor, producer

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Net Worth: $14 million


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