Dennis Quaid is popular American actor and musician, known for his amazing performing skills and an ability to portray contrasted characters of both drama and comedy genre.

Denis’s charisma easily got the sympathy of the audience and made him one of the most loved U.S stars. Quaid got the spotlight back in the 80s and his career went on. He is still present in the world of Hollywood magic.

Quaid is also a pride owner of numerous awards in film industry. He has been showing an interesting in performing arts since his student days. His older brother, whom he looked up to, Randy Quaid, had already made a notable Hollywood career, while Dennis was young. Dennis was determined to follow his brother’s steps and rise to Hollywood stardom, as well.

Dennis Quaid was born in Houston, Texas. His father William Rudy Quaid was an electrician and his mother Juanita Bonniedale Jordan a real estate agent. After entering the University in Houston, Dennis had found his dream to become an actor so alluring that he left studies and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his desired career.

However, his path to big screen fame wasn’t so easy. He got some pretty unnoticeable roles in the beginning. The odds turned better with James Bridges’ movie “September 30, 1955”, where Dennis appeared in 1977. The next major Quaid’s role was in “Breaking Away”, also in the late 70s, which won him critics’ admiration and prize.

Soon after, Quaid earned the attention of audiences and Hollywood big guys.

A series of great titles has followed. Choosing only characters and roles he thought would bring him the best critics and praise, Quaid did stunning performances in “The Long Rider”, “The Right Stuff”, “Enemy Mine” and other notable movie titles, all during the 80s.

After entering the realm of fame, Quaid felt for the darker side of it, getting addicted to drugs. Fortunately, Dennis managed to go through the tough addiction days and return to light.

He made an amazing job with the titles such as “Wyatt Earp” and “Something to Talk About”, “The Parent Trap” and other movies in the 90s. He entered the New Millennium with even more stunning roles. He appeared in “Traffic”, “The Rookie”, “Far from Heaven”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and so on.

By the end of 2000s, Quaid has become one of the busiest Hollywood stars and earned himself a good deal of awards and money. Quaid is also known to support medical clinics in Central America and helping sick children from that region get proper medical care in U.S. He stands behind the annual charity golf tournament “Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend”, which attracts a great number of celebrity personas.

The income from the tournament is split among charities intended for children welfare. As for his wealth, Quaid is claimed to earn about $150 000 per episode in any show he appears.

Quaid has dated several actresses, amongst which Meg Ryan, whom he had married in 1991. The couple, however, got divorced, following Megs love affair with another Hollywood star, a quick-tempered Russell Crowe.

The popular actor isn’t married and he has three children. Besides his astonishing acting career, Quaid also does his music, playing with his band “The Sharks”.

Full Name: Dennis William Quaid

Date of Birth: April 9th, 1954

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Age: 65

Profession:  Actor,

Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Weight: 79 kg

Net Worth: $40 million