Wayne Lindeker is a very well-known face in the UK, but his popularity is also big in the USA. This famous and charismatic club owner, is one of the richest people on the world.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about his net worth, his personal life and career, so stick with us to find out more about this famous millionaire.

Early Life

Wayne Lineker was born on April 25, 1963 in England. Self-made club owner and restaurant known throughout Europe for its infamous chain of Lineker bars.

He appeared in 2013 on The Only Way Is Essex, the popular British reality show. He tried to date Lauren Pope when he first appeared on The Only Way Is Essex, but she rejected his advances. Before graduating or sitting for any tests, he left school at 14.

He’s one of the successful entrepreneurs on CELEBS TREND NOW. He ranked on the list of the famous people born on April 25, 1963. He’s one of England’s born Richest Entrepreneur. He also holds a position on the Most Famous Entrepreneur list.

When it comes to his earlier years, he was known as a party animal even when he was younger. He didn’t enjoy studying or school very much, so he spent most of his time in the clubs with his friends and partying. His parents knew that he wouldn’t grow up to be a lawyer or doctor, so they didn’t push him into it.

Wayne grew up with his brother Gary, who is also a famous soccer player in UK. Unlike his brother, Gary was a very famous athlete and even managed to score 10 goals in the Fifa world cup finals and set a record.

One thing that connects these two brothers is that Wayne was also a great football player, but he decided he doesn’t want the life of a soccer star, so he stopped training years ago.

Maybe he wasn’t as motivated and dedicated like his brother was, so he couldn’t limit himself to doing only one thing his whole life with strict rules.

Both brothers grew up in a very calm family surroundings and their parents Margaret and Barry made sure the boys had everything in their life they needed. Their father worked as a vegetable seller and the brothers learned from an early age, what it means to not have a lot of money.

This made them work even harder in life, and taught them how to fight for what they believe in. Wayne often helped his father selling vegetables, which has made a large impact on Wayne in general.

Career Path

Wayne Lineker is a self-made businessman, actor, and owner of Linekers Bar, an internationally recognized venture, located across Europe. He is well known for the brother of Gary Lineker, the former famous British professional soccer player.

In 2013, the popular English reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex starred Wayne Lineker. Lineker is now the operator of a number of famous clubs and restaurants located in the various corners of Europe. Born on 25 April 1962, Wayne Lineker was 57 years old in 2019.

Wayne Lineker is a successful entrepreneur, the businessman who runs several clubs and restaurants, talking to his professional life. Wayne also set up his bar Linekers Bar in Tenerife, Spain, when Gary was playing football for England.

It was a big hit immediately and financially made his independence. Ocean Beach Ibiza, The Skinny Kitchen, Itacaibiza, Itacaibiza, EssexHouse152, etc., are currently running more bars around Europe. In Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain, his Itacaibiza project is popular.

Wayne Lineker is better known as English former professional footballer Gary Winston’s younger brother who currently works as a sports broadcaster.

Wayne Lineker is an independent club owner and has few restaurants in town as well. His restaurant network has been expanding across Europe. He was born on April 25, 1963, according to Wayne Lineker’s wiki, which makes his age 55 years old as of 2018. Let’s look at the profile of Lineker in depth below:

Wayne was born in 1963 to Margaret P. (mother) and Barry Lineker (father) in Leicester, England. He has an elder brother Gary who is a well-known national public figure. Gary was born on November 30, 1960, and has an age of about two and a half.

The two brothers were growing up playing soccer together. Talking about the career of his family, his father was by profession a greengrocer.

By profession, Wayne Lineker is a businessman. His ventures include Linekers Bar, Ibiza Ocean Beach, The Skinny Kitchen, Itacaibiza, and EssexHouse152. His Linekers Bar venture is the world-renowned brand that operates in several countries around the world. Likewise, Itacaibiza currently operates on its Twitter account @taca ibiza in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain.

He was sentenced to prison for charging £ 220,000 extortion, and charged for the fraud of cheating £ 90,000 tax, according to some online wiki sites.

With his personal issues and relationship gossips, Wayne Lineker has always been at the forefront. Several online magazines covered his opinion on his brother and his first wife, Danielle Bux. Wayne is his first wife’s father of four children, named Duane, Sean, Tia, and Freddie. The youngest is Freddie, son of 13 years of age.

Meanwhile, his three sisters Duane, Sean and Tia are respectively 33, 30 and 19 years old. He is currently in the relationship with Danielle Sandhu, a model fiancée. She’s just 26 years old and her fiancé’s 30 years younger.

Wayne has a net worth of around 1$ million, and most of the money he has comes from his restaurants and his clubs. He is still very active in all of his businesses, so we can be sure that Wayne is going to go up in the next few years.

Personal life

Dele Alli, an English international who fell sharply in this Eurocup with the English team, is having a “bad drink” in Ibiza. The Tottenham player has fun on Pitiusa Island with Wayne Lineker, owner of the Linekers Bar Group and Gary’s brother.

The English press echoes this Saturday about the little that is affecting the young midfielder of the Spurs the KO in a Eurocup in which England was one of the favorite teams and ended up humiliated by the modest Iceland. The photo has been posted by Lineker himself on his Instagram account.

His brother Gary, was born on November 30, 1960 in Leicester, England. Son of Margaret P. Abbs and Barry Lineker, greengrocer. He had a younger brother, Wayne. At age 18 he debuted at Leicester City.

He stayed seven seasons at the club, and played the 1985-86 season with Everton, between 1986 and 1989 he played at Barcelona, ​​later went on to Tottenham Hotspur, until the end of season 91-92 and finished his career at Nagoya Grampus Eight of the Japanese League.

Player with great skill in the area, he was an excellent auctioneer. He played 80 international matches with the England team and scored 48 goals.

He was the maximum producer in the 1986 World Cup, with six goals, and achieved another four in the 1990s. He won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1988, with Barcelona. He also won the 1991 England Cup with Tottenham. He was awarded the Silver Ball in 1986 and the Bronze Ball of 1991.

He retired in 1994. He then performed the Gary Lineker Golden Boots program. In 1986, he married Michelle Cockayne, with whom he had four children: George, Tobias, Angus and Harry. They divorced in 2006. Three years later he married Danielle Bux. In 2016, they announced their divorce.

On the other hand, his brother Wayne is an interesting figure. He is an owner of several clubs and restaurants. His family life is rich as well, since he has 4 children with his first wife and he even got grandchildren recently, so his family life is blooming as his business life.

Recently, he got engaged to Danielle Sandhu, who is 30 years younger than Wayne. Being such a flamboyant personality, Wayne attracts a lot of attention through his Instagram profile. He has many thousands of followers who follow his every step each day.

Wayne encouraged Danielle to pursue a career in modelling, and many say it was a relationship out of benefits. Even though they seemed happy, Wayne decided to break off the engagement and both of them went their separate ways.

The lovers stayed in a good relationship after the break up and no bad blood between them. Besides being active on Instagram, Wayne likes to keep his personal life in a secret, because he doesn’t like media getting into his family stuff.

Wayne is openly a party animal and he liked spending time partying and not studying. Duane is Wayne’s oldest son and he has a daughter who is 2 years old, which makes Wayne a very active grandfather. Wane was present when his son and his longtime girlfriend tied the knot in 2017.

Quick summary

Full name: Wayne Lineker

Date of birth: April 25th 1963

Birthplace: England

Age: 56

Profession: Club owner, TV personality

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 1$ million