Darrell Sheets Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Darrell Sheets Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Known to people as “The Gambler” Darrell is an extraordinarily talented Television personality who often appears on Cable TV. Long long but with few seasons of his appearances on the television series, Darrell has gained the status of high profile celebrity.

He is a regular face in the popular reality show The Storage Wars. Once Darrel has found huge treasures in the Storage hunting which enabled him to change his days. His fortune was changed overnight as he found the rare painting of Pablo Picasso. This is not the ending of good fortune that his destiny has started to offer Darrel.

Abraham Lincoln had written on the letter, and that reached Darrell to enhance his fortune further. He made $300,000 dollars from that auction. “The Gambler” as sometimes people call him is earning a huge salary of $300,000 per annum. There cannot be any limit to his earning all depends on his capacity and intention to earn.

Still, if it is required to know that how much net worth he has gathered so far, the figure is $4.5 million dollars.

Early life

Darrell Sheet was born in San Diego, California, the United States of America on 13th May 1958. Darrell has not made his person in the eyes of public and hence kept secret all his personal details regarding early childhood, parentage or education background. Unless and until Darrell reveals anything about his father, mother, siblings or schooling we can never know his personal information.

Very little information has come up about his early life as Darrell has been brought up in the County of Los Angeles in California and the name of the place is Covina. Though he holds the American nationality but still his ethnicity is not known as it is not known that which origin he had descended.


Darrell is a tremendous storage hunter of American origin and has emerged as fabulous television personality after his casting in the “Storage Wars.” The reality show with has planned its show with the original individuals was a smash hit and was produced by A&E Network for cable transmission. With its very beginning in December 2010, the show has become one of the favorite reality show, and the popularity had grown with the passage of time as more and more episodes were telecasted. By February 2014 the series has rolled over for four seasons and had telecasted over hundred mesmerizing episodes. It can be mentioned here that everything is not meant for all and so the series. To enjoy the particular series one requires some knowledge and regular viewing. This is more applicable when some intricate features are conveyed the viewer needs to grasp the idea.

“Storage Wars” is a television reality series which revolves around some bidders who tries to buy with the highest bid the repossessed materials which are securely kept at the storage units. The appearance of Darrell in this series has brought him enough fame and monetary gains. The well-known person has his unique style of biding to make the deal in his favor. Darrell is not performing any role of some famous personality rather he himself had performed this deal in real life. So the reality series is not a scripted drama that has earned huge public viewing in the scope of the channel’s coverage. Instead of pretending the role he is actually doing all this in real life. He has more than 30 precious treasures in his possession.

Although Darrell has many worthy articles at his disposal out of this two are very special. It is not just for the price that these two articles so valuable to Darrell rather the personalities with whom this are related had made these two articles very special to him. One is the painting, and another is the letter. Who are these personalities related to these articles? Not easy to believe the two icons of all times. One is the master of painting, and another is the giant personality behind build a nation.

Everyone has heard a name Picasso to be precise Pablo Picasso, but very few have seen the pictures of this master of the brush. One is really lucky if he had seen anything on his computer newspaper or in some magazines. At the most one can buy some reproductions of duplicate copy of his paintings. But this does not apply to Darrell as he has not only seen the original painting but also has that in his possession.

He has every reason to be a proud possessor of such invaluable piece of art by the most immaculate artist of all times. Another is a letter of a giant personality whose sayings are very often quoted to inspire any individual. Who is he? None other, he is Abraham Lincoln. Darrel has a letter written by Abraham Lincoln. Along with these two articles, he also has a fabulous collection of rare comics.

Personal life

The tremendous personality of Darrell has attracted the ladies, and this leads him to get into multi-relational life. Perhaps it would be much tougher for Darrell himself to recollect all his relationship as the beauties have reached Darrell as the tides and returned. His relation with such relation has made him the father of two children. Brandon is one of them, and he works with his father in Storage Units.

In the recent past if one takes social media as a good resource to make an idea about his recent personal life then one name emerges at the top of all, and that is Kimber. Darrel had posted several photos of Kimber and himself with a mention of ‘Family’ one can understand some good chemistry is working well between this two personalities. But none has furnished any proof of evidence in favor of the marriage.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Darrell Sheets.

Date of Birth: 13th May 1958.

Birth Place: United States of America

Age: 59 years.

Profession: Television Personality

Height: 5 feet 10 inches / 1.78m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 4.5 million


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